Time Travel: Escape Room Walkthrough Level 16 – Level 20

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In this walkthrough for Time Travel: Escape Room from Level 16 to Level 20, you’ll find all the clues you need to finish each level.

Professor Albert’s time machine brings him to a weird place each time. He needs your help to find crystals to fuel the machine so he can get home.

Follow my walkthrough below to see how to finish the next 5 levels.

Time Travel Level 16 Walkthrough

Time Travel Walkthrough Level 16
  • Take the coin (1/4) from the floor, and another coin (2/4) if you open the chest.
  • Move the bags to the side and take another coin (3/4) and there’s another coin (4/4) on the right side of the boat.
  • Look at the table in front, take the bottle opener, use it to open the bottle, and look at the message inside.
    • Parrot = Octopus + Ship’s wheel
    • Pirate skull = Shark + Ship’s wheel
    • Bottle = Stingray + Ship
    • Hook = Shark + Spyglass
  • Check the box on the floor and put the four coins in the right order as shown on the message.
  • Once it opens you’ll be able to get the crystal inside.

Time Travel Level 17 Walkthrough

Time Travel Walkthrough Level 17
  • Take the knife from the firepit and use it to cut off the dangling fabric of the tent.
  • Take the puzzle piece (1/4) from the stick there.
  • Look inside the bag in front of the right tent and take another puzzle piece (2/4) and a note.
  • A third puzzle piece (3/4) is on the ground behind the firepit.
  • Tap on the pot next to the firepit and follow the note:
    • 3 times right arrow
    • 2 times left arrow
    • 1 time right arrow
    • 2 times left arrow
  • The last puzzle piece (4/4) is going to be inside.
  • Take them to the hanging skin next to the totem pole.
  • Look carefully at the drawing and remember the details.
    • First decoration has only one stick in front.
    • Second has 4 dots.
    • Third has a T-shaped detail between the eyes.
    • Fourth has 4 dots above the eyes.
  • It will open up and give you the crystal.

Time Travel Level 18 Walkthrough

Time Travel Walkthrough Level 18
  • There’s a gem (1/2) on the ground and another gem (2/2) in the barrel on the right.
  • Look at the stone decorations on the left and rotate them to match the symbols on the ground.
  • Put the gems on the centerpiece of the fountain and rotate the mirrors to make the 3 light beans reach their gem colors on the side.
Time Travel Walkthrough Level 18 Beans
  • Here you’ll find the crystal you need.

Time Travel Level 19 Walkthrough

Time Travel Walkthrough Level 19
  • Check out the bag on the stone bench and take the two diamonds (2/4)
  • There’s another diamond (3/4) on the ground, and the last diamond (4/4) is on the trident.
  • Check the crown on the table to the right and put all four diamonds on it.
  • The light they reflect will show you 4 symbols:
    • square – octagon – triangle – hexagon
  • Go to the Medusa statue head and press on the snakeheads in this order based on those symbols:
    • 4th – 8th – 3rd – 6th
  • She’ll spit out your crystal.

Time Travel Level 20 Walkthrough

Time Travel Walkthrough Level 20
  • There’s a stone hammer on the stalagmite and stone (1/4) with a hole in.
  • Another similar stone (2/4) is behind one of the rocks on the ground, the further left one.
  • Under the tarp in front of the Time Machine, there’s another stone (3/4)
  • Use the stone hammer to break the rock next to the table to the right and form another stone (4/4).
  • Use all the stones on those 3 sticks and arrange them so the pyramid of stones is in the middle.
  • That will break the table and give you the crystal.

Wrapping up

It’s nice to see all the different puzzles on each and every level, and I’m sure we’ll find more unique levels out there, just for us to discover.

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