Tricky Doors Walkthrough Episode 12 – Mars

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Come to read another walkthrough for Tricky Doors Episode 12, as we’re going to visit Mars and solve a few puzzles in the process.

Today’s episode is going to be a bit more complex than the last walkthrough for Tricky Doors Episode 11 where we had our fun at the Circus.

You’re starting on an abandoned station on Mars. You have to fix the ship to get yourself out of here, but in order to do that there are a lot of puzzles to solve in the process.

Tricky Doors Walkthrough Episode 12 - Mars Story

The guide to escaping Mars was more trouble than expected, sometimes you need to do solve your own, but as much as I could I made sure I gave you all the clues you need to escape.

Tricky Doors – Level 12: Mars Full Walkthrough

Tricky Doors Walkthrough Episode 12 - Mars First Room
  • On the big crate by the window, there’s a chip on top of it and a paper clip from the stack of papers.
  • Next to the case on the floor, you’ll find a green detail (1/5)
  • Add the chip to this case and solve the puzzle it gives you by setting the sliders on the red line.
  • It wasn’t very easy but also very complicated to explain.
  • Just notice which slider is connected with other sliders and which way they can move.
  • Inside the case, you’ll find a screwdriver and a rubber glove.
  • The panel under the table to the left can be opened using a screwdriver.
  • Use the rubber glove to get the fuse from inside the small box above the oxygen tank.
  • Go to the door on the other side and open the lid on the right using the screwdriver.
  • Use the fuse here and the clip to connect them and fix the lock on the door.
  • Use the mirrors to connect the beam of light from one end to another.
Tricky Doors Walkthrough Episode 12 - Mars Laser-Mirror Puzzle
  • Now you can enter the other room and explore.
Tricky Doors Walkthrough Episode 12 - Mars Second Room
  • Go to the laptop on the table and take the green detail (2/5) and blue detail (1/2)
  • Check the air vents on the right and use the screwdriver to open it.
  • Take the last blue detail (2/2)
  • In the back, there’s another red case that has a green detail (3/5) and duct tape.
  • Look at the picture with the planets on the right and remember the colors:
    • red – blue – green – yellow
  • Go back to the first room try that pattern on the panel on the left side of the door and press the middle button to open it.
  • You’ll find another detail and a tube.
  • Use the 2 blue details on the crate in this room.
  • To open and solve the puzzle you need to rotate the 4 circles so that the colored stones are opposite the stones of the same color.
Tricky Doors Walkthrough Episode 12 - Mars Stones Crate Puzzle
  • Inside you’ll find a wrench and a powder.
  • Check the oxygen tank under the control table and use the wrench to take one oxygen balloon.
  • Check the door on the right and put the pentagonal detail to open a new puzzle.
  • Move the colored balls to the places of the corresponding color.
  • There are three pentagons you need to rotate, so try doing it this way:
  • You’ll find a paintbrush inside the cabinet and a reducer.
  • Connect the oxygen, the tube, and the reducer to get a working oxygen balloon.
  • Go to the laptop in the other room and put the powder on the table.
  • Take the brush and dust the keyboard in powder.
  • Use the duct tape to get the fingerprint off the keyboard.
  • Go to the first room and check the panel on the right.
  • Use the fingerprint to scan and open the capsule.
  • Take the detail (4/5) piece and the access card.
  • Use the access card in the other room where the space suit is.
  • Solve the puzzle by arranging the numbers so the sum in the rows and columns is equal to the numbers on the plates.
  • The numbers are different for each player so you need to do your own math.
  • Now that the container is open you can take an orange detail (1/2) piece from inside.
  • You have to tape the suit, turn it around, and put the oxygen tank in the back.
  • Take the last detail (5/5) piece while there.
  • And now you can take the space suit and go to the last door on the other side of the room.
  • Put all the detail pieces and solve the puzzle by leading the bean from start to finish using all the green guides.
  • This is the pattern you need to use to get behind the doors.
Tricky Doors Walkthrough Episode 12 - Mars Laser-Guides Puzzle
  • Use the space suit to go outside.
Tricky Doors Walkthrough Episode 12 - Mars Outside
  • Check the ground beside the yellow ladder and take the crowbar.
  • Look at the machinery next to it and take the step (1/5)
  • Look at the device with solar panels on the left and take the last orange detail (2/2), and another step (2/5)
  • There’s a solar panel (1/3) by the ship in the back.
  • Go back inside and use the two orange detail pieces on the red case next to the door that goes outside.
  • Here you need to solve another puzzle to open it by moving the yellow chips to the holes.
  • After you open it you’ll find a step (3/5), a welding gun, and a solar panel (2/3)
  • Take a look at the glass showcase that didn’t open and use the crowbar to get inside.
  • Take the step (4/5) and the solar panel.
  • Go back to the first room and use the crowbar on the cabinet door to the right.
  • You’ll find another step (5/5) and fan blades.
  • Go outside and put the solar panels on the device.
  • Check the machine connected to them and replace the broken fan with your fan blades.
  • Now you can turn on the machine by pressing the red button.
  • Check the yellow broken ladder and put the steps in then put a welding gun connected to green electrical wires and use it to fix the ladder completely.
  • Go to the ship and press the two red buttons/lights to open it.
  • Put the ladder on the door so you can get inside.
Tricky Doors Walkthrough Episode 12 - Mars Ship
  • Take the cartridge from the box on your left.
  • Check the yellow crate to the left, the letters Li – U – Ba are written on.
  • Now go to the first room, and you’ll see the other screen on the right working now.
  • Tap three times to get to the periodic table, tap it, and see the numbers associated with those letters.
    • Li – 3
    • U – 92
    • Ba – 56
  • Go back to that crate inside the ship and insert those numbers in that order.
  • Take a key from inside and a tip.
  • Go to the steering wheel in front and take it out.
  • You’ll find a detail (1/2) piece from the board.
  • Go to the rover outside and use the key on it to open the panel.
  • To solve the puzzle you need to move the chips in their place to match the patterns.
Tricky Doors Walkthrough Episode 12 - Mars Chips-Pattern Puzzle
  • Inside you’ll find another detail (2/2) piece and a battery.
  • Go inside and check the panel under the table.
  • Insert those two detail pieces and solve the puzzle to open it.
  • Move the colored chips and combine the symbols to create the same symbol as on the plate above the chips of the same color.
  • The symbols are different for each player.
  • You’ll find another computer piece and a scanner.
  • Go back to the ship and insert the computer piece under the doors on the right wall.
  • Moving numbers and math symbols find the results written on the side plates.
  • You can use the math symbols more than once, but the numbers on the panel just once.
  • As it opens and shows you some space helmets you’ll also find a handle on the right, and a number 13764 (it is different for each player)
  • Look at the hatch on the floor and use the handle to open it.
  • You’ll find another cartridge and you need to put your battery here.
  • Take a look at the steering wheel and use the scanner to get a code bar and the data for the wheel.
  • Go back inside the station and check out the showcase on the right that you opened with a crowbar.
  • Put the two cartridges on each side and use the tip to fix the 3D printer.
  • Go to the laptop add the scanner with data to it and open the laptop by entering the code you got behind the space helmets.
  • Press Print and the 3D printer will make you a new steering wheel.
  • Go and use it on the ship and solve the puzzle to get out of here.
  • Move the 4 sliders at the bottom so that the curved line on the screen would become straight.
    • The red slider is only 6 lines.
    • Green slider is at 13.
    • Blue is at 15.
    • Pink is at 14.
Tricky Doors Walkthrough Episode 12 - Mars Straight Line Puzzle
  • You might have a different pattern so just go slowly on each slider and you’ll figure out.
  • Once you’re done you can start the ship and go back to Earth.

Wrapping up

A breath of fresh air to be able to go back to Earth, am I right? Like literally… But being in a sci-fi setting on Mars was more fun than I expected.

But in the next walkthrough for Tricky Doors Episode 13, you’ll see that Earth isn’t like you were expecting. The fantasy setting in the Vampire’s Castle episode sounds like we’re going to have a great time.


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