Lost Lands 8: Butterfly Puzzle Walkthrough [FULL Solution]

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The Butterfly Puzzle in Lost Lands 8 can become really difficult really fast if you start with the wrong moves.

Today I am here to help you prevent that from happening by sharing a complete walkthrough for the Lost Lands 8: Sand Captivity Butterfly Puzzle.

Below, you can see all the steps you need to follow in order to complete this fun yet difficult in-game puzzle and continue your adventure to solve the new in-game mystery.

I have both the step by step instructions in text format for you, as well as a video walkthrough for the puzzle, to make everything as easy and straightforward as possible. So let’s start!

Lost Lands 8 Sand Captivity Butterfly Puzzle Walkthrough

lost lands butterfly puzzle solution
Lost Lands 8 provides some amazing eye candy too!

Follow these steps to complete the puzzle as fast as possible. There might be other ways to do it, but this is what I found to work (and it’s really easy).

  • Move the Blue butterfly Up 3 times.
  • Click the Red butterfly 2 times to go Left and it’ll move the Blue too.
  • Move the Blue butterfly Up 2 times, and turn it to face Down.
  • Bring the Blue butterfly all the way Down to its blue spot.
  • Move the Green butterfly 3 times Down till it is at the same level as the Yellow.
  • Move the Yellow butterfly 2 times, so it moves the Green to the left in its green spot.
  • Move the Blue once Down so it turns to face up.
  • Move the Green in blue’s place and the Yellow to the Left in green’s place.
  • Now move the Blue up only once, so all three, Blue, Green, and Yellow go to their own color.
  • Move the Red to the Right so it reaches its spot.

Lost Lands 8 Butterfly Puzzle: Video Walkthrough

If you’re more of a visual person and you think it would make things easier, here is my video walkthrough for the Butterfly puzzle in Lost Lands 8: Sand Captivity:

As you can see, the butterfly puzzle is not difficult as long as you know what to do (isn’t this the case for everything in life?)

There are plenty of other puzzles in the game – some of them much more difficult and frustrating, but worry not. I’ve got you covered with all of them – just read my complete Lost Lands 8 walkthrough and you’re set!


You know now how to complete the Lost Lands 8 Butterfly puzzle and continue your adventure to lift the in-game curse and, once again, save the day.

And if you haven’t played the previous games in the series (which are just as nice as this one is), you can right the wrongs now. I saw all the Lost Lands games listed in order on RGameReview – I recommend heading over there and playing them chronologically.

If not, you can opt for some traditional room escape gaming in Moon Escape. You’ll have fun for sure!

And if you still have questions regarding the butterfly puzzle and how to solve it, don’t shy away from asking in the comments section below.


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