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And here we have it! The highly anticipated sequel of the insanely popular Temple Run is here, bigger and better than ever and we’re going to judge the game and tell if you it’s worth it.

And even though I am sure that you would try it anyway, no matter what, this review will at least highlight some Pro’s and Con’s that should probably be here for statistics and numbers. So let’s see them in the Temple Run 2 review.

After creating a genre, Temple Run was quickly left behind by the competition in terms of features.

Upgrading the concept, other games brought in upgrades, power-ups, achievements and all sorts of extra goodies, including better graphics – things that the original game didn’t have.

But now Temple Run 2 rights all the wrongs and even though maybe some of us were expecting some groundbreaking features from the sequel, what it delivers is enough to keep the game up there in the top 10 endless games for iPhone and iPad.

The concept and gameplay are the same – you control an adventurer who gets a golden idol and is being followed by a HUGE monkey and your goal is to keep running until you reach safety (which never happened in my case).

By tilting the device you move your character left or right and by swiping on the touch screen you have him or her jump, take turns and so on. Nothing really new here.

There is actually a problem I encounter when playing the game on my iPad 3, consisting in my character jumping when I try to swipe. This is a bug that has been seen in other games too and it tends to happen exactly when you’re about to break a record…

temple run review

But there are new things in Temple Run 2, at least compared to the original. To start with, we have multiple characters to play with now, including two incredibly hot adventurer ladies, all of which can be unlocked with coins that we collect along the way.

We also have Abilities that improve our in-game results (like double or triple value coins, boosts and other goodies) as well as Power-ups that can be activated during the game, like a Shield that protects us from obstacles, extra coins and distance boosts, most of which are unlocked when we purchase new characters.

There’s also a nice leveling up mechanic in Temple Run 2, with new levels being awarded as you complete objectives – from using gems to revive yourself to getting the indicated number of coins or reaching a specific distance, there is a huge variety in the objectives and they surely add value to the game as you will do your best to complete them all.

There are also some sort of new elements which vary the gameplay but don’t really change things radically: there are areas where you will be sliding down a rope at incredible speeds, as well as a mine cart that you’ll be riding down some really tight paths – all elements that add to the variety and overall experience.

Check out some Temple Run 2 cheats, tips, and strategy for an endless run so you have more fun playing.

With the graphics also improved a lot and with all the new additions, Temple Run 2 is a really solid endless runner that I am sure will have tons of success, just because it’s the sequel of the game that started it all.

If it was a standalone game just released alongside all the other endless runners available right now, I don’t really know if it would’ve still been that great.

But it doesn’t really matter now, because Temple Run 2 is here, it is great if we are to add up all the facts and I am sure you will spend endless amounts of time with this game right here.


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