Where Angels Cry HD Review

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I love my fair share of quality adventure games and I know that G5 Entertainment publishes some of the best games of this kind, so I was really excited about giving Where Angels Cry HD a go, this being their latest released adventure game for the iPad.

The game starts with an interesting premise: set in the 13th century, the game puts you in the shoes of a monk that’s sent to investigate the mysterious disappearance of Brother John in a monastery near the Alps. For the mystery to be complete, the disappearance was preceded by a statue that started to cry blood tears. So we have all the required elements for a great adventure.

Unfortunately, that’s not exactly what we’re getting as Cateia Games (the developers of this title) fail to turn this story with a huge potential into a real hit. The intro animation is amazing and gives you high hopes, but everything soon falls into mediocrity. At least not into a crappy game!

You have to make your way through the monastery and talk to the monks there, investigating the disappearance of Brother John. Even though your investigations will get you far, you will still have to roam through the same settings over and over again and that gets boring. Even worse for the adventure is the fact that items appear in the same scenes just to give you the needed bits to complete puzzles, which are not too difficult. Usually, in order to complete an episode, you have to gather everything you can and figure out how to use everything you have. And somehow Where Angels Cry fails to make that engaging or exciting.

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The game also features a full voice over, but I guess it would’ve done a lot better without it. The fake Italian accents are extremely funny, but in a situation where they are not expected to be funny. So this mismatch adds to the mediocre value – even though it’s appreciable to know that the developers did their best to implement full voice over in the game.

The graphics are, fortunately, very nice and even though on the minimalistic side (after all, we’re in a monastery), the scenes we get to explore are decent.

In my case, Where Angels Cry didn’t manage to completely capture my interest: the adventure does not manage to build a solid structure on the pretty solid base and the mini-games that you have to complete every here and there are not too challenging (with a couple of exceptions, with one puzzle that I simply had to skip as it was impossible for my small brain). However, we’re not talking about a bad game – just a mediocre one.

You can give the game a try for free by clicking this link and then decide for yourself if you should purchase the full unlock or not.


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