How to Play Chess with ChatGPT [FULL Guide]

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If you’re feeling bored or if you’re lacking a solid chess partner, then why not try to play chess with ChatGPT, the Ai phenomena of the moment? In today’s guide, show you how to get started playing chess with ChatGPT.

There are two methods you can try, each with its own Pros and Cons. To play chess with ChatGPT, you can use the dedicated bot aptly named ChessGPT on or play directly with ChatGPT. Let’s see how!

But first, let me tell you that chess is not the only game you can play with/on ChatGPT. I have already written an in-depth guide on how create an adventure game with Chat GPT. Make sure to read that also – it’s pretty amazing!

Now, back to today’s topic! Let’s see how you can play chess with Chat GPT!

Playing Chess with Chat GPT: All Methods

The fantastic AI that can write incredible essays or help you make money can also play chess with you, offering strategic insights and adapting to your playing style.

You have two methods available, which we’ll discuss below.

Method 1: ChessGPT on

play chess against chat gpt on chess dot com

If you want to play against an AI that was created as a dedicated chess bot, this is the route you should take.

Simply head over to and look for ChessGPT which is their ChatGPT-inspired bot. It is designed to play chess with you and provide human-like responses to your moves. Here is how to do it:

  • Visit the website (free to visit/play)
  • Click the “Play computer” button on the right side of the screen
  • It will automatically choose ChessGPT – just start playing

No matter if you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, ChessGPT can offer a challenging game and help you improve your skills.

It has various difficulty levels and can even provide you with free hints to help you improve your game. Pretty cool!

Playing with ChatGPT itself

If you want to try the traditional interface of Chat GPT itself, simply head over to and write a prompt for ChatGPT to play a chess game with you.

The AI will be up for the challenge and you can either tell it your first move (if you want to play as white) or tell it to move first (if you want to play with black). Here is the prompt I used, and the answer I received:

prompt chatgpt for chess play

Funnily enough, ChatGPT decided to explain its strategy to me, which can be a great thing if you’re just learning to play chess, as you can learn what each move means:

playing chess with chatgpt

From here on, you can use a chess analysis tool like the one on to visualize your moves and see how the game progresses, as there is no actual chess board on ChatGPT (yet). It’s still really fun!


There are plenty of things you can do on ChatGPT, but probably you weren’t thinking that it’s possible to test the AI’s skills in a game of chess. Well, as you can see above – it’s possible.

The easiest method is to simply play the visual boar on, but if you want to make sure that you are playing 100% against ChatGPT, you can do so at its official website.

And if you think that this is cool, make sure to visit soon as I will have even more game ideas for you to try with Chat GPT. You will be surprised to find out that there’s more than chess than it can play!


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