Best Snapchat Games to Play Today (2023 Update)

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Games on social media sites are not new: since the introduction of Farmville on Facebook in 2009, games have been a popular feature of these platforms. But today we’re going to focus on something a bit less known – the best Snapchat games to play this year.

Their aim with Snapchat games is to make the platform more engaging and give users another reason for users to come back. And while the offer is not amazing in terms of quantity and quality, we’re going to be able to have some fun nevertheless.

Best Snapchat Games (Full List)

There is a limited number of Snapchat games that are available to play at the moment. This will be updated as we gather more data on game popularity.

Below is a list of Snapchat games that are available to play with links to find more details about each one of them:

One of the main games is Bitmoji Party. The game is from App developer Prettygreat, a company that developed the popular game Fruit Ninja.

Snapchat acquired the company recently. Bitmoji Party can be played with 8 of your friends. During the game play you can earn game coins which you can use to unlock special dance moves, celebrations and player cards.

All of the games currently available on Snapchat are simple, yet fun titles – so nothing as complex as Farmville was back in the days. But we’re always in a hurry anyway, so it’s not a big loss, right?

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How to Play SnapChat Games

Bitmoji Game Snapchat

The games on Snapchat are available by clicking on the rocket shaped icon that is located in the chat menu.

When you click on the rocket shared icon, it will notify your friends who you’re engaging in chat with that you started a new game and will invite them to play.

The individual who starts the game will be owner of the game session and will have the ability to control the game.

One of the neat features is the ability to chat with your friends during game play. You can do that by typing in the chat bar. You can also send voice messages to your friends by tapping the microphone icon.

How to Start a new game

In order to start playing games on Snapchat, follow the steps listed below.

  1. On your friends screen, swipe right
  2. Tap on a Chat or Group Chat
  3. Tap the Rocket icon to open the Game Drawer
  4. Select the game to start playing

What are Snapchat Games

Snapchat Games are games that can be played with your friends on the Snapchat app and platform. The games will incorporate either your face or voice as you play your friends.

As of August 2019, there were just 6 Snapchat Games available to play. However, there are many more games in the process of being developed and deployed and Snapchat has been slowly dripping them over time and today we have plenty of options, although none have proven to be extremely successful.


Snapchat games is Snapchat’s attempt at gaming, hoping that this move is going to keep people playing spending more time on their platform.

While initially limited to just 6 game times, they are working hard to roll out additional games that users can play.

Whether gaming on snapchat takes off, we will see. However, given the popularity of gaming on other social media networks, we believe that Snapchat has a good chance to see its gaming platform grow and be a major factor if done well.


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