Temple Run 2 Cheats: Tips and Strategy for an Endless Run

Now that Temple Run 2 is finally out and we can all play it, it’s time to do our best and get separated from the crowd and make sure that we will always bring in top performances and get the most out of the game. With this reason in mind I have created this article sharing with you Temple Run 2 cheats (if any are available, but don’t get your hopes too high), as well as some valuable Temple Run 2 tips and tricks for a flawless strategy and an endless run.

Since I always encouraged fair play, we will start with the tips and tricks for Temple Run 2, some quick bits of advice that will help you get the most out of the game as soon as possible!

1. Complete the objectives: these help you level up, but also reward you with all sorts of goodies that can be used in the game (usually coins). So focus on completing the objectives in order to fill your pockets with treasures faster.

2. Get coins: if you’re not in a real rush, you should get your coins from running in the game. This is a pretty obvious thing, but at first it’s better to focus on getting as many coins as possible in order to get as many powerups and abilities early on.

3. Get the right upgrades: these upgrades are the Abilities and the Powerups you can use during your running sessions. There is not a real order in which to unlock and upgrade your abilities, but I would suggest focusing on the Coin Value upgrade first (since it’s cheap and helps you get more money), followed by the Magnet (to make sure that you also get as many coins as possible) and followed by Shield Duration and Pickup Spawn. I consider the Save Me pretty useless, unless you are really willing to pay some real cash to keep on running.

4. Temple Run 2 power-ups: You start with the Shield that protects you from obstacles on course (double tap to activate a power-up, don’t forget!), but unlocking extra characters and leveling up also gives you new power-ups. Buying character Barry Bones is a must, because you get 50 extra coins with his power-up, which is great. Another amazing power-up is the Gem Bonus which gives you 2 Gems automatically, but you need to reach level 10 first.

5. Ignore the view: I know that the graphics are a lot nicer in Temple Run 2 and there are many great things to enjoy, but you should ignore them and focus on your road: the more attention you pay, the longer you’ll stay alive.

6: Jump and change direction: you can change direction while in the air, and this will always prove extremely useful, especially in the later stages of the game when you will have more and more obstacles to avoid. Learn the obstacles you can jump over instead of go by or under and you will run longer.

7. Get the free gems: Every now and then, you will see a green gem along the way. Unless you are about to break a record or you know you’ll have an amazing run, jump and get that gem even if it means journey over. You can always restart, but you will have one more gem to use to revive your character – and there are some situations where you will want to do it.

8. Use revives carefully: don’t rush in into spending your gems early on when you are not skilled enough, especially since every other revival after the first one (but only for the current run) costs one gem more. Learn the game, get used to it and all of its stages, and only when you can consider yourself skilled spend gems to revive your character. I normally do it only when I feel that I am close to breaking a record…

9. Take your time: This is not a game to “win” but only a game to get better and better at. So take your time, relax, and try to improve your runs one step at a time. Eventually you will become the Temple Run 2 master in your circle of friends and, why not, the world!

And these are the Temple Run 2 tips and tricks I have to share with you for a perfect strategy and hopefully an endless run. I really hope that you find them useful!


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