Dream Girlfriend Guide: How to Level Up Fast

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Dream Girlfriend, the hit mobile game by Ambition, has been out for a while now, but I am sure that there are still a lot of people who are just starting to play. And if that’s the case, you are definitely wondering how to level up fast in Dream Girlfriend. Well, we’re going to share with you all the details, so that you climb up the levels in no time to unlock all content and have the best possible fun.

With regular updates and events happening all the time, with tons of items to purchase and amazing reactions and personalities from the cute girls that this app has for you, it’s no wonder that everybody wants to play the game. There are a ton of things that you can do to level up your character and gain experience, some more useful than others. But all of them give you extra experience points so that you can level up faster and unlock more girlfriends.

Below we have a list of things that grant you nice amounts of experience – make sure you do these often in order to level up faster in Dream Girlfriend!

Study & Work: these can be done for as many times as you can using Timesavers and you will earn at least 1 XP point (but usually more) when you perform these activities. So make sure you’re constantly studying or working.

Advice: you can get up to 500 XP per day by doing this

Recommendation (and removing them): you can do this up to 20 times per day and the amount of XP gained increases with the number of slots you can fill out, so do your best to max these out each time you go for it.

Talk & Like: you can get a combined of 3,000 experience points per day by doing this (100 times for each), so make sure you take some time for this tedious task as well if you want to level up fast and easy!

Girls’ Talk: this is a nice one since it restores after study, work or sleep. You can get up to 50XP each time you do it, depending on how well your conversation goes.

– Finally, we have Chatting and Group Work that are more limited in nature and offer various amounts of XP points. These should be started with in my opinion – get over with them, then focus on something else!

These would be the main ways to get extra experience in the Dream Girlfriend for mobile. Were you able to find some other things to do in order to get a ton of XP fast? Let us know by sharing a comment below!


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