Rooms&Exits Chapter 1 Level 23 Walkthrough [Sports Store]

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Another day and another Rooms and Exits walkthrough for level 23 Sports Store. Follow this article to make sure you get all the clues and items to help you finish the level.

As you could see in my previous walkthrough for Rooms and Exists level 22 Shoe Store every clue is connected to something else and you sometimes need to move from one room to another to solve the puzzles.

You can’t skip any steps, but I assume no one wants to just finish a level without putting some thought into it, right? So good luck as you follow this walkthrough for Rooms and Exits level 23 Sports Store.

Rooms & Exits Chapter 1 Level 23 Sports Store Walkthrough

Rooms and Exits Chapter 1 Level 23 Sports Store walkthrough
  • There’s a blue ball you can take from between the mannequins.
  • And a yellow ball from the shelves of clothes on the wall up front.
  • Check out the shelves in the window and take the screw.
  • Look at the shoe shelves and take the screwdriver and the yellow pool ball from inside the shoe.
  • There’s an orange pool ball and paper tape on the counter next to the register, where the bags are.
  • Click on the register and look at the phone next to the screen.
  • The colored caps on the wall tell you which numbers to press on the phone.
Rooms and Exits Chapter 1 Level 23 Sports Store Color Caps
  • Now enter those numbers in the computer in the same order: 6273519
  • Now the little drawer will pen and give you another purple pool ball.
  • Check out the other room to find more items.
Rooms and Exits Chapter 1 Level 23 Sports Store Second Room
  • On the table in the middle, there’s a purple ball and a tube that you need to dismantle to get 3 more pool balls.
  • Under the ball shelves, there’s a rugby ball you need to get.
  • Grab the blue backpack hanging on the wall and dismantle it to get another black ball.
  • Use the paper tape on the curtains at the changing room.
  • Go in the first one and get a green ball and a pocket knife.
  • In the other one, there’s another pool ball and a wallet.
  • Dismantle the wallet to get a pass card, and the pocket knife.
  • Notice the tennis rackets on the wall: 5 red, 2 blue, 1 yellow, 6 green.
Rooms and Exits Chapter 1 Level 23 Sports Store Tennis
  • Now go to the first room and check out the box on the chair.
  • To open it use the tennis rackets pattern and press the buttons: 5 – 2 – 1 – 6
  • Take the scissors from inside.
  • Use the scissors on the rugby ball to get a screwdriver head.
  • Combine the screwdriver head with the screwdriver.
  • Then combine that with the screw and go to it in the room with lots of balls.
  • Use the screwdriver to fix the shelf on the wall so it’s not crooked anymore.
  • Use the pass card on the locked door and go through to other rooms.
Rooms and Exits Chapter 1 Level 23 Sports Store Gym Room
  • There’s a pool triangle on the weights in the far left corner.
  • Check out the red punching bag and use the pocket knife on the little cut.
  • You’ll get another pool ball.
  • And you can find another pool ball next to the ski boots and a pool cue next to the ski sticks.
  • Look at the painting with the colored squares and arrows.
  • You need to fix the rollerblades on the walls accordingly.
  • Some colors need to face right others left.
Rooms and Exits Chapter 1 Level 23 Sports Store Skates Pattern
  • It will reveal these letters: FDEOMZYH
  • You need to solve the puzzle on the wall above the weight bench.
Rooms and Exits Chapter 1 Level 23 Sports Store Gym painting
  • It will give you a key.
  • Go to the other room where the pool tables are.
Rooms and Exits Chapter 1 Level 23 Sports Store Pool Room
  • Take the red ball in the corner.
  • Take down the tablecloth off one of them.
  • Use the key on it to release two new pool balls.
  • Check the panel on the wall and enter the letters in this order: HEDFZMOY
  • Now press the red button to give you three more pool balls.
  • Go back to the room with balls and tennis rackets and use all the balls in your inventory to put on the shelf.
  • The patterns on the balls fit the jackets in the other room.
Rooms and Exits Chapter 1 Level 23 Sports Store Ball Pattern
  • Make sure you put them in that order: black – yellow – blue – green – purple – red
  • Then look at the bottles under them and rearrange them in the same order: black – yellow – blue – green – purple – red
  • That will give you the last pool ball.
  • Go back to the pool room and put the triangle on the table, then the balls.
  • Take out the triangle and hit the white ball with the stick.
  • Check out the key in the table from earlier and press the rectangle with the red key on.
  • Take the red key inside after it opens and go back to the first room and use the key on the red lock.

Wrapping up

This was a very hard level, according to the game, but in my opinion, there were others much more difficult than this that deserved that title.

See you around for more walkthroughs whenever I’ll be done with the next one for Rooms and Exits level 24 Bookstore. Make sure you keep an eye out for it.

I’ll be writing more walkthroughs for you soon. It will be nice to finish up Chapter 1 and go on to the next chapter, and discover a new story to play.


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