Tiny Bang Story Walkthrough Chapter 1

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Here’s the Tiny Bang Story Chapter 1 walkthrough you’ve been waiting for, and I have all the answers you need to solve it.

This is a puzzle game where you need to find pieces of puzzles and clues to solve different types of mysteries.

Follow my lead to see where you can find all the pieces and clues so you can finish this level fast and get on to the next chapter.

Tiny Bang Story Chapter 1 Walkthrough

You’ll first need to follow the intro tutorial and click on what it tells you to, so you can understand how the game is played.

Note: you can catch all the little flies you see around to unlock achievements and to trade them for hints. 30 flies = 1 hint

You can go further up on the building to see all the levels you will search through later.

Tiny Bang Story Walkthrough Chapter 1 Start
  • Click on each part it tells you to, on the puzzle piece and door (1 and 2).
Tiny Bang Story Walkthrough Chapter 1 First Floor
  • Look at the ladder that goes up more (3), it needs a few more step ladders to be completed.
  • You’ll find one at the round door (4), and another at the lowest level on the shoe (6).
  • Tapping on the metal plaque (8) will tell you that you need a wrench to fix it.
  • Go to the tiny door (9) on the side of the shoe.
Tiny Bang Story Walkthrough Chapter 1 Inside Shoe
  • Pinch the screen to zoom in and take the other step ladder (10) on the bin.
  • Go back and up on the first floor and look inside (11)
  • You need to pair together the numbers shown there to find the code.
    • the numbers left are the code you’re looking for: 713
  • Go down to the device on the rails (12) and enter that code.
  • Press the red button and take the step ladder inside (13).
  • Go up again and drag all the ladders you found to the ladder that goes up (3).
  • Now you can go up.
Tiny Bang Story Walkthrough Chapter 1 Second Floor
  • Tap the chest (14) and it’ll tell you that you need to find a key.
  • Tap on the frame (15) and will give you another quest to find Bottles with clues inside.
  • Tap on the glass (16) to get another puzzle piece.
  • Open the cabinet door (17) and take another puzzle piece from inside.
  • Now the rest of the puzzle pieces are not numbered anymore, you’ll have to find 24 total.
  • I just circled all the important pieces that you need to find.
  • Go up the stairs and get more puzzle pieces.
Tiny Bang Story Walkthrough Chapter 1 Roof
  • Look through the giant telescope (18) and pop the balloons with bottles that have something inside.
  • You’ll have plenty of time to collect all the 24 you need.
  • Go back down to the old lady and drag the 24 pieces you found to the frame (15).
  • Solve the puzzle.
Tiny Bang Story Walkthrough Chapter 1 Puzzle painting
  • Take the key that’s next to the old lady sitting on the chair.
  • Drag the key to the chest to open it.
  • Look inside the chest and take the wrench you need and 2 puzzle pieces.
  • You can go down to find more puzzle pieces on the first floor.
  • More on the ground floor where you will use the wrench to get all 4 screws on the metal plank.
  • Once open you can tap to look inside, now you’ll need to find 8 gear pieces for it and 8 pipes.
  • I’ll circle them with a blue circle so you can tell them apart.
  • Tap on the device where you entered that code and you’ll also need to find 9 lightbulbs (green circle)
  • Enter the little door on the shoe and check inside for a few puzzle pieces, one gear, and one pipe.
  • You can go to the first floor and see one more pipe and a lightbulb.
  • Open the electric panel by the door to find another gear.
  • On the second floor, there are 3 light bulbs in plain sight and 1 in the chest.
  • A gear piece and pipe are also in the chest, and one gear is on the trap door.
  • One pipe is inside the cabinet (17)
  • If you go up the roof you’ll find more and now it’s time to go to the electric device that needed lightbulbs and use them there.
  • Solve the pattern to get all colors on the same line.
    • 3 Red – 3 Purple – 3 Green
  • Use the arrows to rotate the colors 4 at a time.
  • Use the gears and the pipes you found on the open panel.
  • Now that the device is working tap on the red button at the bottom oh the stairs to open up the door.
  • You can go inside to find what looks like an engine.
Tiny Bang Story Walkthrough Chapter 1 Inside Engine
  • You need to build the engine like in the drawing, and put its pieces back by dragging them to it.
Tiny Bang Story Walkthrough Chapter 1 Train
  • When it’s ready you’ll be able to put the train in motion and solve the last puzzle.
  • You can use the article’s photo as reference for the puzzle.

Wrapping up

The train will lead you to the next chapter of Tiny Bang Story, where you’ll find more puzzles to solve and interesting clues to find.

Keep a close watch on my next walkthrough for Tiny Bang Story Chapter 2 walkthrough, where I’ll show you where to find all the missing pieces to finish it.


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