Tricky Doors Walkthrough Episode 4 – Floating Islands

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Next on my agenda is giving you the full walkthrough for level 4 in Tricky Doors – Floating Islands. I had a lot of fun playing it so I hope you’ll enjoy it as well with a little bit of help from me.

Follow my lead on the next adventure of Tricky Doors where we’ll unravel the mysteries of these floating islands together. I’ll lay down for you every clue step-by-step, so pay attention and have fun.

I’m sure you already solved level 3, but just in case you missed any clues, here’s my article on Tricky Doors Locked Apartment’s full walkthrough.

Tricky Doors Floating Island Episode 4 Intro

Here’s the full walkthrough for episode 4 Tricky Doors Floating Islands, make sure you don’t miss any of the clues I show you, or you might get stuck.

Tricky Doors – Level 4: Floating Islands Full Walkthrough

The starting point looks quite depressing, but there are lots of things around here that you can take to help you on your journey. So don’t stress and follow me.

Tricky Doors Floating Island Episode 4 First Island
  • In the fire pit in front of you, there’s a rusty knife and a hook.
  • Get that Brushwood (1/6) in the tree to your left.
  • You can also find a handle on the swing tied to the tree branch.
  • Another Brushwood (2/6) is on the anvil to the right.
  • On your right, there’s a grindstone that you can use if you put the handle on.
  • Now sharpen your rusty knife on it, so it becomes useful.
  • Here at the grindstone, there’s also a wire and a shackle that you can pick up, and a note you can learn from.
Tricky Doors Floating Island Episode 4 First Letter
  • Use the knife on the swing so you get the rope you’re going to need for the hook, so put them together.
  • Use the hook and rope on the fallen bridge to pull it up.
  • You’re now able to move to the next island, but you’ll return here soon.

The baker island

Tricky Doors Floating Island Episode 4 Baker Island
  • The first thing I saw was the Brushwood (3/6)
  • The tomb in front has matches on the side.
  • Move to the stove and pick up the oil, halves of the mill (1/2), the bucket, to which you can add the shackle, and an oven fork.
  • The chest next to the stove has some Brushwood (4/6), use the wire on the lock to open it.
  • This will reveal a puzzle lock. You need to move the leaves up and down so between all leaves there are only 10 cube symbols and 10 flower symbols. Here’s how:
Tricky Doors Floating Island Episode 4 Chest Puzzle on Baker Island
  • Pick the box out of the chest, dynamite, and read the note one of the island’s inhabitants wrote. It’ll offer you a nice plot for the story.
Tricky Doors Floating Island Episode 4 Second Letter
  • Look above the stove and use the knife to cut a piece of fabric (1/2)
  • With these, you need to go back to the first island.

Growing another bean vine

  • Put the dynamite under the rock in the center of the rock circle, and light it up with your matches.
  • The last piece of the mill (2/2) will float in the water that will fill the hole just made.
  • Fill the bucket with water.
  • Use the 2 mill puzzle piece on the box you found in the chest.
  • The box will open up to reveal a puzzle where you need to put each piece in the right color circle.
  • Check out my video to see how I did it. If you mess up, you can’t go back, and you have to reset all progress.
  • All you can take from the box, once open, it’s a couple of beans.
  • But with those and the bucket of water, you need to go back to the other island and plant them where the last bean vine was.
  • Put the beans in the spot, and water it. Taa-Daa!
  • Before you go to the other side, use your knife to cut off the tiny leaf that grew at the base of the bean vine.

The mill island

Tricky Doors Floating Island Episode 4 Mill Island
  • Looks rather spooky, but right in front of you on the alley there’s another Brushwood (5/6)
  • On the wing of the airship, there’s a nest with eggs. Use the oven fork to get it and you can pick up a crystal (1/3) and two eggs.
  • The last Brushwood (6/6) is on the barrel next to the skeleton.
  • Tap the skeleton and read his note, you’ll understand more of what you need to do to get out of here.
Tricky Doors Floating Island Episode 4 Third Letter
  • To open the metal box next to him, pour some oil over the screws, and a puzzle will pop up.
  • Unite each dot to its matching color through strings that can’t overlap, except in those particular places, like so:

Finding all ingredients

  • Once open, take the key and the bread recipe from inside.
  • At the end of the alley, there are a few sacks of wheat, use the knife on the one that has a stitch and you’ll find another crystal (2/3).
  • Also pick up the sprouted grain that fell when you opened that.
  • On the back of the bench, there’s an empty bag you can take.
  • Check out the flowers on the left side of the alley, and use the knife to pick up a few you’ll need for the bread recipe.
  • Go back to Baker Island, where the oven is, use the key on the cupboard on the left, and pick up the last crystal (3/3) and the hammer.
  • Return to Mill Island you can take the fabric from the wing laying on the grass by using the hammer to pull out the nails.
  • Then use the knife to cut off the last piece of fabric (2/2) you need.
  • Take the fabric to the mill and put it on, use the nails and hammer to fix the fabric so you get the mill working.
  • To get grain for the mill go back to the first island.
  • The ground next to the water pool can be used to put the sprouted grain in.
  • To water it, you need to hit the brick that keeps the water from going toward the plowed area.
  • The grain grows up really fast, so put the empty bag next to the ready grain and use the knife to collect it, and take the full bag with you to Mill Island.
  • Take the bag to the mill and you’ll soon receive a bag full of flour.

Making the bread

  • Now that you have all ingredients is time for you to make the bread back on Baker Island.
  • Tap the bread recipe and add all the ingredients listed there from your inventory, one by one.
Tricky Doors Floating Island Episode 4 Bread REcipe
  • Go to the stove, put all the Brushwood there and light it up with your matches.
  • Add the ingredients to the pot on the stove, in the exact order they were written in the recipe.
  • Order: water, bean vine leaf, forget-me-not – blue flowers, eggs, flour.
  • It will cook into a nice-looking bread.

Finishing up Level 4 of Tricky Doors – Floating Island

This is it. The end is almost here. You must’ve noticed a few birds carved here and there on every island. They are not all alike. Start counting or follow me as I tell you how many of each I found, and where you’ll need to use them.

The tomb on Baker Island has 3 spots for those 3 crystals. Put them there and rotate the pins to match your numbers.

Just so you know, the numbers might not match mine, not every episode looks the same for everyone. Mine were: 3 of the first symbol, 3 of the second, and 5 of the third symbol. Then I pressed the button under them and it opened.

Here is where you put the bread you made. And wait. But not for long as a Fire Bird will soon show up to eat from your bread. Now you can go to it and fly away from here.

And with this, it concludes our Floating Islands episode 4 adventure. Come back for more in the next episode. I’ll make sure to give you all the answers in Tricky Doors Amusement Park episode 5 walkthrough.


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