Lost Lands 8: Sand Captivity – Chips Number Color Puzzle Solution

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The Chips puzzle in Lost Lands 8 is one of the most difficult and frustrating puzzles early(ish) in the game. Today, though, we’ll learn how to complete it as I will share below the full walkthrough to it.

In order to complete the Lost Lands 8 Chips Puzzle (or number / color puzzle – not really sure how to call it), you will need to follow the instructions I am listing below. I’ll also have a video walkhthrough posted in the article in case you find that easier.

Before starting, don’t forget that I got in depth with other puzzle solutions, which you can also check out if you need extra help:

With these dealt with, let’s read on to find the solution to today’s puzzle!

Lost Lands 8 Chips Puzzle Solution

In order to complete the puzzle, you must make sure the numbers or colors do not repeat on each column or row.

If you still have problems, here is how they should look like (simply switch the colored chips until you match the order recommended below):

  • First row: Blue 1, Green 2, Purple 5, Red 10, Yellow 25
  • Second Row: Yellow 2, Blue 5, Green 10, Purple 25, Red 1
  • Third row: Red 5, Yellow 10, Blue 25, Green 1, Purple 2
  • Fourth row: Purple 10, Red 25, Yellow 1, Blue 2, Green 5
  • Fifth row: Green 25, Purple 1, Red 2, Yellow 5, Blue 10

In case it’s easier for you to follow a video walkthrough instead, here is me solving the puzzle below:

And this is it! You have now completed the chips puzzle in the game and you can carry on with Susan’s adventure.

If you still have trouble beating the game, make sure to check out my Lost Lands 8 walkthrough here, continued with the Lost Lands 8 walkthrough part 2.


The color chips puzzle is one of the bigger challenges in the game early on, but it’s a lot easier now that you know how to beat it and what to do to complete it.

If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to ask by commenting below. Also, if you need help with a particular puzzle or in-game section, let me know.


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