The Sims Mobile: Baby Doesn’t Grow Up? Here Is How to Fix It

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One of the most fun things to do in The Sims Mobile, after you get used to everything in the game, is having a baby. Although the process itself is really simple and you can do this with your loved one (no matter if they have the same sex as your Sim) or adopt one, many people are stuck at growing their baby into a toddler, child and so on.

Therefore, in today’s article, we’re going to talk exactly about that: how to make sure that your baby grows up to a toddler.

Why are we writing this article? This is a very common problem in The Sims Mobile: the baby doesn’t grow up! We all have friends whose babies grow up to toddlers after 24 hours, but ours spend days as babies and don’t grow up.

It actually took us a lot of time to figure out what the problem is in this case and how to fix this apparent bug in The Sims Mobile where the baby doesn’t grow up.

The truth is that this is not a bug, actually, and it’s a lack of space. A lack of space for more Sims in the case of those players whose babies don’t grow up. And unfortunately, that’s not very easy to fix since you will most likely have to spend some premium currency to unlock extra slots.

Babies in The Sims Mobile don’t take up any space in your Sims slots, but once they grow up into toddlers, they do. But if you don’t have an available Sim slot, they will remain babies indefinitely or until you actually get to unlock an extra slot.

So this would be the problem and the solution for when the babies don’t grow up in The Sims Mobile, no matter what you do: they are not growing not because you don’t care enough for them or it’s a bug in play – you simply don’t have enough Sim slots (there’s 4 you can have at the moment).

Hopefully this solves your problem or at least answers your question to this annoying occurrence that more and more people start to experience.


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4 thoughts on “The Sims Mobile: Baby Doesn’t Grow Up? Here Is How to Fix It”

  1. I have an open slot for a fourth sim in the household and my baby has still been a baby for a week now. He has thought bubbles and his good upbringing trait is at full stars.

  2. Although I don’t have an extra empty slot,
    my baby sim grew up into the toddler. (I think it took about 24hrs)
    But the toddler sim doesn’t grow up into the child even though 4days have passed


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