Lost Lands 9 Walkthrough Chapter 1 – Unchildlike Mischief [Task 8 and 9]

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Here’s the next walkthrough for Lost Lands 9, with all the answers you need for Task 8 in Chapter 1: Unchildlike Mischief.

Lost Lands: Stories of the First Brotherhood is a hidden objects adventure game with plenty of mini-games and puzzles, unforgettable characters, and complicated quests.

I’m going to keep playing and help you with the clues you need to finish all the tasks and chapters, and eventually the game.

Follow the walkthrough for Lost Lands 9 below for Task 8 of Chapter 1.

Lost Land 9 Chapter 1 Unchildlike Mischief Walkthrough

While young Folnur was skipping his school in abandoned dungeons, he found and opened an ancient sarcophagus. This is how the adventure began...

Task 8 – Family Weapon

Go to the father’s crypt and get the hammer.

  • Take the cabinet key from your mother and open it.
  • Solve the puzzle by moving the chips to the nearest empty spaces to place them in their position.
Lost Lands 9 Walkthrough Chapter 1 Task 8 Cabinet Puzzle
  • Inside you’ll find a gate key and a family seal.
  • Go into the backyard and use the gate key to open the door there.
  • Go through to investigate more and find the crypt.
Lost Lands 9 Walkthrough Chapter 1 Task 8 Cart
  • Have a look inside the cart and in the bag, you’ll find a book with information about Fast time potion.
  • You’ll find a patterned chip and you need to go back home to find the tools you need.
  • Take the dog’s leash from the tree trunk and the shovel from the tool shed.
  • Go back to the cart and use the leash to secure the chest and the shovel to dig it out of the dirt.
  • Put the patterned chip on the chest to solve the puzzle.
  • Select the chips with images that are drawn on the center stone. You can rotate the selected chips using the buttons.
  • You’ll find a fast time potion inside.
  • Go ahead the path and remember the symbols on the crypt.
Lost Lands 9 Walkthrough Chapter 1 Task 9 Crypt
  • You’ll be given another task to solve.

Task 9 – Memory of Ancestors

Lay flowers on the graves of your ancestors to enter the crypt.

  • Go back home, look at the seed bags and take the ones that match the symbols on the crypt.
Lost Lands 9 Walkthrough Chapter 1 Task 9 Crypt Symbols
  • Get the hoe from the tool shed and go through the house in the backyard.
  • Pull the weeds in the mother’s garden.
  • Use the hoe to get the dirt ready and put the seeds over.
  • Go to the schoolyard, grab the water jug from the fountain, and fill it with water.
  • Put the fast time potion in the water jug.
  • Go back home and pour the enchanted water over the seeds.
  • Use the dagger to collect a bouquet of flowers from each.
  • Go to the crypt and put the bouquet of hydrangeas on the nearest tombstone to the left.
  • The bouquet of lilies of the valley goes on the tombstone to the right.
  • Bouquet of gladioli goes to the farthest tombstone to the left.
  • And the bouquet of dandelions goes to the tombstone closest to the crypt.
  • Now you completed the Memory of Ancestors task.
  • Use the family seal to open the crypt and go inside.
  • Solve the puzzle by moving the chips along the rods to put them in their places.
  • Once solved you complete the Family Weapon task once you take the hammer.

Wrapping up

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