Abyss: the Wraiths of Eden HD Review (iOS)

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We’ve visited a multitude of charming locations while playing hidden object adventures, but rarely have we been sent underwater in a gorgeous town called Eden. Well, things are going to change as this is exactly the town we’re going to visit in Abyss: the Wraiths of Eden HD, the iOS version of the popular hidden object adventure game originally released on PCs.

Taking the role of the girlfriend of a diver that’s gone missing, we embark on our own quest to find him and our trip takes us underwater where we discover a mysterious city, the city of Eden. Now just the name remains of its glorious past, as it is now abandoned and spooky, with flooded areas, broken everythings and, on top of them all, spirits that want to put the soul of your boyfriend to good use, while they do their best to make sure that you don’t do too good either!

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Interestingly, the graphics of Abyss: the Wraiths of Eden HD are so beautiful and warm that I was really not expecting the first scare when my heart simply jumped out of my chest and fully hit my clanging teeth. So yeah, be warned about that too – you’ll be scared multiple times while playing this game!

Getting back to the gameplay, we’re talking about, as I already mentioned, a hidden object adventure: we’ll have to do a bit of exploring of the city of Eden, solve a bunch of puzzles and every now and then a hidden object scene. Interestingly enough, for those that are not fan of hidden object scenes, you can replace them with a domino-like puzzle anytime you want. So if you’re looking solely for the adventure and all the puzzle solving, you can do that without the “annoying” hidden object scenes. Personally, I loved these HOS and I found no reason to switch to the dominoes, but it’s good to know that you have the option.

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In terms of difficulty, we’re clearly not talking about something that’s over the top, but depending on the difficulty level that you choose when you start the game, things will be more or less difficult to solve. You can skip puzzles if your brain starts to melt, but probably you won’t have to do it too often as they are not impossible.

With great graphics, solid voice over and a story that keeps you hooked, Abyss: the Wraiths of Eden HD is a pretty decent hidden object adventure game, one that tends to become too easy at times and also confusing at others. But there are no real deal breakers here, so for 3 to 4 hours, depending on your skill and play style, you should be really entertained playing this game!

iTunes link: Abyss: the Wraiths of Eden HD


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