Top 10 Kik Games on the Kik (2023)

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Kik is a popular messaging app designed for smartphones and is free to use. While it is similar to other messaging and calling apps such as WhatsApp, Viber, it has some additional features that make it different from all them.

One of features is called Kik Games. And these are better than most of the other offers on similar social media.

The Kik Games are bot based games that are entertaining, easy to use and will keep you using the app longer then you thought you would with a bot based game. Provided below are the best Kik Games that you can play on the App this year.

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Best Kik Games to Play Today

Kik was first introduced as a chat-only app, but in 2012, it got a built-in browser too.

The built-in browser allows the kik app to have a numerous features such that you can watch videos, play games, make memes, listen to music, and whatnot.

This browser enabled people to introduce various Kik games and apps and now, the company is working with one of the top game designers in the industry.  Following is a list of the top 10 Kik games available:

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1. Mafia Gangs

Gangsters are very famous in pop culture, so it’s no surprise that we have this exciting game available on Kik, in fact this is one of the most popular Kik Games. Mafia Gangs will allow you to select your gangsters by recruiting them.

You can create a whole clan of gangsters and buy weapons for them to fight with each other. You earn money by completing various missions and then, you can invest this cash in your business to get profit.

If your gang wins most of the fights, it will be able to rule the gangster world and influence other cities too. This way, you’ll be able to expand your gang’s circle and advance your business to earn a profit.

To become the number one mafia group on Kik, you’ll have to keep track of the daily activities and collect income to keep the business going.

As you play the game, you’ll get more experience to complete the missions and more money to expand your gang.

You’ll be able to recruit more gangsters and buy powerful and advanced weapons for them.

The game has top-notch graphics, and the community life is so amazing that you’ll get involved in it. There are so many options available, and the most interesting part of the game is buying gangsters and weapons.

This mafia game is quite different from other games in this category as most of them are related to gang wars and similar things. However, in this game, you earn cash and keep the business going to earn a daily profit.

2. Wasabi

Wasabi is a fun and interactive game that lets you polish your cooking skills. Whether you’re a boy or girl, you’ll love playing this game as it allows you to compete.

It will take you to your childhood when you used to try different recipes with your mom.

One of the favorite dishes is sushi which has many different ingredients, and this game has tried its best to promote the concept of cooking and celebrate a sushi night with family and friends. You can turn cooking into a fun activity by inviting your friends to compete with you in the kitchen.

In this game, you’ll have to achieve the quota of making tasty and unique sushi dishes.

The players will be allowed to use different ingredients and make tasty recipes. At the beginning of the game, all the players will have to draw random cards on which there are different ingredients listed.

Then, you’ll have to go into the pantry and find the ingredients listed on the cards and then assemble your sushi.

This game is very challenging as you have to assemble your sushi while racing with your opponent and the space for assembling always keeps shrinking.

The winner of this exciting game is determined by scores, and the scores are given by a dish’s presentation and completion time.

Hence, just because you have finished assembling your sushi earlier than others doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be the winner.

If you want to win, you’ll have to use the ingredients wisely and prepare the most amazing sushi dish ever.

3. Would You Rather

This game is one of the favorites among Kik users. If you want to learn more about your friends, you should try this entertaining game.

It is very simple to understand and play and proves to be a cool activity when you’re feeling bored.

There are simple rules which one has to follow, but the questions can be tricky and challenging too.

In this game, one person will offer the other two challenging activities or tricky questions, and the other player has to choose one while explaining the reason for choosing it. Therefore, if you are given two options, you’ll have to choose one option over the other.

If you’re the one who is going to ask the question, always remember to give two choices at an equal level so that it gets more challenging to choose one.

For example, if you ask your friend to choose between getting $1 million or a jar of Nutella, it would be a very easy question (unless your friend loves Nutella).

However, if you ask your friend whether they would save you from being hit by a car or their lover, it may be a more challenging one.

This game can be played with anyone, be it your friends or strangers. You can ask different questions and know what people prefer.

This game can easily start a conversation because when you ask to choose, the other person opts for one option, then you ask why, and the conversation goes on.

This game is overall very exciting and can reveal a lot of secrets about people which you wish to know.

4. Zombie Invasion

Zombie Invasion is another amazing Kik game which can give you goosebumps while you run to save your life. This game will take you into a world of zombies where everyone is running to save their lives.

It is a horror and thriller type of game in which the player faces a zombie invasion. The game will continue as long as you’re safe from the zombie attack and it will end as soon as you get infected.

This game will make you feel as if you’re watching a typical zombie movie in which people are running here and there to save themselves.

During the mission to survive, you’ll have to gather things like food, shelter, and a car to get the game going.

You will also need weapons to fight the zombies and some medicines in case you get infected. While zombies can attack and bite you, people from all around can also attack you to steal your food and medicines.

It is a fully adventurous and challenging game in which you have to prepare your ammunition, secure your food and medicines, and get ready to escape the zombie attack. You have to collect different objects and food that can save you and help you survive in this situation.

This game has excellent graphics and incredible sound effects. Overall, if you’re longing for a game full of challenges and thrills, this game is for you.

5. 20 Questions

20 Questions is another fantastic Kik game to play with your Kik friends. It doesn’t require anything but a simple conversation between two people.

One player, let’s suppose you, has to think of an object and the other player has to ask questions related to the object to guess it.

The other player will ask questions, and you can answer in just yes or no to lead them to the right answer. The rules of this game are very simple, and the questioner has to act like the devil’s advocate to find the right answer.

To guess the object, the other player has to formulate 20 questions for which the answer should be yes or no.

The other player will use answers from the previous questions to formulate the next ones. The challenge is to ask pertinent questions so that the player can get a hint of what the object is.

If you’re the one who thinks of an object, your task is to think of something that the opponent finds difficult to guess.

However, if you’re the questioner, your task is to ask questions wisely so that you get an adequate idea of what the object is. It is a fun and simple game which is perfect for testing your wit and IQ level.

6. 2048

This game became viral in 2014 and since then, it has been played all around the world with much interest. It is a single-player game, but it can also be turned into a multiplayer one if timed.

For some players, the game is very easy as all you need is some practice and knowledge of the rules. The game is a simple but interesting one and once you start playing it, you’ll find yourself addicted to it.

At first, you’ll feel the game is a bit complicated, but when you start playing, everything will start getting clearer. When you start the game, you’ll get two or three blocks with digits 2, 4, or 8 written on them.

The blocks will move in the direction you slide them: up, down, right, or left. If the blocks with the same numbers come in contact, you’ll get a combined value of those two blocks.

For example, if a block with a value of 2 touches another with the same value, they will combine to become one block of 4.

Now, here comes the objective of the game: you have to keep sliding and combining till you get a final value of 2048. The game is very challenging as you have to get exactly 2048 in the end and if you don’t, you lose.

You have to play on a 4×4 board and if there is no space left to get more blocks to combine, the game will end as there will be no more moves left. The game is very addicting, and you’ll spend hours to achieve the desired number.

7. Where Am I

This Kik game is somewhat similar to the 20 Questions game, but in this one, the player has to come up with a place’s name. You can think of any place such as a city, country, or town.

You’ll start the game by thinking of one location and then start giving difficult hints and going toward the more obvious ones.

For example, if you have London in mind, you will have to act like you’re right there. You can give the following hints:

  • People are very elegant here.
  • They are very fashionable.
  • They love to eat fish and chips.
  • I can view the Buckingham Palace.

As you can see here, the first two hints were a difficult one as people can have those characteristics anywhere in the world.

However, the last hint is a very easy and obvious one, and no one will take time guessing the place. You can then switch roles and ask the other person to think of a place and give hints.

8. Now You See Me

The Now You See Me game is a type of conversation game in which you are given inputs, and you have to answer them by choosing the right option. This game is based on an illusionist movie

Now You See Me, in which large-scale tricks were shown. The magicians are shown as criminals in the movie, and it was overall very entertaining. Similar to the movie, this game involves solving quests and moving forward.

You have to guess the logic of the chat and choose one option if you want to move on. However, if you couldn’t choose the right option, you’ll have to start from the beginning.

It is a storytelling game and is loved by many Kik users. In the ‘tell a story’ type of game, one person tells a story, and the other has to believe it is real.

However, the story should be exciting and entertaining. Now You See Me is a game which will spark a conversation between you and a stranger to solve a quest.

These games are designed to promote conversations between strangers and test the intelligence of the player. The game involves roleplaying, guessing, quests, and choosing the right options to proceed.

9. Kiss, Marry, Kill

While you don’t need an app to play this game, as its popular offline as well, playing it on Kik is just as fund.

Kiss, Marry, Kill is the type of game that can make you feel embarrassed and uncomfortable at times because it makes you go through a situation in which you have to choose a person to kiss, marry, or kill.

However, it is a very fun and exciting game if you have close friends to play with. The game can get a little uncomfortable at times as the name suggests, and it can make you scandalous too.

The game makes you think a lot and puts you through a tough situation in which you have to choose something by preferring one over the other.

If you’re playing with your friend and you both have a lot of mutual friends, you can list their names on a piece of paper. The other player has to draw three papers on which the names are listed.

Now, the player has to choose one person to kiss, one to marry, and one to kill. This game can let a player go through an emotional and tricky situation if the people listed on the paper are all close to them.

10. Make Four

Make Four is another exciting and addicting game in which you have to win by connecting four of the pieces in a row.

You can play this game with a bot as well as another player. The game is fascinating when you play with the bot as it is artificially intelligent and can make you lose by performing amazing moves.

It also gets challenging if you want to play with your friend or a stranger as you’ll want to make fours faster than the other player. The pieces are customizable, and you have to connect them in a row to win the game.

Bottom Line

Kik is a platform where there are many features available other than just chatting and texting. Users from all around the world gather at one place to chat and play with each other.

The best thing about Kik is that it can mimic the presence of a person without the need of that person to be present with you.

This feature of Kik enables designers to create storytelling bots that people can use to play with their friends. Learn how to use two Kik accounts on one phone here.

Some Kik games are very simple, while others are challenging and test your intelligence and wit. The ten games reviewed in this post are one of the best on Kik.


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