Tricky Doors Walkthrough Episode 13 – Vampire’s Castle

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Here I am with my next walkthrough for Tricky Doors Episode 13 Vampire’s Castle, where we’re going to wander through the perfect setting for Halloween.

This spooky chapter seems more interesting than my last walkthrough for Tricky Doors episode 12 Mars. At least we have pumpkins and hopefully, we get to see some vampires.

Tricky Doors Walkthrough Episode 13 - Vampire's Castle

Check out the complete step-by-step guide of Tricky Doors Vampire’s Castle and enjoy the fantasy world we’re going to discover.

Tricky Doors – Level 13: Vampire’s Castle Full Walkthrough

Tricky Doors Walkthrough Episode 13 - Vampire's Castle Outside
  • Through the cross on the grave to the right, there’s an ax you can pick up.
  • Tap on the writing of that cross and take the skull figurine (1/2)
  • Click on the thorny bushes under that and use the ax to cut them off and pick up that note.
    • It will tell you how you can make sure the vampire stays dead: aspen stake, soaked in pure silvered water, through the heart.
  • Pick up the skull figurine (2/2) from the ground.
  • Use the ax to cut a stake from the tree to the left.
  • Check the grave next to the tree and take the bone (1/5) there.
  • Use the ax to move the lid off the grave and take the silver coin (1/5)
  • If you take a closer look at the building to the left you’re going to find a hook hanging from its door.
  • Move over to the castle in the back and put the two skull figurines in the lock of the door so you can enter it.
  • Look at the numbers on the top and move the skulls around so that on each row there’s the right amount of skulls.
  • Each puzzle is different for each player so you’re on your own here to solve it.
Tricky Doors Walkthrough Episode 13 - Vampire's Castle inside
  • Look at the desk on the left, under it you’ll find an oil dispenser and another silver coin (2/3)
  • Open the bag on the chair and take the blue bottle, called purifier, and the green one, called acid.
  • There’s another bone (2/5) by the statue in the middle.
  • Next to the device by the left windows, there’s a torch you can take.
  • Under the painting at the back of this room, there’s a writing: Black Rose.
  • Keep that in mind and go outside to the writings on the right cross.
  • Write that name in and you’ll find a note with more clues for vampire hunters.
    • It’s telling you to find the staff. You need a magic key made out of: vampire ashes, bones, silver, and something else.
    • You need to find the book of werewolves, which needs werewolf blood to be opened.
  • There’s a detail ornament inside as well.
  • Go with it at the door of the left building and put it in its lock.
  • Move the chips around to get them to the big circles.
  • This is another puzzle that is different for each player, but I’m sure you’ll find the way to open the door.
Tricky Doors Walkthrough Episode 13 - Vampire's Castle Dark Crypt
  • Immerse the torch in the vase to the right.
  • Fill the oil dispenser with that substance as well.
  • Go inside the castle and use the oil to fix the device and open it.
  • Get all the gears to rotate by moving the squares around, use the empty space to do so.
Tricky Doors Walkthrough Episode 13 - Vampire's Castle Gear Puzzle
  • Now that the device is fixed you can pull the candelabrum down to reach the candles and take the handle.
  • Lit up the torch from one of the candles and go back to the other building and use it to light up the vase on your right.
Tricky Doors Walkthrough Episode 13 - Vampire's Castle Crypt
  • Under the pillar to the lift, the stones are moved, use the ax to get them aside.
  • Take the silver coin (3/5) from under it.
  • Take the magnet next to this as well.
  • Use the acid on the chain holding the stone coffin.
  • Use the hook and the chain on the magnet you found and go outside to the well.
  • Put the chain on it, add the handle, and roll it down to get the box.
  • Use oil on the box to make it easier for the lid to open.
  • You’ll find a crystal inside.
  • Go inside the castle building and use the crystal on the drawer of the desk.
  • Rotate the circles so that the crystals of the same color would be on the line near the large crystals.
Tricky Doors Walkthrough Episode 13 - Vampire's Castle Crystal Puzzle
  • You’ll find a silver cross inside.
  • Go to the crypt once again, and pour the purifier into the water fountain on the left.
  • Put the silver cross and the stake inside, and take the bone (3/5) next to the fountain.
  • Go to the castle and stab the skeleton by the statue with the aspen stake.
  • Once the skeleton is gone, take the medallion.
  • Tap the bottle on the left with the skeleton head and take some vampire ashes from where the vampire skeleton used to be.
  • Now go back to the crypt and tap the wall on the other side.
  • Insert the medallion there and turn the circles to restore the pattern.
Tricky Doors Walkthrough Episode 13 - Vampire's Castle - Wall Pattern
  • It will open and let you through a tunnel that goes up a tower.
Tricky Doors Walkthrough Episode 13 - Vampire's Castle Tower
  • On the table to the left, there’s a syringe and a bottle of perfume.
  • Open the box there and take the button.
  • Check out the fireplace, use the pliers to get the other button from the fire.
  • Go back down, to the crypt and put the buttons on each side of the puzzle on the stone coffin.
  • Repeat the order of the pictures of the inner circle on the outer one by using the two buttons on the side.
Tricky Doors Walkthrough Episode 13 - Vampire's Castle Skull Pattern
  • Use the syringe to get some werewolf blood.
  • Check the top right corner, and make the spider go away by using the perfume on it.
  • Once it is gone, you can take the key.
  • Go up the tower again and use the key to open the crate on the right.
  • You need to find all identical pictures, 3 at a time.
  • Just look at two at a time and notice how they switch position between themselves.
Tricky Doors Walkthrough Episode 13 - Vampire's Castle Match 3
  • Inside you’ll find another silver coin (4/5) and a shovel.
  • Go outside and dig in front of the two pumpkins on the left.
  • You’ll find a key, a bone (4/5), and an earthenware jug.
  • Go inside the castle and use the golden key on the chest to the left.
  • Take a key mold, a handle, and a bone (5/5)
  • Put some werewolf blood on the book in front of you.
  • It will open and give you a silver coin (5/5) and it will tell you how to make the coin.
  • To make the key you need to go up the tower again.
  • Put the earthenware jug on the tray beside the fire place.
  • Place the key mold next and the silver coins inside the jug.
  • Put the bones in the fire and the vampire ashes over it.
  • Take the jug with the pliers by the fireplace and the silver will be poured into the key mold.
  • Put the handle on the window here and open the window, before you go back down.
  • Go to the castle and use the newly made magic key to open the door to the left.
  • There’s one last puzzle to solve before you finish this chapter.
  • Move the chips to the cells of the corresponding color.
Tricky Doors Walkthrough Episode 13 - Vampire's Castle Gem Puzzle
  • You’ll find the Rulling staff inside and can now go to the tower and use it on the bats there, make sure the window is opened.

Wrapping up

And this is how you get out and finish this episode, letting yourself carried away by bats in from the Vampire Castle.

This was a neat episode to solve for you, and I’m looking forward to my next walkthrough for Tricky Doors Episode 14 Santa’s House.

I’m expecting some toy puzzles and mysteries. Let me know in the comments below what do you think it will be like.


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