AFK Arena Codes [July 2024]

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AFK Arena codes are always fun to get. They give lots of fabulous gifts that are very useful in-game. These codes are constantly changing so keep a close eye on my updates.

Not sure how long they will be available, as they tend to expire fast after they are released. So grab these AFK Arena codes fast to get your rewards.

Redeem AFK Arena Codes

These AFK Arena codes have a lot to offer if you get them in time. So don’t hesitate too much, make sure you copy them exactly as they are, but don’t worry as they are not upper/lower case sensitive.

  • uf4shqjngq – Redeem to get 30 Common Scrolls
  • misevj66yi – Redeem to get 5 Common Scrolls, 500 Diamonds, 60 Rare Soulstones
  • Brutus2022 – Redeem to get 300 Diamonds, 300k Gold
  • 2yqs9jk2qw – Redeem to get 60x Elite Soulstones, 6 Hour Resources
  • 2C9RK4F9G3 – Redeem to get 600 Diamonds, 6 Hour Resources
  • maetria2023 – Redeem to get 300 Diamonds, 300k Gold
  • Lucky2023 – Redeem to get 3k Diamonds, 10 Common Scrolls, 10 Time Emblems, 10 Stargazer Scrolls
  • graveborn – Redeem to get Graveborn Sticker
  • mauler – Redeem to get Mauler Sticker
  • lightbearer – Redeem to get Lightbearer Sticker
  • wilder – Redeem to get Widler Sticker
  • afk888 – Redeem to get 300 Diamonds
  • AFKRE0 – Redeem to get 1000 Diamonds, 3 “8 Hours Gold” 3 “8 Hours Hero Dust”, 3 “8 Hours EXP”
  • Lilith10th – Redeem to get 500 Diamonds, 10 Common Scrolls
  • happylilith510 – Redeem to get 3000 Diamonds, 10 Time Emblems
  • 39judaxj5p – Redeem to get 6 Hours EXP, 600 Diamonds, 6 Hours Gold, 6 Hours Hero’s Essence
  • 39i4qttfzt – Redeem to get 6 Hours EXP, 600 Diamonds, 6 Hours Gold, 6 Hours Hero’s Essence
  • 39acdh37nk – Redeem to get 6 Hours EXP, 1200 Diamonds, 6 Hours Gold, 6 Hours Hero’s Essence
  • afksummer2023 – Redeem to get 10 Common Scrolls and 3000 Diamonds
  • special2023 – Redeem to get free rewards
  • mystery2023 – Redeem to get free rewards
  • 4nwf3w25hq – Redeem to get 3x 8 Hours Gold, 3x 8 Hours Hero’s Essence, 3x 8 Hours Hero’s EXP, 1000 Diamonds
  • AFK100 – Redeem to get 40 Common Scrolls
  • AFK PUMPKIN – Redeem to get 20 Common Scrolls
  • 9wf6pjg7td – Redeem to get 10 Common Scrolls
  • Don2024 – Redeem to get 20 Common Scrolls
  • XMAS2023 – Redeem to get 20 Common Scrolls

If you get lucky and redeem them in time, they’ll help you advance in the game faster than other players.

How to Redeem AFK Arena Codes

Redeeming AFK Arena Codes is not as simple as any other game. But if you follow my guide below, you’ll be able to redeem these codes in no time.

1. The first thing you need to do is enter their website here:
2. Then you’ll need a few things from your AFK Arena profile.
3. Enter the game and tap on your profile picture in the top left corner.
4. The link is requiring your UID, which you can find on your profile page.

AFK Arena Profile page and UID

5. After you enter the code on that link, go to Settings.
6. Here you need to tap on the Verification Code, this will reset every 2 minutes, so be quick.

AFK Arena Profile page verification code

7. After entering that, you’ll be able to enter each gift code and click Redeem.
8. You’ll find each gift you redeemed in your Mail, inside the game.
9. Enjoy your rewards!

And with this, you’re set to play and have fun with all these rewards that’ll make your game more enjoyable.

How to Get More AFK Arena Codes

There are a few ways to stay in touch with AFK Arena codes, and make sure you get them as soon as they release them.

One way is to bookmark this page and check back with me to see if I updated the list with new codes for you to redeem.

Another way is to follow AFK Arena on Twitter. Or maybe you are more of a Facebook person, if so, they have an AFK Arena Facebook page as well.

If you go to their AFK Arena Discord, you have a chance to meet other players, join their guilds, or ask for help and good strategies to play the game.


Games like AFK Arena always release new codes for their fans, so it’s best you keep an eye out for them if you want cool rewards from time to time.

I’ll try and keep this list of codes updated for you and if you find any that expire, or new ones that just released, let me know, I’d be happy to update them.

In the meantime, you might want to check out Levistone Story codes, if you like games similar to AFK Arena. Or maybe Girls Connect codes are more up your alley.


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