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Breakout 13 is an interactive narrative and adventure game, with all kinds of puzzles you’ll need to solve to help these teens breakout of a correctional facility.

I’m here to give you a walkthrough of all the answers you need to escape in Breakout 13. Follow my instruction below if you want to get out.

All Answers and Walkthrough for Breakout 13

After the main character is brought to the facility by his mom he’ll want to escape as soon as he is left alone. The first puzzle starts right after his mom leaves him in the hands of the men in charge.

Breakout 13 Prologue – In the Name of Rehab: Changing Room Puzzle

Breakout 13 Walkthrough prologue

Objective: Escape to find Mom

  • You need to find something to get all the screws from the window bars of the changing room.
  • You can see the door is still locked.
  • Check the room around and click on any magnifying glass icon to take a closer look.
  • On top of the locker, by the door, you’ll find a screwdriver.
  • Check the table and toolbox, you can take the wrench from inside.
  • The table has more clues for you that you’ll need later.
  • The other locker to your left has a piece of paper with a clue about students owning money to officer Liu.
  • The garbage bin has the third and final clue for this room.
  • Click on the window by the door and drag the wrench to use it to open the screws.
  • Then the screwdriver to open the window and get out to follow your mom.

After managing to get out of the room you’ll face more problems. Follow me to get all the answers to more puzzles you’ll encounter to escape.

Breakout 13 Walkthrough In the name of Rehab

Breakout 13 Chapter 1 – Life of Gratitude: Detention Room No. 4

Objective: Find clues about when the food truck leaves

  • Tap around the wall until the noise is louder: You’ve found a suspicious brick.
  • Drag the brick down, you’ll find your friend in the other room.
  • Check the room to help Nannan look through the window.
  • There are multiple magnifying glasses, click on all.
  • You’ll get a clue from the writing on the wall.
  • Another clue is under the bamboo mattress.
  • You’ll find a wooden handle in the food tray.
  • More words on the other wall will give you more clues. And also the scratches on the wall as well.
  • Check out the toilet, you’ll obtain an iron chain.
  • Now use the items you found to makeshift a tool you can use.
  • The wooden handle + iron chain = wooden hook
Breakout 13 Walkthrough Life of Gratitude

Breakout 13 Chapter 2 – A Way Out: Convince Officer Liu Answers

To get out of detention room no.4 you need to pick the options in this order:

  1. “Bribe Officer Liu”
  2. “Prove by Written Pledge”
  3. “Officer Liu borrowed my money.”

Once you get into the food truck, your escape out of the facility was successful and you can pass to the next chapter. Because it doesn’t end here.

Breakout 13 Walkthrough A way out

Breakout 13 Chapter 3 – Back to Reality: General Store – Computer Password

Objective: Find a way to contact the outside world as soon as possible.

  • Look around the room and click the magnifying glass icon on the desk to the left.
  • Open the desk’s drawer and take the card inside as a clue.
  • Check the photos on the wall for more clues about the shop owner and their connection with Principal Yang and Officer Liu.
  • If you look more around the room you’ll find a martial arts belt.
  • Check out the notes by clicking the icon. Then put the Postcard and the Group Photo together, it will give you the date: July 3rd, 2010
  • Click on the computer and enter the password: 100703

That’ll be enough to get the message out, but not enough to escape for good.

Breakout 13 Walkthrough Back to reality

Breakout 13 Chapter 4 – Fresh Start: Searching for Secrets

Search Nannan’s Dorm Room

Objective: Search for prohibited items in Nannan’s dorm room.

  • There’s a sketchbook on the bed under her folded blanket: take the birthday sketch, her brother’s sketch, the one of Qi Miao, and the one of her playing the cello.
  • A phone in one of her shoes under the bed.
  • On the desk, in front of their bed, you’ll get a clue about the flowers in the vase.
  • The postcard to her dad is another clue you’ll find here.
  • Check her closet: you’ll find a medicine bottle in her jacket’s sleeve.
  • In the drawer next to the bed you’ll find a sketch of your character.
  • Now check your notes and put together: Her brother’s sketch, the birthday sketch and the postcard. It’ll reveal Nannan’s life experience clue.

You need to bring down the level of Officer Liu’s doubt in order to complete the mission.

When interrogating Nannan about the bottle of pills you need to pick “Keep questioning.”

Search Hou Yi’s Dorm Room

Objective: Search for prohibited items in Hou Yi’s dorm room.

  • In the first drawer next to the bed, you’ll find a book, that’s a prohibited item,and you can take it.
  • Check the bed, there’s a bottle of liquor under the pillow.
  • Now you can search Hou Yi’s body. Start with his pocket, then his sleeve.
  • You can check his foot, you’ll find a note of payments to Officer Liu.
  • Choose to “Give the Payments note back”, he’ll give you a secret of Officer Liu.

Only choose to give the report of the novel about Hou Yi when Principle Yang interrogates you.

Search outside

Objective: Search the hill and find out Xu Shanwa’s secret.

  • Collect all the clues outside where the dog was.
  • Search the desk where you’ll find a note of a poem inside the drawer.
  • Click the notes to put clues together: Blody chest badge + Buried sausage skin + Dog hair = Puppy’s clue about Xu Shanwa
Breakout 13 Walkthrough A fresh start

Breakout 13 Chapter 5 – I Want to Go Home: The End

  • When questioning the Members make sure you pick “Continue to threaten the members”, one of them will break and tell on Qi Miao.
  • Go with that evidence at Principal Yang, he’ll be satisfied by your investigation.
  • After finding the Diary, pick “Hand over” to Xu Shanwa.
  • By picking “Confess the truth about that night”, it will help you finish the game as Principal Yang’s good student
Breakout 13 Walkthrough Principal Yang's Good Student

But… That is not the Good ending. For that, you need to dig deeper when interrogating the members and find the 3rd evidence (the one in the middle) and report that to Principle Yang.

Wrapping up

Playing Breakout 13 will feel like you’re part of the movie. There are a lot of strings and paths you can take for you to escape.

But even though my path will lead you to be sent home, you can’t really be satisfied with that ending. I won’t give out spoilers, don’t worry.

To find out all the clues you can check the story map if you want to see where other paths can lead you, and try unlocking those. I assure you other endings will be more satisfactory than this one.


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