All the Games You Can Play with ChatGPT [Surprising Entries!]

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Did you know that you can actually play games with or on ChatGPT? Yes, you can – and some amazing options are available, as you will see in today’s article where I’ll list the all the best games you can play with the AI over at Chat GPT.

I decided to get a bit more in depth with the gaming aspect of Chat GPT after I have successfully had the AI create a choose your own adventure game for me. And it gets better and better – surprisingly so, I would say.

So without further ado, here is a list of games – some of them big surprises – that you can play with Chat GPT.

1. Trivia Night

You can have a “Trivia night” type of game with Chat GPT, where you have to answer 20 questions and score points based on your answers.

The nice thing is that you can instruct the AI to ask you questions based on your interests – and it will do a really good job at it!

Here is the prompt that I used. Feel free to use it and tweak it as you see fit:

Play a trivia night game with me. Generate a set of 20 trivia questions in two difficulty categories: easy and medium. For each easy question answered correctly, award 5 points and for each medium difficulty question answered correctly, award 10 points. Give me the questions one at a time and keep the score. Create questions based on these areas of interest:

chatgpt trivia game

Have in mind that it might get some facts wrong – but I played a few trivia night games with Chat GPT and there were no problems. I actually had it spit some really nice questions and it was fun overall!

2. Tic Tac Toe

tic tac toe with chatgpt

A classic, basic game that you can quickly play with Chat GPT. Just type “let’s play tic tac toe” and the AI will know what to do – as seen above.

Just a word of warning: the AI tried to cheat when I played against it and kept “forgetting” where I was placing my Xs.

3. Chess

I have talked in depth about playing chess with ChatGPT in a previous article. It’s really good, actually and extremely challenging.

Basically, all you have to do is to tell the AI that you want to play chess with it and let it know which color you prefer. You can start playing and it will also give you explanations and advice while playing.

Actually, the AI is ruthless – I recommend telling it you are a beginner if you want to stand a chance. If not… good luck!

4. Hangman

playing hangman with chat gpt

A quick prompt will get this started:

Let’s play hangman. I want to guess the word and you have to think about it

The AI will then start the game and offer you a word to guess. It’s that simple, but it can provide some fun if you don’t have anything else to do.

5. Word Ladder

word ladder with chatgpt

This is a fun game that can keep you busy for a really long time. Changing one letter at a time from your existing word, you and the AI will create new words until it’s no longer possible to create a new one (or until a specific number of words are created).

It’s really easy to play Word Ladder with Chat GPT: Just write “let’s play Word ladder” and it will know what to do.

6. Mad Libs Game

mad libs game with chatgpt

You can play this game by providing Chat GPT with a set of words (noun, verb, adjective and so on). Then, it will create a short story using your words.

It is funnier to create the story yourself, in my opinion, as it helps you build up creativity and your improvisation skills. Just ask the AI to provide you with the words.

So you can use two prompts here:

1. Let’s play Mad Libs Game (you will provide the words and ChatGPT will create the story)

2. Let’s play mad libs game. I want you to give me the words and I will create the story. (In this case, the AI still said I should give it the words, but I replied “I want you to give me a word for each parts of speech above and I will create the story” and all worked well).

7. Would You Rather

would you rather chatgpt

A fun quick game that can go on forever. You can either have ChatGPT ask you questions and you answer them, or the other way around.

In this game, you offer two choices and the other player has to choose one. Very fun and I prefer to have Chat GPT ask the questions. Here is the prompt that I am using – and you can see the results in the screenshot above:

Let’s play Would you Rather”. I would like you to ask me questions.

8. Akinator

akinator chatgpt

To play Akinator with ChatGPT, you simply need to think of a well-known character (make sure it was well known by 2021, as that is as much as the AI’s knowledge goes) and it will try to guess it.

The AI will start asking you a series of questions that should be answered with “yes” or “no” and eventually it will try to guess the person you’re thinking of. Pretty fun.

I like to have ChatGPT try to guess the character I am thinking of – but you can go the other route also.

To play this game, simply write this quick prompt in the chat: “Let’s play Akinator.” Of course, since Chat GPT is not perfect, it can go crazy like it did here… but it’s also fun:

funny akinator chatgpt
I think it was in a hurry and had no time to wait for my answers… funny!

9. Choose your own adventure

There are more complex text-based games that you can play with ChatGPT, and one of these games is a text-based choose your own adventure style of game.

You simply give the AI some specific details about the settings and what you want the adventure to be like and you will get in turn a really nice game. I already linked above to a dedicated article on how to create your choose your own adventure game – make sure to check it out.

To summarize it, use a very in-depth prompt with as many details as possible. You can start from my barebone prompt below:

Create a text based choose your own adventure game set in an epic, dark fantasy setting. The general story is about the main hero – a warrior named Bard – who sets on a quest to save the world from being destroyed by an evil wizard, Maleficus. You generate the story, which requires my input in the form of an answer, choosing what to do next for the story to continue.

10. Infocom text adventure

infocom type adventure

Back in the day, many games were full text-based (or mostly text-based). And this worked best with adventure-type games, which I refer to as Infocom text adventures.

These were basically short-text adventure games where you were supposed to type your instructions and based on that, you would progress through the game (or not). Basically, you would say “go north,” “pick up item,” and so on.

And ChatGPt is perfectly capable of creating such adventures, although not as in-depth as the ones back in the day, as it won’t have puzzles for you. But still fun. Here is the prompt I used:

“Pretend you’re an Infocom-style text adventure, and I will type commands. Based on that, you create the story and keep the adventure going. Make up a fantasy world and story and start.”

11. Two truths and a lie

Two truths and a lie

Another game that you can, surprisingly, play with ChatGPT is Two truths and a lie. You simply provide the prompt “Let’s play Two truths and a lie” and the AI will start spitting phrases and one of them is a lie.

If you want it to guess your lie, the prompt should be: “Two truths and a lie. I will write the three phrases and you have to guess which one is a lie.”

12. Emoji Phrases

playing emoji phrases with chatgpt

This is a game where the AI will give you some emoji and you will have to guess what they mean. It’s like a solid puzzle game – we also wrote about something similar in our Braindom Walkthrough.

All you have to do is tell ChatGPT “Let’s PLay Emoji Phrases” and it will share a set of three emoji whose meaning you have to guess. It’s really fun and some of the puzzles are really difficult.

But don’t worry, if you don’t know the answer, the AI will be happy to help!

13. D&D (or other similar RPGs)

For fans of games like Dungeons and Dragons, ChatGPT can be a blessing in disguise. And while you can’t really play D&D with ChatGPT, it can create some amazing campaigns for you and your friends.

And actually, I think it’s not difficult to believe that you could even have ChatGPT play the campaigns it has created. But it’s best to use it just to create the story.

Tip: Make sure to use the tone of voice “Emotional” or “Friendly” and the writing style “Creative” or “Narrative” in order to get the best results.

14. Crossword Puzzles

You can also instruct the artificial intelligence to create crossword puzzles for you. You will need to write them (or the answers) down on your own piece of paper or on a document – but that’s the easy part. Creating them is the difficult one, and ChatGPT will do that in seconds for you.

Simply write the prompt: “Let’s play a crossword puzzle game. Create one for me please”

crossword puzzles with chatgpt

If you want it to stick to a specific theme or only use definitions for words in fields you’re passionate about, tell that in the prompt, like: “Use these topics: [your favorite ones]”

15. Word Association

playing word association with chat gpt

This is a game that can go on and on – and one that Chat GPT is really good at. You simply say a word, then the other player says a word related to that… and you keep on going.

This is a really fun and easy way to waste some time if you don’t have anything to do. But if that’s the case, you might be better trying to put the AI to work and earn some money. If you’re out of ideas, I have an article suggesting the best methods to make money with Chat GPT.

To play it, simply write this prompt in the chat; “Let’s play Word Association”.


If you are bored or just curious, you have plenty of options above for some games to play with or against AI. I have tried playing all the recommendations above and all I can say is that I am pleasantly surprised.

If you have other suggestions for games to play with ChatGPT, let us know – and ideally provide your prompt for that too, to make things as easy as possible.

I am sure that there are other options out there and I still haven’t figured them out yet.


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