Tricky Doors Walkthrough Level 1 – Magic World

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Welcome to the Tricky Doors walkthrough for level 1 – Magic World! In this article, I will help you navigate through a fantastical land filled with enchanted doors and mystical challenges.

Join me as we explore this magical world and uncover the secrets hidden behind each door. Keep close as I offer you a complete walkthrough of Magic World episode 1.

Follow my lead and start collecting items that will help you advance and unlock the door in this magical world.

Tricky Doors – Level 1: Magic World Full Walkthrough

Tricky Doors Episode 1 - Magic World

You can do these clues in no particular order at first and collect a few things around the room, basically whatever you can put your hands on. Here’s a first look at the room.

Tricky Doors Episode 1 - Magic World - First room

I’ll start with what caught my eye and lead you on the steps I took to solve the first tricky door episode.


  • Take the ritual knife
  • The potion recipe from above it, as well.
  • And inside the fireplace, there’s a Figured key hanging.
  • This is a good place to cook.

The right side of the room

  • You can pick up the broom.
  • The key is in front of the chest.
  • The chest will become available to open a bit later.
  • The mask above the chest has a red ruby for an eye. Take it.
  • The far right corner is full of spider webs. Get the broom on it.
  • Now you can take the key that was behind the spider web.

The left side of the room

  • Take the white candle from the table right next to you.
  • On the table next to the cupboard on the left, you’ll find the monogram key after you remove the paper on top of it.
Tricky Doors Episode 1 - Magic World - End Goal
  • There’s also a little string doll you can take.
  • Now use the ritual knife to cut off the string that goes from the fireplace to the window.

Door in the floor

  • There’s a stick on the floor you can pick up, next to the door.
  • Now that you have all keys you can put them each in their place to open the door and go under the floor on the ladder.

Down the ladder – outside

  • Use the ritual knife to cut off birch bark from the tree to the left.
  • Next to the chopping tree trunk, on the ground, there are feathers you can pick up.
  • Look at the chopping wood in front of you and take the axe blade stuck there.
  • Fix the axe by reuniting the blade with the stick you found inside.
  • To make it fit, use the ritual knife on the wood and axe.
  • You can put one of the wooden logs on the chopping block for when you fix the axe, and use it to get firewood.
  • There’s a bush with red berries you can pick up right ahead.
  • Tap on each owl on the tree branch to the right.
  • Memorize the color sequence of their eyes, or look at this before going to the next area.
Tricky Doors Episode 1 - Magic World - Owl Eyes

Red fire area

  • Use your ritual knife on the mushrooms that grew on the wooden statue to the right.
  • Pressing the wooden totem will show you he’s missing an eye. You can put the red ruby there.
  • Now press each eye so you recreate the sequence of the owls’ eyes.

* Red – Red
* Green – Green
* Red – Green
* Green – Red

  • If you get it right it will give you a crystal.
  • In the grass, there’s an empty cauldron.
  • In front of the big rock, you’ll find a handle.
  • You can pick up the lily on the water by using your ritual knife.
  • Use the axe to chop the half-cut tree to your left, so when the tree falls you can go to the other side of the water.

The other side of the water

  • Press the red fire, and then again in the center.
  • Get your candle closer to the fire so you’ll get a burning candle.
  • Do the same with the doll, it’ll make it smoky.
  • Now go back and use the smoky doll on the snakes next to the totem.
  • They will flee and reveal a gem that you can take before going back.

Back to the blind pigeon in a cage

  • Tap the well under the owls and put the handle where it was missing from.
  • Add the cauldron to the chain.
  • Press the handle to get a cauldron of water and a key.

Back Inside the House

  • Press the chest to the right and place the red gem you found under the snakes to make the mechanism active.
  • Move the pieces around so the red gem reaches the right red exit, and the green gem reaches the left green exit.
  • The horizontal pieces move only horizontally, and the vertical ones, move only vertically.
  • Now that the chest is open you can take a stick and net from inside.
  • With these go outside to the water to get your apple.

Outside yet again

  • Throw the net towards the strange object floating in the water.
  • It will bring a chest to the shore.
  • Cut the seaweed with your ritual knife and take it.
  • Use the key you found in the well to open up your chest.
  • Take the bottle.
  • Go to the apple tree and put the rope you found inside on the stick to make a bow.
  • Add the feathers to the arrow and the arrow to the bow you made.
  • Shoot the apple with your bow and you’ll get your apple.

Making the shrinking potion

  • Put your cauldron with water in the fireplace.
  • The firewood goes right under it.
  • Light the fire with your lit candle.
  • Now get out your potion recipe.
Tricky Doors Episode 1 - Magic World - Shrinking Recipe

Potion recipe:

  • Click on each to add them to the recipe.
  • Berries you took from the bush outside.
  • Lily from the water.
  • Tree bark from outside.
  • Seaweed from the chest.
  • Mushrooms from the totem.
  • Add all the gathered ingredients to the cauldron.
  • Dip the apple in the boiling potion to make it magical.

Entering the magical world

Tricky Doors Episode 1 - Magic World - Bottle with Tiny World
  • Go to the table under the window.
  • Put the bottle on the tiny support with the tiny ladder.
  • Check out the window, it’s missing a piece right in the middle.
  • Put your crystal there and a new magical world will show up in the bottle you set on the table.
  • Tap your magical apple and the bottle and you’ll be transported inside.

Inside the bottle

Tricky Doors Episode 1 - Magic World - Inside the Bottle
  • You need to tap the spiderweb behind and try and get it with the axe.
  • Don’t stress that the axe blade got stuck. You just need the stick that is left.
  • Now check out the beetle in front of the Praying Mantis and press on the claw so it falls.
  • Take the stick from the axe and put it next to the claw.
  • You’ll need your ritual knife next to cut the rope from the bow, you will need it to tie the claw to the stick.
  • This new tool will help you cut through the spider web, where you’ll release a nymph.
  • Now click on the rock behind where the web was, and it will give you a logic puzzle.
  • Put the bugs in the order it shows you on the top. They will light up if the sequence is correct.
  • As soon as it is completed a new opening will show you a piece of paper about “The flower of insight” that will tell you what you have to do to get it.
Tricky Doors Episode 1 - Magic World - Hot to get The flower of insight
  • And a golden spatula that you can take.
  • Go to the eyes flowers and use the spatula there, it will give you one bulb of The flower of insight.
  • Feed the Mantis the nymph you found, it will move away and give you a stamp.
  • Taping the leaves in front will reveal a drawing on the rock that was behind them.
  • Remember the drawing for later, you will need it at the fire.
  • Now get out of the bottle and on the table.

Outside of the bottle

  • Use the stamp on the book there and collect all items it gives you: Ink recipe, amulet, and a key.
  • Go down the stairs and to the fire on the other side of the water.
  • Press on the fire to give you a view from above.
  • Press the 4 stones on the side in the order drawn on the rock inside the bottle.
Tricky Doors Episode 1 - Magic World - Sequence code for the fire pit
  • The fire will be extinguished and you can go to that ritual bowl to plant your bulb.
  • First, use the golden spatula to make a hole, then put the bulb inside and The flower of insight will rise from the ashes.
  • Now with The flower of insight go to the pigeon’s cage, and open it with the amulet you found inside the book.
  • Give it The flower of insight and he will fly away, leaving one of his feathers behind.
  • Go back inside the house and to the locked cabinet on the left side of the room.
  • Use the key in your inventory to open it up.
  • Take the jars you find inside.
  • Under the closed drawer there are some scales. Press on that section to zoom in.
  • Put the Ink recipe you have in your inventory on the nail to the left.
  • You will see the ingredients you need to make the potion.
Tricky Doors Episode 1 - Magic World - Magic Ink Recipe

Making the Magical Ink

  • All the jars will be filled if you go back inside the bottle.
  • Tap the orchid and put one jar on it, it will gather a few drops.
  • Go to the area where the web was and use the ritual knife on an orchid stem, it will start dripping juice, so gather that in another jar.
  • The flower pollen can be gathered from the bell-like flowers if you put your last jar there.
  • Go back to the house where the scales and recipe are and start by putting the 8 weights on one of the scales.
  • On the other put a bowl that has 5 and a weight that has 3, and inside the bowl pour the red liquid on the right, next to the green liquid jar.
Tricky Doors Episode 1 - Magic World - Making the Magic Ink
  • Now remove the 8 weight, put the red bowl that has a 5 on, on the other side of the scale, and add to the 3 weight and a bowl that has a 2 on.
  • Inside this bowl pour the darker green liquid, far left on the shelf.
  • Remove the 3 weight, and put together the red 5 bowl and 2 dark green bowl on the same scale.
  • Put a 7 weight on the empty scale. Fill it with the pink liquid on the left shelf.
  • Remove all bowls but the dark green bowl.
  • Put the 8 weight on the scale and add the empty 6 bowl next to the dark green 2 bowl.
  • Pour the blue liquid from the left shelf inside the 6 bowl.
  • Remove the 8 weight, and put the blue 6 bowl on the now empty scale. So now you have a 6 bowl on one and a 2 bowl on the other.
  • Add the last empty 4 bowl next to the two and pour the lighter green liquid from the right shelf.
  • Now that all the bowls are filled the Magic Ink is ready. Just take the bottle with you.
Tricky Doors Episode 1 - Magic World - Magic Ink done

Finishing Up the First Level of Tricky Doors – Magic World

All you have left in your inventory is the feather from the blind pigeon and the magic ink that you just finished making.

Go over to the table and put the ink on the table and the feather in it. Then start your journey in this magic world, by writing with the feather on the open book on the table.

Tricky Doors Episode 1 - Magic World - The End

Congratulations are in order as you made it to the end, or maybe it is just the beginning of this amazing adventure.

I’m sure if you followed all the steps I provided, you will get here and can go on to the next journey, level 2 of Tricky Doors – Secluded Island.


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