Tricky Doors Walkthrough Episode 5 – Amusement Park

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In this Tricky Doors Amusement Park level 5 walkthrough, we’ll visit a location filled with challenge after challenge, and I’ll give you all the answers so you can enjoy the game further.

Join me as I navigate this amusement park’s twists and turns, uncovering the secrets behind each mystery and providing you with a full walkthrough of what to do every step of the way.

If you had any issues with the previous level, be sure to read my last article on Tricky Doors Floating Islands – episode 4 walkthrough. I made sure that you have all of the information you need to fly off the islands.

This level is sure to get our adrenaline pumping. It’s time to figure out how to get out of this creepy amusement park.

Tricky Doors Amusement Park Episode 5 Intro

Follow my walkthrough to find your clues faster and have more fun. Here is a full walkthrough for Tricky Doors episode 5 Amusement Park.

Tricky Doors – Level 5: Amusement Park Full Walkthrough

You know it’s going to be a bit darker than your usual episode from the first in-game scene. But the faster we start solving the mysteries at this amusement park level, the faster we can leave this place.

Tricky Doors Amusement Park Episode 5 Outside Area
  • I clicked on the right side of the screen first, where the hot dog stand is.
  • The hot dog stand had a grill fork that I could take.
  • Once I kicked the garbage bin I was able to pick up a glass cutter and cartridges.
  • Take a good look at the dirty newspaper. You’ll need to remember that number. 52:86
  • The game stand next to it had a valve I took.
  • On the left side of the screen, went and looked at the electric panel, and found some keys.
  • The keys fit the suitcase in the middle of the road.
  • Got scissors, and a wrench from it.
  • Check out the pipe on the side of the building. Put the valve there and turn it. The water sprinklers will stop working.
  • Look at the hose there and pick up the chip (1/4) next to it.
  • Use the scissors to cut a part of that hose.
  • Now you can add the rubber hose to the scissors and make it safe to help you with the electric panel.
  • Use new scissors to cut the wires.
  • Far in the back between those two buildings, there’s another electric panel.
  • Put the wires here to reveal your first puzzle. You can see how to fix the puzzle here:
  • The Ferris Wheel will start moving getting one of the cabins down within reach.
  • But you can’t open the door so you have to cut through the glass with the glass cutter.
  • Now you can get the gun and the knob from inside.
  • Put the cartridges in your gun and go to that game stand, next to the hot dogs.
  • Put the gun on the counter and start shooting every target until you find the correct code.
  • The code takes time as the targets stay back if they are hit in the right sequence:
  • With the key is now time to go inside of the building to the left, where you fixed the light glitch.

Exploring inside

Tricky Doors Amusement Park Episode 5 Hallway Area
  • Tap the map on the right wall, and take the button out of the hole it reveals.
  • Use the wrench on the alarm system on top of the closest door to your right.
  • Move the red wire away, and put the green wire in its place, otherwise the door will not open.
  • Take the key you won at target shooting and use it on the door to open it.
  • There’s little light here so grab that glove to the right, and look at the lamp on the wall.
  • It is missing a lightbulb, which you can find back at the Ferris Wheel.
  • Use the glove to unscrew the lightbulb in the booth.
  • Go back so you can use it on the lamp and be able to see inside.
Tricky Doors Amusement Park Episode 5 Locked Room
  • You can take a paperclip from the table, and the kettle.
  • Use the paperclip to open the lock on the desk drawers.
  • You get some tweezers from the drawer that you’ll need for the hallway.
  • Outside on the hallway, where the timezone clocks are, there’s a vent next to the couch.
  • Tweezers will help you get another chip (2/4)
  • In front of the couch, there’s a crack in the tiles. Use the grill fork to pull it out and you’ll get another chip (3/4)
  • Now back inside that room, there’s a radio on the shelf in the corner, that is missing a knob.
  • To find out the right radio wave you need to look at the calendar under the radio. Notice the picture? It’s London, which means the clock outside that indicates the time in London will help you find the right radio wave. For me, it was 5:55.
  • A little drawer will open and you can take a knife from inside.
  • This knife will help you outside in the hallway for the phone at the end of the hall.
  • It will break the little sigil that keeps the numbers locked.
  • Take the printed circuit board from inside.
  • There’s an electrical box open to see inside on the desk in that room.
  • Fix it with the circuit board.
  • Remember that number on the dirty newspaper? It’s 52:86.
  • So try and write it on this new gadget you fixed.
  • This weird-looking code will show up on the screen. Yours might be different.
Tricky Doors Amusement Park Episode 5 Code
  • See the big safe box next to the radio? Check it out, it is missing a green button, that you can put from the inventory.
  • Now that all colored buttons are here you need to know the color sequence code.
  • In the hallway there are four posters from previous events, each has a predominant color. Their order is: Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green.
  • Push the buttons to the safe box accordingly and it will open up nice and easy.
  • You get a token from inside the safe box, nothing else.
  • You can use this token at the slot machine outside, next to the game and food stand.
  • Push the button to play. You have to be fast and not crash the car into the obstacles, but move through the holes.
  • You need to be fast and focused to get through this challenge.
  • Once you win it will open a drawer with a Cryptex device you can take with you.
  • It’s best you go to that device you fixed, with the weird code on so you can decipher the symbols on the Cryptex. Because they might be different for every player.
  • After you put in the right symbols it opens immediately and reveals a key.
  • Use it on the cash register on the desk. You’ll need a code to open it.
  • Take the kettle to the food stand next to the trash bin.
  • Fill the kettle from the water container sitting there.
  • Bring it inside, put it back in its place so it boils and the mist reveals a number written on the mirror behind it: 374
  • Writing it in the cash register so the drawer opens. You can take the last chip (4/4)

Finishing up Level 5 of Tricky Doors – Amusement Park

You got all the pieces you need to escape. The 4 chips are very important to the last part of the plan.

Your journey in this episode of Tricky Doors – Amusement Park ends here. All you need to do is go into the hallway and click the electric panel next to the plant at the far end of the room.

Put the 4 chips inside the panel and open the little flap to solve your last puzzle. This is your way out, but don’t feel pressured, it’s not that hard. You just need to light all the buttons.

They only light up or shut off in a + sign. So if you press one and a few of them in their + range are light up already, they will shut off.

Now everything is set and you are free to go through the open doors. What you’ll find behind it we’ll have to see in the next episode.

So keep a close watch for my next walkthrough article for Tricky Doors Museum level 6. I’m sure we’ll have a lot of fun if you’re going to follow my lead.


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  1. I love tricky doors and I love how they’re all different. I just don’t have the money to buy coins and sometimes you can’t get a video to watch to get free coins for like a day or two. I would like maybe get that fixed. But I love the game and I love how you help here. I really appreciate it I always try to do it on my own for a while but if I really can’t get it then I know I can count on you thanks bunches Denise


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