Lost Lands 9 Walkthrough Chapter 1 – Unchildlike Mischief [Task 7]

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Another walkthrough for Lost Lands 9, with all the answers you need for Task 7 in Chapter 1: Unchildlike Mischief.

Lost Lands: Stories of the First Brotherhood is a hidden objects adventure game with plenty of mini-games and puzzles, unforgettable characters, and complicated quests.

I’m going to keep playing and help you with the clues you need to finish all the tasks and chapters, and eventually the game.

Follow the walkthrough for Lost Lands 9 below for Task 7 of Chapter 1.

Lost Land 9 Chapter 1 Unchildlike Mischief Walkthrough

While young Folnur was skipping his school in abandoned dungeons, he found and opened an ancient sarcophagus. This is how the adventure began...

Task 7 – Medicine for Mom

Prepare the medicine according to the recipe and give it to Mom.

Lost Lands 9 Walkthrough Chapter 1 Task 7 Sick Mom
  • Check the stove and remove the door where you put firewood.
  • Check the drape on the right and enter the pantry.
  • Check the medicine recipe and gather all 16 ingredients from here.
Lost Lands 9 Walkthrough Chapter 1 Task 7 Medicine recipe
  • Set your ingredients on the stone counter next to the stove.
  • Go outside and take the ax from the tool shed.
  • Go inside again and use the ax on the broken window and get out through there because the back door is blocked.
Lost Lands 9 Walkthrough Chapter 1 Task 7 Backdoor
  • Use the ax to cut down the dead tree, then cut it into smaller pieces to get firewood.
  • Go to the stove and put the firewood underneath.
  • Set it on fire using the flint.
  • Check the recipe to make the medicine:
    • Grate the onion on the grater.
    • Pour water in the cauldron.
    • The moss in the pan and cider over it.
    • Put the aloe vera in the juicer and the pan in front of it so the juice squeezes inside the pan.
    • Put the hop flowers in the boiling water, the spider web, and the clover juice
    • The pan over the cauldron.
    • Take the flask and put the funnel and gauze over.
    • Take the scoop and pour from the cauldron in the flask.
  • Give the medicine to their mom to finish your task and take on your next.

Wrapping up

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