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As artificial intelligence grows smarter with every passing day, there is a variety of intelligent and witty interactive software, which aim to make things such as shopping easier for us. A chat bot is a bot within the Kik app that seeks to make life easier on the whole.

The bot chat is specialized to interact with the user, solve his or her problems, and reply with a personalized answer. The Kik platform already has 2000 chat bots with about 150 listed in the Kik bot store.

Moreover, these chat bots are super productive and useful. An average teen in the US engages in about six chat sessions per day and users who interact with Kik bots spend around 32% more time using Kik for chats than a user who does not use a bot.

What exactly are chat bots?

Chat bots are the specialized computer programs that create and indulge in conversations with the users. They do so with the aid of artificial intelligence. The smart program asks a few random questions to its users and extracts its personality from the answers to these questions.

In this way, the chat bot learns of the preferences and choices of the user and uses this information to further a conversation.

For instance, a weather chat bot is the simplest to comprehend. The user just tells their location, and the bot immediately updates the person with a weather forecast for the area and the day.

What makes Kik chat bots successful?

Chat bots are the new replacement for apps. Instead of switching from one app to another such as going from a chat app to the Uber app to hire a taxi, a user can simply stay within the chat app and strike up a conversation with a bot, instructing it on what to do.

A successful chat bot is easy, simple, and fun to use. The Kik chat bots are successful because the app has a special feature called Mentions, which allows users to add a bot to an existing conversation with other users of Kik.

Kik users can make use of Mentions by addressing the bot with the @ symbol. This makes things incredibly fast and simple, without having to switch between any conversations.

Useful features of Kik chat bots

There are a variety of chat bots in the Kik app

Kik offers a variety of chat bots for its users. These chat bots fall into a variety of categories such as health and beauty, fashion, celebrity, and lifestyle. Some examples include the H&M bot, Vine bot, Sephora, and others.

The chat bots stick to Kik’s standards

All the chat bots are designed and set according to the teen-centric standards of the Kik chatting app. This means no inappropriate material is allowed on the platform. For instance, the Vine bot only suggests those videos to its users that comply with the rules of the app, which make it teenager-friendly.

Each chat bot has its own unique personality

Every bot chat has its own personality, so users remain engaged with it. For example, the weather bot chat is pre-programmed with a passive-aggressive personality.

The chat bots in the Kik Bot Shop also follow other guidelines

There is a specific team of 15 developers for the chat bots that makes sure all chat bots ensure the privacy of the users. All the user data along with the information added is kept private. Also, the Kik chat bot team ensures that the chat bots are fast and reply within 5 seconds.

The top five Kik bots that you should have

All the Kik chat bots are fun to use, but there are thousands of them. Hence, we have compiled a list and description of the top must-have Kik chat bots that you have should try.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Chat Bot

kik kardashian

Download Kik Chat Bot for Kik

Whether you are a Kardashian fan or not, you must have definitely heard of her. By having a chat bot of her own, she has struck another note to gain more popularity. With this Kik bot, Kim Kardashian gives an insight into the celebrity world and the Hollywood drama.

The bot is an interactive version of Kim herself that uses her style of talking and frequently uses words that the Kardashian does. This Kik bot has a global ranking of 230 with 593 votes on Kik and a Kik rating of 3.90.

The chat bot opens up to red carpet adventures that promise fame as reward. The bot allows you to:

Create a personalized star

You can create a customized star with a unique look and select its style from an array of custom options including Kim’s personal selections.

Have other celebrity interactions

The bot lets you socialize with other celebrities in the Hollywood world, meet fans, and connect with the media.

Fetch the spotlight

You are an eminent name in the celebrity world and have worked with famous magazines and fashion designers, which offers a lot to do in the game.

Have fun in Los Angeles

The bot welcomes you to a virtual world of boutiques, huge stores, clubs, and amazing hotels. You can also travel to Miami and New York within the game.

Date celebrities

The Kim Kardashian Hollywood Chat Bot allows you to chat, flirt, have fun and even dump celebrities at the most happening parties and events.

Add your friends

You can play with your friends too by using the game center where you can help your friends gain popularity, share gifts with them, and even share a few style tips.

The Weather Channel

Download The Weather Channel Kik Bot

Everyone wants to know the weather, which makes this chat bot a very useful one. It is essential for all those who live in a place with variable weather, regularly plan outdoor trips, or simply want to keep themselves updated on the weather.

A user can engage in a direct conversation with the chat bot and program it to update you on the weather conditions every morning automatically.

You can inquire the intelligent Kik bot about the current weather conditions and get a three-day weather forecast or a seven-day weather forecast in addition to the daily weather report in the morning.

Also, the weather chat bot wears its own personality. You can use it to know the weather by sending a message to the bot that replies in its own conversational style.

Without the chat bot, you would have to use the browser or Google to familiarize yourself with the weather conditions after typing in your zip code. In the case of the weather channel chat bot, you only have to start a chat. On top of it, the bot is smart and remembers your zip code too.


Download Sephora Kik Bot

Kik is popular among 40% of American teens and is favored heavily among messaging apps. This is the exact reason why Sephora decided to make its chat bot and make its services available to the 275 million users of the app.

The Sephora chat bot is rather easy to use. A user just has to start a conversation and the bot responds immediately, welcoming you to the chat and requesting you to take a short quiz that enables the bot to understand your makeup preferences. It asks simple questions such as the makeup brand that you prefer and any makeup product you cannot imagine having a life without.

From there on, the Sephora chat bot gathers enough information about your makeup preferences that it gives personalized suggestions of makeup products along with the product reviews and videos that teach how to use the product.

In addition to this, you can also ask the chat bot about any particular thing you are interested in such as nose contouring or French manicure. To assist you better in this regard, the Sephora bot will come up with relevant content, tips, products, and guidelines related to the topic.

With every tip comes a product suggestion and once you like it, you can just place an order for it within the chat as the Sephora mobile site simply pops up on top of the bot.

The Sephora chat bot is a great example of conversational ecommerce that not only makes selecting and placing orders easy for the users, but it is also advantageous for businesses.

Mafia Gangs

Download Mafia Gangs Kik bot

On a comparative scale, gaming chat bots are fewer in number than chat bots of other categories. The Mafia Gangs falls in the entertainment chat bot category that makes your time fun and exciting.

Mafia Gangs is an interactive gaming bot on the Kik messaging app. It allows its users to hire new gangsters, play with a variety of weapons, complete several missions, and fight with other gangs.

Each user is allowed to use two weapons at a time that they can use either to defend their team members or to attack the other group of gangsters. A player can also collect money by investing cash in business that makes a profit within each hour.

The game Mafia Gangs stands at number 300 globally and is rated 3.76 on Kik. Mafia Gangs has about 319 votes on Kik as well.

Yahoo! News

Download Yahoo News Kik Bot

Yahoo! is one of the largest publishers to have collaborated with Kik to launch chat bots. It has three Yahoo! related bots so far on the app.

These include Yahoo! News that shares news stories, write-ups, and articles that will interest the younger generation, Yahoo! Weather that helps keep the users updated on the weather, and MonkeyPets.

The last one is a highly interactive virtual pet that shares emoji and its travel selfies, keeping the user entertained when they are bored.

Along with indulging in fun, it is important to keep an eye on all that is happening in our surroundings and on the news. The Yahoo! News is the perfect bot for this purpose as it acts as a news digest for all the teenagers using Kik.

Hence, it helps keep one updated on everything that is happening in the world, making for a socially aware individual.

The bot is really good at mimicking a conversation as well, so it helps to keep all the heavy dose of daily news on a lighter note with the use of a lot of emoji. The bot allows one to browse the news under the following categories:


The bot ensures to keep you updated on the latest news by giving direct links to news articles of six trending headlines.


This section gives the gist or a short description of the news.

More news on the same topic

This section provides detailed information on the headlines given in the trending section.

Latest digest

This section gives all the information on the latest popular news.


This section allows you to search for any news that you want to read about by typing the keywords relevant to that topic.


Summing up, the Kik bots are fun additions to the messaging application. For businesses such as Yahoo! and Sephora, chat bots are a great way to directly interact with their customers, determining their choices and preferences, and suggesting which products would suit them the most. Chat bots are also the best way to tap into the generation Z that uses Kik in large numbers.

From the user’s point of view, chat bots are amazing features that can help them kill time or get what they desire without any hassle. Chat bots in the games and entertainment category help kill time and have fun, while bots like the Weather Channel make life easier by giving updates on the weather.

The next time there is a sudden rain shower, you’d be armed with an umbrella thanks to the weather bot. You also don’t have to remain blank about politics or daily business developments with the Yahoo! News keeping you informed about daily news in a quick and friendly manner.


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