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If you want to put the new AI technology to good use, you’re at the right place. Today, I will teach you the best ways to make money with ChatGPT.

While many people are freaking out – and for all the right reasons – about the rise of AI and the potential job losses it could cause, we have to admit that it’s also a MAJOR opportunity to make money.

And while everybody and their mother is talking about artificial intelligence today, including ways to make money with it, I am sure that the ones that I will recommend below are the absolute best and not already part of a saturated market.

So without further ado, let’s check out a complete list of ways to make money with ChatGPT!

BEST Methods to Make Money with ChatGPT

Make sure to get through all of these recommendations and choose the one(s) that make more sense for you. And remember: the more work and input you have to put in, the higher the chances of making even more.

Of course, have in mind that there’s no guarantee that you will succeed, because many people are trying to get an extra buck using artificial intelligence. But if you have the time and motivation, it’s sure worth trying!

1. Launch an AI-based Youtube channel

You can launch channels on any platform out there, but YouTube is still the best and fastest to make money from. It won’t be super fast, not completely passive – so don’t expect mnoey to start pouring after publishing the first video.

But for those who always wanted to make some money online from video but never had the equipment required for it, or maybe they were too camera shy, not great at speaking or lacking the perfect idea… well, for all these people Chat GPT comes to the rescue.

And you can do it all your research and script writing with ChatGPT – either for a more personal Youtube channel where you show your face (potential for better success), or completely automate it with the so-called “faceless videos” where you don’t show your face.

You can literally start this right now, from scratch. I wrote this prompt on Chat GPT to get some ideas for some “talking head” videos (aka just showing your face and talking about a topic):

Write some interesting and not oversaturated Youtube channel ideas, where you can create videos only as a talking head.

Here is a screenshot with some of the answers, some of which are really good in my opinion:

chatgpt youtube channel ideas

While I wouldn’t trust ChatGPT to assist in creating a finance channel or a technology trends one (especially since it only has data up to 2021), it could do really well at creating some mindfulness coaching scripts or even that “Environmental Advocate” thing which seems really interesting.

If you don’t want to show your face at all and potentially automate everything, we can go for the faceless route with this prompt:

Write some interesting and not oversaturated Youtube channel ideas, where you can create videos without the need to show your face.

Here are the results it gives:

chatgpt faceless videos

I have to admit, I find the results above much better. You can even show your face in some and make it more personal, but I really like them!

Sure, there has to be some research done to see if the ideas recommended by the AI are over-saturated or have the potential to become money makers, but as you can see above, it’s all as easy as it can get.

If you want me to write a full guide on how to start and monetize a YouTube channel using AI (especially ChatGPT), comment down below!

I had the AI create a choose your own adventure game for me, and it did a pretty good job. Just imagine creating a Youtube channel sharing these creations!

2. Offer Translation Services

Translation takes a lot of time (plus knowing other languages), but ChatGPT can help A TON.

You still need to know the languages you are translating from and to in order to double check everything, as ChatGPT can sometimes mess up some less popular languages than English, but it still does a really good job overall.

And, as I said, it is a lot faster than anything else.

So, if you already know more than one language, simply sign up with a freelancing platform like Upwork, Fiverr and such and offer translation services.

Simply paste the text received into ChatGPT, ask it to translate it and then double check/correct to make sure that the translation sounds natural in the new language.

Tip: If the text to be translated is too long for the AI to process, you can split it in multiple chunks.

3. Affiliate marketing / sales

ChatGPT can be brilliant at writing short copy that sells products. I have personally used it in some of the newsletters I send online and the results were amazing.

So writing newsletter content that generates sales or using it for the general affiliate marketing scene can be a great way to do it.

While generally, for this to work, you already need an audience, you can still simplify the process a little bit if you’re starting from scratch: you can use existing forums, Facebook groups or other online groups to promote products.

Be very careful when you do this though, as you can and will get banned if it seems spammy. Also do it in parallel with building up your own audience – either through a website or a group that you own.

4. Content writing services

making money with ChatGPT

This is something that everybody recommends nowadays and the market is already a bit saturated.

But if you can add it your own pinch of personality, you can rise above those that offer nothing but unedited AI content to those who need it.

As a person who pays writers for content and knows many people who do the same, I can tell you one thing: website owners and those buying content generally HATE ChatGPT and other AI content because it is too plain and generic and usually factually incorrect.

But this doesn’t mean that you can’t speed up the writing process by a ton. Use ChatGPT to create article ideas or outlines, use those to have it write articles for you, then edit the said articles, giving them some of your personal flavor.

If the article sounds good in the end and doesn’t sound like your generic AI-generated one, I can guarantee that everybody will be happy.

After all, even those who would like to do it themselves will probably not have ChatGPT Plus and they’ll be stopped by the annoying network errors. This is when you come in and always provide the work on time!

5. Generate video scripts

This can go well for the tip #1 that I gave you above, or it can be a separate, stand-alone service.

No matter if you’re doing it for yourself, to speed up the video creating process or you’re doing this for other people, generating video scripts for Youtube and other platforms is a breeze with ChatGPT.

Here is a very basic prompt that I used to test this out:

Generate a Youtube video script that is 8 minutes long for a video sharing trivia facts about animals

The result was incredibly in depth and… good. Sure, you will always have to double check whenever the AI gives you “facts” as sometimes, if not always, they are wrong or completely made out… but there are various video types out there that don’t use or need facts:

chat gpt video script ideas

So go ahead and use the power of AI to spark up that creativity and especially productivity when it comes to making videos.

6. Become a social media manager

Now, this is again something that can become extremely profitable and it can work in multiple ways:

  • become the social media manager for an existing brand, posting ChatGPT-generated content on platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
  • become a social media manager for a person, basically posting in their name

Many successful people find managing their social media presence and profile (either as individuals or for their brands) a complete time waste. I know I sure feel like that.

But with AI, you can easily generate interesting, short content to post on various platforms. You can also use the AI to plan social media campaigns or generate tags.

You’ll be surprised how many people still need people who can do this – and they don’t care if it’s done with the help of AI or not, as long as it is done.

7. Write and publish eBooks

writing children's book with ChatGPT

You’ve probably seen already some case studies of people who have completely written books and published them using ChatGPT and other AI tools.

You can basically create a book (short form works best here, right now) from scratch, without having any idea before launching the ChatGPT website.

The easiest way to do it is to launch books for young children, since the AI is still not advanced enough to create novels that adults would find interesting. But for shorter form, easy to read content, it is great.

Pair it up with another AI like Midjourney or anything else that generates images and you will have your book written and ready to be published in no time.

Then head over to an eBook publishing service like Amazon’s KDP and launch your book.

You can also write poetry or self help books (be careful here though with the niche selection).

This is not necessarily related to make money, but I also have a comprehensive guide on how to write a solid essay with ChatGPT. You can even offer this as a service – why not?

8. Create e-commerce product listings

Just like with social media, people really dislike doing repetitive, boring tasks. And creating e–commerce product listings is one of those tasks, even though you need to be creative when writing the said descriptions.

However, many people hire others to do this task, especially when hundreds of product descriptions and meta tags and such are involved. So this is where you can jump in and use ChatGPT to speed up the process.

With a sped-up process, you can take on more clients and earn more money. It’s that easy!

9. Build a language-learning platform

Now, I am trying to think a bit out of the box for a minute and find ways to improve on existing ideas recommended above.

Taking from the translation gig recommended there, we can get to a bit more complex stuff and actually create language-learning platforms (either in the form of Youtube videos, courses to sell online or ebooks).

This, of course, requires you to be able to speak the language and also put in some work, but it will be substantially less than it would take you to do the same thing from scratch.

If you can get creative here (or if you already have an audience), you can have great results.

10. Use ChatGPT for event planning

You can use ChatGPT to streamline event planning or even to do it from scratch. Everything and anything from Event Concept Generation to Guest List Management and more in depth management or the actual plan for the event… all of these can be done with the help of AI.

This again will save you plenty of time. Not to mention the fact that planning events – think about a wedding, for example – can cost a ton. Money that you would make now.


It is already starting to be a bit late in terms of joining the AI revolution, as many people have already done it and are reaping on the benefits.

But the markets is still not completely saturated and I believe that there are still options out there for those who want to use AI to help them make some extra money, or even a full time income.

Just try to think out of the box and always experiment. The suggestions above are the BEST at the moment of writing and they will surely help you understand how AI works – including what its limitations and advantages are.

Even better, you can use various AI services and not just ChatGPT to automate or improve your ideas. Right now, I would say that sky’s the limit!

If you manage to come up with an amazing idea though, it might be the actual million dollar idea and your once in a lifetime opportunity. So stop being lazy, stop reading more right now and ACT! Act as soon as you’re done reading this article. Just start and do it!


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