The Sims Freeplay vs The Sims Mobile: What Are the Differences?

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Not sure what to choose between The Sims Freeplay and The Sims Mobile? I’m here to help you by sharing the differences between the two games – as well as things that they have in common.

The Sims Freeplay and The Sims Mobile are very similar, truth be told. The Sims Mobile is more of a traditional The Sims game, being more fast paced, while The Sims Freeplay comes with a different approach, like allowing you to control multiple houses and characters and has more of a time management approach to it.

Of course, these are just the basics. Below, I am getting a bit more in depth with the comparisons, so read on if you want to know everything regarding The Sims Freeplay vs The Sims Mobile.

1. They’re created by different companies

While both games have Electronic Arts shown as the developer in the App Stores, they are actually created by two different teams.

The Sims Freeplay is created by EA in collaboration with Firemonkeys, while The Sims Mobile is created by EA and Maxis (the latter being the company behind The Sims franchise on PC and consoles)

2. One is more cartoonish and casual than the other

the sims freeplay social aspects

Sure, we’re not playing these games for their realistic graphics and for providing accurate simulation features, but Freeplay is even more cartoonish and casual than Mobile is.

The Sims Freeplay focuses more on the Time Management part, with some tasks taking hours to complete, while The Sims Mobile is more fast paced and with more realistic graphics, similar to those in the video games.

3. Gameplay is slightly different in each

While the main idea behind both games is the same – creating Sims and helping them achieve great things in life, there are slight differences that can change everything, especially for traditional players of the PC game.

The main difference here is that in The Sims Freeplay you can create multiple houses and families and manage them all at the same time. The Sims Mobile only allows you to build one house and have up to 4 Sims at a time.

This is why so many people are having problems with babies not growing up in The Sims Mobile – because you don’t have enough empty Sim slots!

the sims freeplay neighborhood

The Sims Mobile has a stronger focus on customization, with players able to create more detailed and personalized Sims and homes, similar to what the main games offer. Freeplay is more restrictive and limited here.

Also, the Sims Mobile focuses a bit more on careers, with players able to choose different careers and progress through various paths, earning bonuses along the way. The Sims Freeplay also has career paths, but they are not as central to the game.

4. Monetization is different

The Sims Freeplay is more like your traditional free mobile game, with a greater focus on trying to see you spend real life money for all sorts of in-game items and advantages.

The Sims Mobile also has in-app purchases, but there’s a lot more that you can achieve as a free player and you don’t get the feeling that they’re trying to convince you to spend real life money in the game – at least not as much as the other title.

5. Time commitment

the sims mobile create a sim

I touched on this before, but I want to highlight it, because it is a major difference between the two apps.

While in The Sims Mobile, tasks your Sims can perform only take seconds, The Sims Freeplay has tasks that can take hours – sometimes up to 24 hours to complete.

So you have more of a time management feature in the latter (but also the multitude of Sims available to somewhat compensate).

6. Energy vs many needs

In The Sims Mobile, your Sim’s actions are limited by the amount of energy they have available. This is the only thing that matters here, and when you run out of energy, you usually have to wait for it to refill.

In The Sims Freeplay, your Sims have multiple needs that you need to take care of: hunger, social interaction, cleanliness and so on. If these needs get too low, your Sim will become unhappy.

7. Careers play differently

While in both games you have career paths and options for your sims, in The Sims Freeplay everything’s simplified to the bone and when your Sim is at work, they’re simply not available.

In The Sims Mobile, you can actually see your Sim go to work and perform actions there in order to complete your shift. It’s more like The Sims games on PC.

8. Freeplay has fewer customization options

the sims mobile customization options

No matter if we’re talking about creating your Sim or setting up your house, The Sims Freeplay has a more barebones interface and gives you much less options that The Sims Mobile.

I also consider the Mobile has the better visuals, with the Sims looking more realistic, like those on the PC and console versions of the game.

Which game should you choose?

As you can see in my list above, both games are pretty similar and they’re both awesome. Truth be told, I see no reason why a fan of the Sims franchise shouldn’t choose both. They’re that good.

However, if your time is limited, I would recommend choosing The Sims Mobile over The Sims Freeplay. The former is the more traditional Sims game, it’s more fast paced and doesn’t seem to be trying to force you to spend real life money on it as much as the other does.


You know now the main differences between The Sims Freeplay and The Sims Mobile. Based on that, you can make an educated decision and choose the one that seems more fun to you.

Or simply trust me and choose The Sims Mobile for the fact that it has more in common with The Sims games on PCs and Consoles.

Now over to you – which one would you choose and why? Also, if there are any other major differences that I haven’t touched upon above, let us all know by commenting below.


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