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With AI getting better and better each day, Kik Bots evolve too, offering you plenty of opportunities within the app. Today, we’re talking about the best KiK bots you should always have on your app.

With hundreds of bots available in the Kik bot store – and surely with more coming soon – it might seem like a daunting task to choose the best. But I’m here to help with that.

So… let’s not waste a single second, and instead let’s check out the best Kik Bots for Kik Messenger.

The top Kik bots that you should have

All the Kik chat bots are fun to use, and you should try as many as possible to find useful ones based on your particular needs. But the ones below are considered the best and I think everybody will find them useful:

The Weather Channel

Everyone wants to know the weather, which makes this chat bot a very useful one.

A user can engage in a direct conversation with the chat bot and program it to update you on the weather conditions every morning automatically – or whenever you want to know details about the weather (or, better – changing weather).

Yahoo! News

Yahoo! is one of the largest publishers to have collaborated with Kik to launch chat bots. It has three Yahoo! related bots so far on the app.

These include Yahoo! News that shares news stories, write-ups, and articles that will interest the younger generation, Yahoo! Weather that helps keep the users updated on the weather, and MonkeyPets.

The last one is a highly interactive virtual pet that shares emoji and its travel selfies, keeping the user entertained when they are bored.

Along with indulging in fun, it is important to keep an eye on all that is happening in our surroundings and on the news. The Yahoo! News is the perfect bot for this purpose as it acts as a news digest for all the teenagers using Kik.


Sephora had a great idea to launch this bot that asks you a few questions, builds up your profile and can make recommendations in the beauty department based on your preferences.

In addition to this, you can also ask the chat bot about any particular thing you are interested in such as nose contouring or French manicure – or basically anything related to the beauty world.

To assist you better in this regard, the Sephora bot will come up with relevant content, tips, products, and guidelines related to the topic.

Mafia Gangs

On a comparative scale, gaming chat bots are fewer in number than chat bots of other categories.

The Mafia Gangs falls in the entertainment chat bot category that makes your time fun and exciting.

Mafia Gangs is an interactive gaming bot on the Kik messaging app. It allows its users to hire new gangsters, play with a variety of weapons, complete several missions, and fight with other gangs.

Each user is allowed to use two weapons at a time that they can use either to defend their team members or to attack the other group of gangsters.

A player can also collect money by investing cash in business that makes a profit within each hour.

If you like playing games on the platform, I recommend looking at my list of the 10 best games on Kik Messenger.

What exactly are chat bots in Kik?

The Kik Chat Bots are specialized computer programs that create and indulge in conversations with the users.

They do so with AI, which became extremely popular last late year with the release of ChatGPT.

You can simply have a chat with these AI bots on Kik, as you would have with a regular user, and gain insightful information, help with a specific problem or task or more.


There are plenty of Kik bots available to install – but try to stick to the official ones. And don’t go into the gray / black area unless you are 100% prepared for that.

With all these in mind, let us all know what are your favorite Kik Messenger bots to install on your app – but please keep it family friendly! Or you can continue browsing App Amped and read the previous article, Kik Messenger vs Snapchat.


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