Shadow and Bone – Enter the Fold – Chapter 2 Walkthrough [Alina Starkov]

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In this Shadow and Bone Enter the Fold Chapter 2 walkthrough I’m going to show you where to find the Grisha that can help Alina with her little problem.

The Grish might be able to help Alina Starkov to go through the Shadow Fold. She was trained as a First Army cartographer and managed to follow the trails through the mountains in search of the Grisha.

You hope to find her and help you control the sun summoning. While you’re here, you might as well find Mal Oretsev.

Shadow and Bone Chapter 2 Walkthrough – Alina Starkov

  • You will Call out hoping someone might hear you, then maybe try to Look for signs of a trail (gaining 1 attribute point)
  • You meet a big man cooking by the fire.
  • You can try to Look around first (gaining 1 attribute point) and conclude that he could be a hunter.
  • He talks to you and you can Ask about Mal and then about the dark tower.

Main Quest – That Which Was Lost

Look for traces of Grisha in the Dark Tower.

  • He tells you the witch’s name is Zulfiya, the tales about her are scary.
  • You can Ask about current news.
  • He says that the First Army is in the south of Ravka and preparing for war, near some ruins.
  • You can Say goodbye now.
  • It seems that he knew who you were and asked for a favor to keep it to himself.
  • He only wants some books and you should Agree to keep an eye out.

Side quest – Find a certain book for Vescha

  • From the hunter’s campsite, you can only move forward along the trail till you reach the Dark Tower.
  • Here you will Enter the tower and can look for traces of Grisha.
  • Search the Courtyard and Look around (gaining 1 attribute point)
  • If you are able to upgrade, I would go with Mind.
  • You can Leave and go search the Storeroom finding an empty room, unfortunately.
  • You should Scavenge for other goods (gaining 1 attribute point) and you find some Grain you can take.
  • Scavenging for food didn’t bring me anything, maybe you are more lucky than me.
  • Leave and head toward the Cells and Look around (gaining 1 attribute point), finding a few bed chambers, with only one that was used more often.
  • Your deductions leads you to think that the Grisha adopted lost Grisha children and took care of them.
  • You’ll find a doll of the Sun Summoner under the bed, that you can take.
  • Now you can check the Grisha Workshop and deduce she might actually be a healer from the things you see here.
  • Look around (gaining 1 attribute point) that I would put in Mind again for the next step.
  • You’ll find what used to be a manual of Notes of the Small Science.
  • You need to find the Grisha to tell you what the manual contained.
  • You can also Try to make something (gaining 1 attribute point) and you’ll remember a formula for a Health Potion.
  • You can Leave the tower entirely, there’s nothing more to see here.
  • The main quest says you should follow the Grisha’s trail to the south.
  • As you reach the fork go towards Adena from the mark.
  • Careful that you’ll be attacked by a wolf (or other things, like bandits) and you can try to Run Away (My strength is lowest for this, but I still wanted to give it a shot)(gaining 1 attribute point)
  • To the west of the trail, you’ll find Adena and you can skip that and Rest instead, and Forage for food (gaining 1 attribute point)
  • I would still like to get my Perception, higher. It helps with a lot of things and she was never good at the strength stuff, not even in the movie/books.
  • South of Adena seems to be a bridge over the river.
  • As you approach it you’ll find a guard from the First Army, standing there.
  • You can’t pass it so best is to move to the west.
  • Rest whenever you can and Forage (gaining 1 attribute point) to keep your food supply up as much as you can.
  • You’ll soon find Dzmira’s Farmshouse and you can check it out and find a worried woman there.
  • Talk to her and Offer to help her find Leri.

Side Quest – Finding Leri

  • Look around (gaining 1 attribute point) and find that Leri is going North.
  • Go up north from her house and you’ll find a Cave there.
  • Enter the cave and Try to calm him down (gaining 1 attribute point)
  • I’ll put this into Charm this time. Maybe I’ll get some in Strength next time.
  • You can Ask about the doll first and then Light the way by playing the minigame.
  • Moving the stone to catch only the right light particles.
  • Be careful, some particles, the ones that are surrounded by a circle, will start following you, don’t let them catch up.
  • Take the boy south to his mother at the farmhouse.
  • Rest if you need along the way and Forage (gaining 1 attribute point)
  • From here I’ll keep going south, following the trail, and try to stay away from danger.
  • On the trail, you’ll find a beggar (?), you can Ask about the Grisha and the Give him something (I went with food, because I have enough)
  • Rest and Forage (gaining 1 attribute point) then keep walking down the path.
  • I tried to go around the trail through the forest as I saw a man following me.
  • This also led me to the Farming Wagon first and you can Talk to the woman there.

Side Quest – Find the medicine for the baby

  • Nightfall came so I rested and Foraged (gaining 1 attribute point) and upgraded my Mind as it seems I’ll need to prepare some medicine, and I doubt Strenght will help with that.
  • You can also go to the Ruined Farmhouse and Look carefully (gaining 1 attribute point)
  • You find a woman wearing First Army hat, and a boobytrap.
  • It’s best you want to Try to deactivate (gaining 1 attribute point)
  • Ask about her story and then Ask about her brother.
  • Obtain as much information as you can and Ask about Colonel Karonov, then Ask about Uzhasny
  • Offer to help so you unlock a new quest.

Side Quest – Find Luda’s Brother

  • Now you can go south but you might be caught by Ravkan soldiers.
  • I chose to Avoid the patrol and played the Minigame.
  • Keep your finger on to move, and let go to crouch and hide.
  • Avoid the guards, but if you fail that, don’t worry, your persuasion might convince them you’re looking for them.
  • If you too gain a 1 attribute point, I would finally put one in Physique, who knows when you’ll need it.
  • You can pass the bridge now and as you reach the fork, do not go west to Kribirsk, because you might get recognized.
  • If you rest and Forage (gaining 1 attribute point) as you go down and to the east, you’ll find Sherkov’s Campfire.
  • You can Look closely at him (gaining 1 attribute point)
  • I suggest you first See what you can recall about him.
  • I failed to remember that, but it seems I didn’t like him.
  • I went with my instincts and Passed by him, going to the southeast to Uzhasny.
  • I suggest you Try to enter through the gate and maybe Bluff if your Charisma is high (gaining 1 attribute point)
  • Upgrade Perception if you can.
  • Now that you’re inside you can take a look at The Agora and Ask the merchant questions.
  • You could try to Bargain for better prices (gaining 1 attribute point) and Sell your grain before Asking about the book (costing you 4 coins)
  • Now you have Vescha’s book and can find him to give it.
  • Leave and go to Grisha Pillory and Offer to help.
  • Offer him some food and then Give him a piece of metal and go search the Barracks.
  • Try to bluff (gaining 1 attribute point) you’ll realize this is Luda’s brother, the one you were looking for.
  • You will Ask for help and then Ask about the tracker, before Asking about the Grisha.
  • Ask where they are and he says they are being held in the catacombs.
  • Ask for help to get inside the dungeon and he will give you the keys.
  • Leave and search Throne Hall and Try to bluff past them (gaining 1 attribute point)
  • Upgrade the Charm if you get the 3 points needed.
  • As you talk to Karonov you find out more about the tracker.
  • You can Ask about the captive Grisha and Leave to go to the Dungeon
  • Tell him Karonov sent you and go Open the tracker’s cage.
  • You finally find Mal and try to Set him free but you need a Fabrikator to give you a key.
  • Then go to Open the Grisha’s cage and Show her who you are.
  • You’ll ask about the book Notes on the Small Science.
  • You’ll try to Set her free but also need a key made for her.
  • Leave and go to the Armory to get Mal’s rifle and Get a piece of metal.
  • Go to the Stables and Get a piece of metal.
  • Go to the Barracks and get a piece of metal.
  • Go visit the fabrikator at the Grisha Pillory and Give him a piece of metal, three times.
  • Go to Dungeon, Open the Grisha’s cage, and Set her free.
  • Then go to Open the tracker’s cage and Set him free.
  • Leave Uzhasny with Mal and go over the bridge.
  • Rest on your way and Forage and move to the Ruined Farmhouse to find Evalda.
  • Ask her for advice and then Ask about Tomsky, you’ll need to find him.

Side Quest – Find Tomsky

  • To leave you should try to Leave by the back door and Carefully clear the way (gaining 1 attribute point)
  • Head towards Adena, rest, and Forage (gaining 1 attribute point) on your way.
  • Check the Market Square and ask at the market about a smuggler.
  • I’d try to Persuade him (gaining 1 attribute point), and upgrade your Mind if you can.
  • He’ll tell you the last he heard about him was north of Kribirsk
  • Go North to the Hunter’s Campsite to give him the book.
  • He’ll give you a healing potion.
  • Go south rest and Forage (gaining 1 attribute point)
  • Go to the west and reach Kribirsk but look to the north where the Smuggler Camp is.
  • Tell him the truth, then Look for the Squaller.
  • Go look for her south.
  • If you meet any soldiers Bluff (gaining 1 attribute point) and you’ll find Anastasia the squaller.
  • Go east first through the forest trail, as Anastasia takes herself to Tomsky.
  • You’ll find more people that need your help.
  • Rush in to help intimidate the wolves (gaining 1 attribute point)
  • Upgrade Physique if everything else is at maximum.
  • Go back to Tomsky at the Smuggler’s Camp where you’ll run into Karonov.
  • It’s best you try to Run away.
  • As you return to Tomsky you all will be able to get through the fold.

Wrapping up

I’m sure you’re looking forward to play the next chapter with the Sun Summoner, helping her to control her powers and become stronger.

The story is fairly different than the books or the movie series on Netflix, so you’ll encounter some suprises along the way.

Definitelly worth playing more and I can’t wait to finish Chapter 3, and see what awaits for me after that.


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