Rooms&Exits Chapter 1 Level 10 Walkthrough [Gym]

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With this walkthrough for Rooms & Exits chapter 1 level 10, you’ll be able to pass and advance so you can play more.

You probably had all clues figured out for previous levels, but just in case you got stuck here’s an article for you about Rooms & Exits chapter 1 level 6 to level 9 walkthrough.

Make sure you follow my walkthrough for Gym level 10 and don’t skip any details so you can finish it and advance further.

Rooms & Exits Chapter 1 Level 10 Gym Walkthrough

Rooms & Exits Chapter 1 Level 10 Gym walkthrough
  • Take the water valve from the weights under the painting.
  • Notice the digits on the floor mats? 6098
  • Enter this code on the 1st locker and take the yoga mat from inside.
  • The code for locker number 2 is in the painting, each shape of the lock can be found there. 1 square, 6 triangles, and 5 circles.
  • Enter the code 165 into locker number 2 and take the pedal from inside.
  • Dismantle the yoga mat to find another part of the pedal inside.
  • Combine the two parts together and use it on the bike.
  • Move the pedal in circles till the green meter is full.
  • Click on the screen of the bike and you’ll see you need another code.
  • Look at the colored weights: 3 green, 5 red, 1 blue, and 6 yellow.
  • Remember the pattern of the arrows shown on the screen: ⬆ ⬆ ⬆ ⬇ ⬅ ⬅ ⬇ ⬆
  • So up-up-up down left-left down up
  • Click on the running mill and do the arrow pattern it will show you some gymnastic moves.
  • Remember only the girls in red:
Rooms & Exits Chapter 1 Level 10 Gym gymnastics
  • Go to locker number 3 and put in those symbols from left to right, it’ll open and give you a key.
  • Use the key to open the shower room and go inside.
  • Use the valve on the pipe next to the lockers to close the water and stop the steam.
  • Check out the second showerhead and take the keys hanging there.
  • Dismantle the keys and find the two looking alike but in the mirror.
  • Combine to get just one key.
  • Go back to the previous room, open locker number 4 with the key, and take the long stick.
  • Use the stick to pull down the blue ball from above the lockers and take the boxing glove.
  • Use the glove on the punching bag and take the white powder bag revealed.
  • Use the white powder on the climbing board and remember the pattern shown.
  • The pattern: white, white, black, white, black, black
Rooms & Exits Chapter 1 Level 10 Gym pattern Exit code
  • Go to the Exit door and tap this in, you’ll be able to open it and be free.

Used to have a video walkthrough for Rooms & Exits chapter 1 level 10, but the developers asked me to take it down because of copyright issues.


You made it this far, clearly, you need to keep going and play more Rooms & Exits chapter 1 levels. I’m here for the ride and to offer you more support in solving all levels.

The levels are getting more interesting alongside the plot of the story and it’s nice to be part of it and unlock more levels to reveal more details.

Keep a close eye on my articles, as I’ll come up with more walkthroughs. My next will be for Rooms & Exits chapter 1 level 11, so check it out in case you stumble with the clues.


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