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When civilization ends, there is no need to panic! You are here to help rebuild the world and reshape it and this is exactly what you are expected to do in Downfall: Clash of Factions. A strategy game (some might even call it a base building game), Downfall: Clash of Factions puts you in charge of a small group of survivors with plans to make it big. Your only problem? There are other players in this world who have the same goal, and this is where the fun begins!

You only start with a few factories built and a base of operations, and from now on you must build your empire. If you have played similar games in the past, you will feel at home in Downfall: Clash of Factions. There is a limited number of “plots” where you can build up your base with different housing buildings or military training ones and there is the area outside the city with more plots for you to build the factories (energy production, food and so on).

The tutorial is not really the most complex one you’ll ever see and many questions will be left unanswered after completing it, but by regular gameplay and possibly by using the chat option in the game, you will find your answers. This adds some sort of post-apocalyptic feeling that indeed not all is know anymore, but it clearly is unintended.

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There is everything you can want for such a game: we have the research option that allows us to find new technology to help us proceed, we have a ton of buildings to create, especially inside the base and a lot of micro management to do. We also have alliances (known as factions in the game) so you won’t become bored in your quest to dominate the world.

We also have missions to complete and they remind me of Kabam titles (meaning that you don’t really have to follow them, but they do take you through the entire base building process and help you get ready for when you’re all by yourself).

The post-apocalyptic setting is what makes this game interesting and not really the features, since it brings nothing new to the genre. However, not even the post-apocalyptic details are not fully satisfying. We do have destroyed buildings around and such, but when we build stuff inside the base it looks like the next sci-fi building has just been erected. Not to mention that our troops are tanks and rocket launchers and all sort of vehicles, and not packs of dirty survivors, with no teeth in their mouths and with limited ammo. I don’t say that this approach doesn’t work – the post-apocalyptic world looks different for everybody, but I think that at least suggesting some difficulty and fighting for survival would’ve been a better approach overall.

So even though Downfall: Clash of Factions is not a revolutionary game and doesn’t even try to innovate the genre, it does a good job on delivering a great strategy and base building game, with a ton of micromanagement features and resource management involved, as well as ample battles for supremacy – whether you decide to be the lone wolf McQuade or join a faction. So if you like this type of games, you should give it a try. You won’t be disappointed, even though there’s no real apocalypse here!

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