Escape Room: Grim of Legacy – Level 3 Walkthrough

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Here’s another walkthrough for Escape Room: Grim of Legacy Level 3 that I’m sure you were waiting for it.

If you followed the story and you’ve read my previous walkthrough for Grim of Legacy level 2, I’m sure you’re curious to see what happens next.

I’m going to show you all the steps you need to do in order to help the little girl escape these scary caves and get her closer to her father.

Grim of Legacy Level 3 Walkthrough

Grim of Legacy Level 3 Walkthrough

Objective: Collect the Key

  • Tap the ground where the skull is and take it.
  • Tap on the water to the right and use the skull to gather water from there.
  • On the left path there’s a rock and under it there’s a bone.
  • Tap the pile of rocks in the middle of the road and use the bone to make it sharper by rubbing it to them.
  • Right in front of you there’s another rock that needs moving, so use the sharp bone to move it and take solving piece.
  • Now go on the left path into the next area.
Grim of Legacy Level 3 Left Path
  • Grab the chest box on the right.
  • Tap the ground in front of you and take the shovel head.
  • Now go back and try the right path where the stream of water is coming from.
Grim of Legacy Level 3 Right Path
  • Grab the stick in front of you.
  • Take the clue piece that’s in between the rocks to your right.
  • Check the arcade on the right and take the roots going up the stones.
  • The rocks to the left closest to you hide an armor and a cloth you can take.
  • Check out the cactus and use the cloth to take one spiky fruit
  • Put the shovel head on the stick and tie it up with the roots to make a shovel.
  • Put the spiky fruit in the skull with water and stir with the bone knife.
  • Take the poison you made back where you started and use it on the insects that fly over the red bush.
  • Now you can collect another solving piece.
  • Go to the left path again and use the shovel to dig out the other chest box on the left.
  • Use the solving pieces to solve the puzzle and put them in the same order as shown above.
  • Inside you’ll find the key and complete first objective.

Objective: Unlock the door

  • Put the chest box from your inventory on the ground and use the key to open it.
  • The clue of how to put together all those puzzle pieces it’s in your inventory.
Grim of Legacy Level 3 Weapons Puzzle
  • Take all the weapons with you and go to the other side, on the right path.
  • Check the stones on each side of the door.
  • Put all the weapons in the holes there, 3 and 3, as they allow you.
  • The door will reveal a puzzle for you to solve.
  • To solve it you need to click right shapes to combine them into the symbols on the edges.
Grim of Legacy Level 3 Shapes Puzzle
  • Take the box you find inside and open it to find a puzzle piece.
  • Now go to the other door, put the puzzle piece on the lock and move each color stone to its place using the arrows on the sides
Grim of Legacy Level 3 Color Stones Puzzle
  • Here is how to solve it:
    • Tap the green press right arrow.
    • Purple up once and right arrow,
    • Green up then purple to the left in its place.
    • Green left first, then down, then red up.
    • Green left and up.
    • Red left in its place.
    • Then green down in its place.
  • Task completed and you managed to get out of these caves.

Wrapping up

I’m glad I could help you get out of these caves, and if you stumble on your way here, make sure you don’t skip any steps.

We’ll meet again in my next article for Grim of Legacy Level 4, where we will discover more mysteries and solve more puzzles.


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