Braindom: Brain Games Test Answers Level 1 – Level 50

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Check out our Braindom game answers to find out how to beat all levels of the game. We’re starting with the first 50 levels in the game, but we’re going to cover them all on our blog.

Braindom: Brain Games Test is a puzzle game available on iOS only at the moment of writing. This is one of the best “think outside the box” types of puzzle games that we’ve played recently: well done, with smart puzzles and great graphics. You will love it!

But you will also get stuck every now and then. This is what we’re going to help with: share with you all the Braindom answers in our series of articles dedicated to the game. Let’s check them out below!

IMPORTANT: the order of levels seems to be randomized for some users. The questions and answers are the same though. If your level doesn’t fit the one we have shared, simply use the search function with part of the question you are looking for to find the correct one.

Level 1: Which belt has the highest level?
A: The yellow one, since that’s literally the highest.

Level 2: Save the wilted flower.
A: Simply drag the pot away from the shadow of the tree, next to the other plant.

Level 3: Help me wake up my cat so I can take him for a walk.
A: Simply swipe your finger over the cat.

Level 4: Who is lying? (baby and mother)
A: A is lying as the necklace and hair bands are the same.

Braindom Answers Level 4

Level 5: What would you rate me?
A: 5/5

Level 6: Find the “Rooster”
A: Tap the bottom right shadow.

Level 7: Here we go, spin the wheel.
A: Simply swipe your finger over the wheel to spin it.

Level 8: Find the hidden objects (Check the image below):

Braindom Answers Level 8

Level 9: Help me make my strawberry milk.
A: Simply drag all the strawberries in the blender and tap its power button.

Level 10: Catch the thieves!
A: They are hiding behind the shopping carts in the bag. Just remove them and tap the thieves to hand them over to the police:

Braindom Answers Level 10

Level 11: He lost his phone in his room. Help him find it.
A: It is under the pillow.

Level 12: Who is shamefully being neglected by the people?
A: The black cat.

Level 13: Jump
A: Move away the large rock to reveal the Milk, then drag it over to the boy. Then tap the Jump button.

Level 14: Match the correct emojis with the word.
A: Tap the Eyes and the Phone.

Level 15: The salad needs more salt.
A: Shake your device to add salt.

Level 16: Can you spot the mistake?
A: The word “spot” is written twice. Tap the one to the right.

Level 17: Which one of these are unnecessary?
A: The toothpaste.

Level 18: Tap on animals in this order: Llama – Duck – Flamingo – Zebra – Bear – Jaguar – Iguana.
A: Simply tap the animals in the order written on the screen:

Braindom Answers Level 18

Level 19: Find the hidden objects

Braindom Answers Level 19

Level 20: One of the planes should cross over.
A: Drag the word “plane” from the question to the right of the line.

Braindom Level 21: How many upset emoji are there?
A: 5 (we cont the one in the question as well!)

Braindom Level 22 answer: How many balls are below?
A: 4 balls. You have to tap all balls and break the ones which are bubbles before you can move on.

Level 23: What’s he saying?
A: Strawberries.

Level 24: Which way is safe?
A: The top right one.

Level 25: How many tails are there on the screen?
A: 6

Level 26: Which door will you choose?
A: Door #1.

Level 27: Find the hidden objects.

Braindom Answers Level 27

Level 28: Find all the green balls and count them.
A: Drag the blue balls over the yellow ones. You will get 4 balls (correct answer).

Level 29: Find the “Shark”
A: Tap the top right shadow.

Braindom Level 30 Answer: Stop her from crying!
A: Drag upwards over the cage to free the bird. Then tap the window.

Level 31: Which logo is correct?
A: The top left one.

Level 32: Which logo is fake?
A: The bottom left (Twitter) one.

Level 33: Put the wallet into the bag.
A: Swipe over the bag until you put it in a vertical position. Then pinch on it to make it smaller.

Level 34: What’s the greatest star?
A: Slowly pinch over the screen until the large star in the background is visible.

Level 35: Who is lying? (at the showers)
A: B

Level 36: Find the “Whale”
A: Tap the girl’s hair, the whale is hidden there.

Braindom Answers Level 36

Level 37: Deliver the order to the guy falling asleep.
A: Tap the Zzzs or his window a few times to wake him up.

Level 38: One of the bottles is full of water. Others are empty. Find the full one.
A: Drag all the bottles in the freezer to see which one freezes.

Level 39: How many four-leaf clovers are there?
A: 0

Braindom Level 40: Which one has 6 circles in it?
A: Tap number 8, Number 4 and number 2 (the question changes after each tap)

Level 41: Find the hidden objects.

Braindom Answers Level 41

Level 42: Match the correct emojis with the word Sunglasses.
A: Sun and glasses.

Level 43: Repair my bike with your magic drawing fingers.
A: Draw the wheel in a shape similar to what’s seen below:

Braindom Answers Level 43

Level 44: Puzzle game

Drag the second one from left to write in the vertical spot and the bottom right one in the other spot.

Braindom Answers Level 44

Level 45: Tear of two pieces from the toilet paper.
A: Pull down over the piece of paper, then swipe over the line that makes two pieces.

Level 46: Save the cat from the dogs.
A: Pinch over the cat to enlarge it.

Level 47: Chill, relax and match.
A: The second shadow from left to right.

Level 48: How many grey pieces are there?
A: First, drag the black rectangle in the middle of the two large pieces to reveal that they are both grey. Answer is 6.

Level 49: Another puzzle.

A: bottom left one to the top, top right one in the remaining spot.

Braindom Level 50 answer: Help the farmer collect the mullberries.
A: Shake your device until the farmer picks them all up.

These are the first 50 questions answered in Braindom: Brain Games Test. We’ll have the rest of the answers published as soon as we complete all levels, so make sure to check back soon for more!


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