Tricky Doors Walkthrough Level 2 – Secluded Island

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In today’s Tricky Doors walkthrough of Secluded Island level 2, we’ll discover new and exciting mysteries, and also learn how to solve them, with step-by-step instructions.

This island will undoubtedly surprise you at every turn. Join me as I discover the island’s hidden puzzles and secrets in the walkthrough for episode 2 of Tricky Doors – Secluded Island.

If you had trouble finding all the clues to finish the Tricky Doors level 1 – Magic World, make sure to read my previous walkthrough article for it.

I’m not going to keep you waiting any longer and give you all the information you need to pass this episode as well if you follow the walkthrough below.

Tricky Doors – Level 2: Secluded Island Full Walkthrough

Tricky Doors Secluded Island Episode 2 First Scene

This is your starting point. You can gather a few items yourself, anything that looks odd around you, or you can follow my lead.

  • Tap the very obvious red fishing box in front of you and take the green rod.
  • You won’t be able to open the red box yet, you’ll need to wander around for the code.
  • The bot has another obvious orange fishing box that will give you a saw and a hammer.
  • Start collecting Brushwood, this is your 1 out of 8, that you’ll need later.
  • Tap on the motor, even if broken you can inspect it for now, but it will come into play later.
  • Use the saw on the boat and you’ll get yourself some wooden boards to repair the bridge.
  • Use the wooden boards on the bridge so you can reach the other side.

The other side

Tricky Doors Secluded Island Episode 2 Other Side
  • There’s another brushwood (2nd of 8) to the left that you can take, it’s sitting on top of the net.
  • Take the rubber ducky in front of you. Pretty hard to miss, but it has something inside that you’ll find later.
  • The jacket hanging on the house wall has a lighter in the arm pocket.
  • The boat tied at the shore has a torn sail you can take and also your 3rd out of 8 Brushwood.
  • There’s a pile of rocks that has the 4th Brushwood that you need.
  • Press the stairs in front of the house and use the hammer on the board.
  • You’ll get the 5th out of 8 Brushwood and chips, 1st out of 4.
  • The chest next to the front exit has a puzzle inside. This is how it should look once you untangle it:
Tricky Doors Secluded Island Episode 2 Outside Chest Puzzle
  • The chest will open to reveal a ladder that you will use on the tree next to the house to reach the birdhouse.
  • 6th Brushwood is there, and a key.
  • The key goes directly to the front door.
  • Entering you can’t see much, but pick up the empty canister and move back outside to the boat at the very beginning.
  • Open up the lid, put the canister next to it and fill it up with gasoline. You’ll need it to light the house so you can see better.

Inside the house

  • The lamp is empty, so put some gasoline in it.
  • Use the lighter to light it up.
  • Now grab what you can. I started with the forceps on the fireplace.
  • Fishing line on the barrel right in the center of the room.
  • Put the fishing line on the rod you found.
  • The 7th Brushwood is next to the fireplace.
  • On the table, to the left, you’ll find your last Brushwood and a jar with resin.
  • Look at the sailboat painting and the colors of the sails and go over to the red fishing box you couldn’t open in the beginning.
Tricky Doors Secluded Island Episode 2 Inside the house

Outside again with new tools

  • Press the lock and the buttons until you get the right code: Yellow, Green, Red.
  • Inside there’s a knife and a hook.
  • Put the hook to the rod with the fishing line.
  • Cut the ducky in half with the knife you found, and that’ll uncover your 2nd chip.
  • Throw your fishing pole at the canteen floating on the water to the right.
  • Inside you’ll find a key to the lock of the cupboard inside the house.

Back inside

  • Open the cupboard on the right with the key.
  • You’ll get a tripod and a box with a puzzle inside.
  • The mattress has something sewn in it, take it out with the knife. It’s your 3rd chip.
  • To make the 4th chip do this.
    • Go outside to the pile of rocks, put the tripod there, the jar of resin, Brushwood, and set it on fire. You can pick the chip up with the forceps.
  • The chest next to the bed has 4 holes, put the chips in them and open it.
  • Inside there’s a very cool puzzle. You need to move from one button to another without passing on a line twice. Something like this:
  • The chest will open up and turn into a sewing machine.
  • Put the thorn sail here and you’ll have it fixed in no time.

Finishing up Level 2 of Tricky Doors – Secluded Island

Tricky Doors Secluded Island Episode 2 Star Formation on boat Sail

The new and improved sail goes to the boat tied right outside the house. It will show you a star formation called Ursa Minor, or Little Dipper. You will use the drawing on the box left in your inventory.

Draw lines between stars to make the Little Dipper.

Tricky Doors Secluded Island Episode 2 Star Formation inside box

It will open up and reveal a new key. You’ll use it on the lock of the boat you just put the fixed sail on.

Press the water and set sail. You are now out of the Secluded Island and on to another adventure soon. The next stop will take us to a locked apartment.

Stay tuned for a complete walkthrough of Tricky Doors level 3 – Locked Apartment.


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