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Over the years I played DnD online, I’ve managed to help lots of players to make a D&D Beyond character sheet in the easiest way possible.

DnDBeyond is the most beginner-friendly app for anyone that wants to play Dungeons and Dragons. Today I’ll teach the easiest way to make a character sheet in D&D Beyond App.

When I first started playing D&D, I needed lots of help too, but what really got me to understand the character creation process was to make lots and lots of characters.

I’m going to use the D&D Beyond mobile app, so have that installed on your phone if you want to follow me step-by-step.

You can also use the DnDBeyond website in a regular browser, on your phone, or even on your laptop. Make sure you already have a D&D Beyond account and you’re signed in, before starting on this easy guide.

Making a DnDBeyond Character Sheet Step-by-Step Tutorial

Before starting on our character creation on the D&D Beyond mobile app, you’ll need stats. This will decide how good your character is, and sometimes even help you decide your race, class, or other aspects.

I play a lot of D&D online on a few Discord servers. Most of these servers have their own rules about creating your character sheet.

But unless you want to use a homebrew race/class, or you want content that you need to buy, you’ll be able to follow my tutorial easily for any server you join.

However, some servers, or Dungeon Masters, want you to roll your stats in their server, as they need proof you didn’t cheat and scored 18 x6 on all stats.

Discord Avrae D&D Stat Rolls

So now that you have your stats, we’re going to use them later to create our character sheet in D&D Beyond. Mine were 9, 11, 14, 15, 16, 17, pretty nice if you ask me.

I will choose to make a Rogue Half-Elf character sheet in D&D Beyond on my mobile app, just to get you through the process of making a character sheet from scratch.

All the races and classes are different from each other, but the character creation process is similar enough that you can follow my steps in making your own character.

Step 1. Homepage

  • In your lower right corner, you have your Game Play button. Go there.
D&D Beyond App Character Creation
  • Tap on Create New Character at the bottom of this new page.
  • Chose Standard method next, so we can create our character sheet step-by-step
  • Here you can give your character a name, or you can wait for later. I’ll name her Jinnia Beimoira. I used a Fantasy name generator website.
  • Most DMs/Discord servers accept these to be set as I show you below.
D&D Beyond App Character Creation Home Page Settings
  • The D&D Beyond sheet can be connected through a bot in Discord, named Avrae. It can keep track of XP, money, and such, so all you need to do on D&D Beyond after this is level up, and add items.
  • You don’t have to modify anything else here, so we can move on to the next step.
  • Tap on the Next button in the lower right corner to move over to our Race page.

Step 2. Race

Your stats influence how you choose your race because they give some additional ability score increase that’s going to be very useful. Some races give more or less but using Tasha’s Origin Manager rule, you can swap those race mods where you need them.

  • I’m going to choose the Half-Elf race with my stats. The race gives me +2 in one stat, and +1 in two other different stats. Plus is fun to play. Half-human, half-elf, I can relate better when roleplaying one.
  • When choosing Origin Ability Score Increase, you need to have your class in mind as well.
  • I’ll consider Rogue class for now so we can choose our features better.
  • Click on Origin Manager and check the Origin Ability Score Increase box.
D&D Beyond App Character Creation Race Page
  • Go back to Racial Traits and tap on Origin Ability Score Increase
    • I chose Dexterity to be increased by +2
    • I put Charisma +1 to be cunning like a tief
    • And Wisdom +1 because you need to be witty and aware of your surroundings
D&D Beyond App Character Creation Race Page Origin Ability Score Increase
  • Another thing you can choose is 2 skills in Skill Versatility:
    • Perception – good for every character to notice footsteps, enemies, etc.
    • Deception – if you want to cun your way in by talking to guards for instance.
  • As far as picking up a language, truthfully there isn’t one that is used a lot. I would go with Sylvan (most druids use) or Draconic (dragon tongue)
D&D Beyond App Character Creation Race Page Skill Versatility and Language
  • Tap on Next in the lower right corner to move to our Class page

Note: You can switch pages around from the top bar.

Step 3. Class

  • As I said before I’ll choose Rogue for this character creation as an example. It’s fun to play and easy enough for a beginner.
  • Most DMs/Discord servers do not need you to start at level 1, so I’ll put it to level 2 so you can see what you can get.
D&D Beyond App Character Creation Class Page Changing Level
  • The best Rogue Proficiencies (skills that you need better rolls for) are:
    • Stealth – use this to hide, and you get an advantage on attack rolls if you do it well
    • Sleight of hand – used to steal or open locked doors
    • Investigation – if you want to be good at finding trap doors and hidden things
    • Persuasion – to convince someone to do something for you
D&D Beyond App Character Creation Class Page Rogue Proficiencies

Note: You need to choose yous accordingly to your class.

  • Your best Rogue Expertise choices will make you an expert in two skills:
    • Stealth – lots of use in and out of combat. Scout the area, hide from enemies, etc.
    • Thieves’ Tools – Lock picking is your true calling, so it’s best you be very good at it.
D&D Beyond App Character Creation Class Page Rogue Expertise
  • You can read Rogue features further to see what your character is good at.
  • And even more features if you tap the + sign next to Available at Higher Level.
  • From here we can tap on Next or press the Abilities page on the top bar, to keep making your character.

Step 4. Abilities

This part is pretty straightforward if you followed the steps and rolled for your stats already. But for now, we’re going to go with the stats I rolled (you’re not allowed to steal mine, DMs will not like that, you always need to have your own)

You can go for Standard array or Point buy. But those are usually not as good as your own rolls.

  • Tap on Choose a Generation Method and pick Manual/Rolled then fill in the Ability Scores that pop up. My stats were: 9, 11, 14, 15, 16, 17. Having in mind racial bonuses we can work with this:
    • Dexterity: 16 – +2 from Half-Elf (you need high dexterity as a rogue, which gives you higher AC and Rogue-related rolls) Total: 18
    • Wisdom: 17 – +1 from Half-Elf (it will up all your Wisdom-based skills like perception, investigation, etc.) Total: 18
    • Charisma: 15 – +1 from Half-Elf (good for your deception/persuasion rolls as a con artist) Total: 16
    • Constitution: 14 (helps your overall health and it’s good to have it high) Total: 14
    • Intelligence: 11 (there are items that can boost it up if you need, but it’s the best dump stat you can put your low rolls in)
    • Strength: 9 (also items can make it higher enough so you don’t seem so frail, but overall not really needed as a rogue)
D&D Beyond App Character Creation Abilities Page getting your Stats
  • Once you are done with this, you can skip to the Next step, the Description page.

Step 5. Description

This part can help you come up with a backstory. So I’ll be choosing something fitting of a sneaky rogue and often I get inspiration from their picture. If I managed to find one before now.

You can find your own character portrait through Pinterest. That’s how I usually find mine. Just go with the keywords Half-Elf rogue character art maybe you get lucky.

But here is how to continue making your D&D Beyond character sheet, and we’re at the Description page. Their background can bring you a good plot hook or give you good features for your rogue, so pay close attention.


  • I prefer to go with Criminal/Spy it makes sense for a rogue, right?
  • That opens up a few Skills Proficiencies you can pick:
    • Intimidation so the criminal role makes sense
    • Insight so you can read your enemies’ intentions
  • Read through what else this background gives you. There are things that can help your roleplay and give you some advantages in certain missions.
D&D Beyond App Character Creation Description Page Criminal Spy Skill Proficiencies Tool Proficiencies

Suggested Characteristics

I always choose from these, not randomly rolled either, rather than make my own, but I do like to test my character and see what kind of personality she has, after entering the game. But this can give you an idea of how to play her.

  • Personality Traits (pick at least 2, by clicking on + Add button):
    • “I always have a plan for what to do when things go wrong.”
    • “I’m incredibly slow to trust. Those who seem the fairest often have the most to hide.”
  • Ideals (pick at least 1, by clicking on + Add button):
    • “Freedom. Chains are meant to be broken, as are those who would forge them. (Chaotic)”
  • Bonds (pick at least 1, by clicking on + Add button)
    • “Someone I loved died because of a mistake I made. That will never happen again.”
  • Flaws (pick at least 1, by clicking on + Add button)
    • “If there’s a plan, I’ll forget it. If I don’t forget it, I’ll ignore it.”
D&D Beyond App Character Creation Description Page Personal Characteristics

These don’t influence how your character much, only if you choose to. But it helps you build up their personality more.

Character Details

  • Alignment is something that will come up in roleplay, I don’t like to play really evil characters, and as a Criminal/Spy, you can’t play too nice. I prefer to go the Chaotic Neutral way. Basically, you never know, what mood you’re going to be in, and you’re going to follow your gut.
  • Personally, I skip picking anything on Faith
  • As a Lifestyle, I go with Modest or Comfortable. Doesn’t change much, to be honest.

Physical Characteristics

They only matter if you don’t have a portrait, or you have another view of your character besides what you can see in her picture.

D&D Beyond App Character Creation Description Page Physical Characteristics


You can write here more about your character, backstory-wise, so I’ll leave that up to you, as well as any other trait you want to change from what I chose for my guide.

But now, we’re done with this page and we can move on to our Equipment, tap on Next.

Step 6. Equipment

Usually, most DMs or Discord servers go with the Equipment that comes from your class and from your background. Each one is different from other classes/backgrounds.

Other times, unless told specifically which equipment to take, you can roll for gold and get the rolled amount in gold coins and are able to buy your equipment after entering a server or a game.

I’ll go with class and background Equipment choices. All you have to do is click on this, and you’ll open up a list from which you can pick what you like.

Rogue Starting Equipment

  • a rapier or a shortsword
  • a shortbow and quiver of 20 arrows or a shortsword
  • a burglar’s pack or a dungeoneer’s pack or an explorer’s pack
  • leather armor, two daggers, and thieves’ tools (in which you are proficient)
D&D Beyond App Character Creation Equipment Page Rogue Starting Equipment

Criminal/Spy Starting Equipment

  • crowbar
  • a set of dark common clothes including a hood
  • a pouch containing 15 gp
D&D Beyond App Character Creation Equipment Page Criminal Spy Starting Equipment

Click on the red button that says Add Starting Equipment, tap on all buttons in your inventory, the Use or Wield buttons, and click on your final Next button. Now the blue button View Character Sheet and done.

Now you’re ready to send your character to your Dungeon Master or into the Discord server you joined.

There’s also a video of all the steps I went through above, so you can have a better understanding of how to make a D&D Beyond character sheet.

They usually need your character sheet link, not your pdf, and I’ll show you how to get that too.

How to Share My D&D Beyond Character Sheet Link or PDF

This is a pretty simple task and once I tell you you’ll not have any problems remembering it next time you need it.

  • Tap on your character’s profile picture or the Manage button.
  • Scroll if you need till you find Shareable Link and Export to PDF
  • Click the one you need and then Click to copy or Click to Download (for PDFs)

Now paste the link to your online sheet or PDF sheet to whoever needs to see it. You’re ready to play Dungeons and Dragons, as long as you have this sheet. Make sure you don’t delete it from D&D Beyond if you want to keep playing this character.

Wrapping up

Making a D&D Beyond character sheet is the easiest way a beginner can start playing Dungeon and Dragons as soon as they decide to.

If you follow my step-by-step tutorial, either the writing one or the video one, you can start making your own sheets with a race and a class of your choosing.

If you ever want to go with more interesting races and classes, there are books you can purchase from D&D Beyond that will let you have access to any fun race you want to play.

If you have any questions about how to use the D&D Beyond Mobile app, don’t hesitate to leave a message in the comment section below and I’ll be happy to answer you as soon as you need.


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