Escape Room: Grim of Legacy – Level 4 Walkthrough

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Presenting another guide for Escape Room: Grim of Legacy Level 4, which I’m certain you’ve been eagerly anticipating to help you in your quest.

For those who have been tracking the narrative and have perused my earlier guide for Grim of Legacy Level 3, I’m confident your curiosity is piqued about the upcoming developments.

In the following guide, I will walk you through the essential steps the little girl needs to do to help the imprisoned soul escape the witch’s magical place.

Grim of Legacy Level 4 Walkthrough

Escape Room - Grim of Legacy Walkthrough

Objective: Obtain the key

  • On the stones to your left there are two hooks.
  • In the tree trunk to your right there’s a knife you can take out.
  • Take a closer look at the left house and take the rope hanging in front of the entrance.
  • There’s also a table in front of the house and you need to find all the objects and drag them to their shadows.
Escape Room - Grim of Legacy Find the Objects
Escape Room - Grim of Legacy Find the Objects2
Escape Room - Grim of Legacy Find the Objects3
  • You’ll get a wheel after you finish with all of them.
  • Check the road in between the two houses and use the knife to cut a bamboo stick.
  • Then use the knife on the stick to cut a smaller piece and then again to make a hole in it.
  • Put the u-shaped hook in that hole, stick the wheel to your stick.
  • Now tie the other hook to your rope and take this and put it on your stick to make a fishing rod.
  • Tap the region to the left of the screen, behind the left house and and throw your fishing rod in the pond.
  • Take the fish you catch and feed the cat in front of the house.
  • As she leaves you’ll find a key under her, and that’s how you complete the first task.

Objective: Collect the magic stick

  • Check the house to the right and use the key on that door.
Escape Room - Grim of Legacy First House
  • Look at the mess on the floor and take the mirror pieces (2/6) you find.
  • On the right, behind the candle holder you’ll find a hammer, and in front of it there’s an item that needs breaking.
  • Inside you’ll find another mirror piece (3/6)
  • On the right shelf there’s a scroll with a clue inside:
    • pigeon – wand – hat – dice
  • On the shelf to the left there’s a box, and inside there are 3 buttons.
  • The bedside table has some buttons that you need to change accordingly to your scroll clue.
  • Two more mirror pieces (5/6) inside and a cork screw.
  • Look at the book on the bed, take it and add the three buttons on the cover.
  • Solve the puzzle by putting the buttons in their place:
    • Top is red
    • Left is green
    • Right is blue
    • Bottom left is pink
    • Bottom right is yellow
  • Take the last mirror piece (6/6) from inside and check the broken mirror on the left.
  • Put all the pieces to fix the broken mirror and take the magic stick completing another task.

Objective: Unlock the magic shield

  • Go outside to the other house and use the magic stick to unlock the door.
Escape Room - Grim of Legacy Second House
  • Grab the tong from the floor on the left and the mortar next to the other door.
  • There’s a pot on the shelf, take it an look inside to find a key.
  • Take the clue paper on the floor next to the fireplace.
  • Take the bucket on the right and now look at the clue paper.
  • The code on it says 2143, and each symbol has some lines so pick the right symbol for each number.
    • 2 – ≠
    • 1 – M
    • 4 – P
    • 3 – #
  • Now look at the cabinet under the shelves and enter those symbols in that order.
  • You’ll find a puzzle piece inside that you can use on the puzzle next to the door.
  • Click each symbol and swipe it till it aligns with the matching symbol and creates the zodiac.
Escape Room - Grim of Legacy Zodiac Puzzle
  • Take the book inside and look at the recipe to see what you need.
  • Use the key to go inside the room in front.
Escape Room - Grim of Legacy Backroom
  • Take the green stone off the floor and use the hammer to break it into 4 stone pieces that you should take.
  • Take the glowing green bottle off the shelf in front of you and there are two more on the desk under it, and a cup on the top shelf.
  • Look inside the cup and take the leaf.
  • Open all the corks and use the cork screw if you need.
  • Tap the area of the candlesticks right in front and hang the bucket from that hook.
  • Start putting all the stone pieces inside the bucket to lift the statue.
  • Check the other set of candlesticks on the left and notice the lines: 6745
  • Now look at the cabinet under the shelves and enter that code.
  • Take the box inside and solve the puzzle to open it.
  • Click and swap the eyeballs and make sure they don’t repeat on each row or column.
Escape Room - Grim of Legacy Eyeballs Puzzle
  • Take the feather and the leaf and go back to the first room in the house.
  • Put your mortar on the rug in the middle, the red leaf inside, then the white leaf.
  • Look at the symbols suggested in the books and put the two bottles in the right order.
  • Add the feather after you stir then add the last bottle, use the tong to pick the mortar and put it over the flames in the fireplace.
  • Go to the other room where you picked up the statue and pour the potion over it to help the tinker boy.

Wrapping up

I’m delighted that I could assist you in navigating your way through these challenging magical places with my walkthrough.

Our next rendezvous awaits in my upcoming article for Grim of Legacy Level 5, where we’ll delve into new enigmas and tackle fresh puzzles together.


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