Time Travel: Escape Room Walkthrough Level 11 – Level 15

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This walkthrough for Time Travel: Escape Room from Level 11 to Level 15, has all the clues you need to finish each level.

Professor Albert’s time machine brings him to a weird place each time. He needs your help to find crystals to fuel the machine so he can get home.

Follow my walkthrough below to see how to finish the next 5 levels.

Time Travel Level 11 Walkthrough

Time Travel Walkthrough Level 11
  • There’s a panel with yellow lights to the right.
  • You need to count all the items shown on it, that you can see around the room, and enter that number accordingly.
  • I see 7 capsules (the silver items with a green light), 4 red wires, and 6 pink bottles.
  • And that’s all you need to do to find your crystal.

Time Travel Level 12 Walkthrough

Time Travel Walkthrough Level 12
  • Look inside the caravan and move the hat to the side to get the bullets.
  • Look at the signs on the buildings and spot the numbers 715.
  • Go to the door on the left and enter that code.
  • Take the pistol strapped on the door.
  • Put the bullets into the pistol.
  • Tap on the bottles hanging under the Salon sign and shoot them with your pistol.
  • Combine the two notes you find there to see the symbols needed for the box on the right.
    • cowboy hat – clover
    • money bag – bullet
    • sheriff badge – pistol
  • Use the arrows to twist the symbols around and unlock the box.
  • Here you’ll find the crystal and be able to leave.

Time Travel Level 13 Walkthrough

Time Travel Walkthrough Level 13
  • Check the big rocket on the green desk and take the map from inside.
  • Take the red valve off the floor and the other one from inside the box by the rocket launcher.
  • Put both red valves on the rocket launcher and follow the map to aim at the right spots marked on it.
Time Travel Walkthrough Level 13 Map
  • Each mark has its coordinate:
    • Mark 1: 72,82
  • As soon as you hit that the crystal will drop on the floor and you can leave.

Time Travel Level 14 Walkthrough

Time Travel Walkthrough Level 14
  • Check the door of the house and pull up the hook, then remove the wooden pin so it opens.
  • Take the arrows, the bow from the ground, and the rope from the wooden beans on the right.
  • Tap on the bow and add the rope to it, and then the arrows.
  • Aim the bow at the rope that ties the three bags and take the key.
  • Use it to open the chest and take the crystal.

Time Travel Level 15 Walkthrough

Time Travel Walkthrough Level 15
  • Open the panel in the back and take the orange wire.
  • The control board in front of the middle chair has 4 puzzles you need to solve after you add the orange wire:
    • 1. The Blue wire: Start bottom left – top left – middle – top right – bottom right – middle – bottom left – bottom right
    • 2. The Orange wire: Start bottom left – top – bottom right – left – right – bottom left
    • 3. The Red wire: Start Middle left – middle – middle right – top right – middle – bottom left – middle left – top left – middle – bottom right – middle right
    • 4. The Green wire:
Time Travel Walkthrough Level 15 Green Pattern
  • You need to look at the screen and remember the graphic.
    • Orange 4 lines
    • Blue 2 lines
    • Red 1 line
    • Green 5 lines
  • Tap the levers above the crystal and position them as they should be to open up and give your crystal.

Wrapping up

I’m sure you love the diversity of each puzzle that you can see in every level, as I do as well. There are more levels out there, just for us to discover.

I’ll be writing more walkthroughs for this game, so make sure you check out the next walkthrough for level 16 to level 20 of Time Travel.

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