Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann EN Gunmen Tier List

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Everyone who is playing Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann will want to see this tier list, so you can win all the battles fast and easy.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is an RPG game, similar to AFK Arena, so if you also play that, you can check out the best heroes in AFK Arena here.

Below you’ll find the tier list of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, so make sure you put all your resources into building them up and get them so they can help you in the game.

Gunmen Tier List in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann EN

I’ll start you off from the S tier (the best of the best) all the way down to the D tier (not quite the best) and I’ll make sure to give you a few options from each so you can pick and choose the ones that fit you and your pilot.

S Tier Gunmen

Gurren Lagann Wing - Simon
  • Gurren Lagann Wing (5-star) – pilots: Simon & Rossiu
  • Grapearl (Gimmy) (5-star) – pilot: Gimmy
  • Arch-Gurren Lagann (5-star) – pilots: Simon

A Tier Gunmen

  • Shuzack (5-star) – pilot: Cytomande
  • Enki (5-star) – pilot: Viral
  • SP Mo-Shogun (5-star) – pilot: Officer Makken
  • Gurren Lagann (5-star) – pilot: Kamina & Simon
  • Sayrune (5-star) – pilot: Adiane
  • SP Einzer (5-star) – pilot: Officer Iraak
  • Grapearl (Darry) (5-star) – pilot: Darry
  • Dai-Gunzan (5-star) – pilot: Thymilph

B Tier Gunmen

  • Idol (5 star) – pilot: Magin
  • EX King Kittan (5-star) – pilot: Kittan
  • Lazengann (5-star) – pilot: Lordgenome
  • Dai-Gundo (5-star) – pilot: Guame
  • Super Galaxy Dai Gurren (5-star) – pilot: Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren Team
  • SP Twinboekun (5-star) – pilot: Officer Jorgun & Balinbow
  • Bayoky (5-star) – pilot: Thymilph
  • SP Sawzorthn (5-star) – pilot: Officer Zorthy

C Tier Gunmen

  • Dai-Gunten (5-star) – pilot: Cytomande
  • SP Kidknuckle (5-star) – pilot: Officer Kid
  • Dai-Gunkai (5-star) – pilot: Adiane
  • Arch-Gurren (5-star) – pilot: Rossiu
  • Enkidu (5-star) – pilot: Viral
  • Dekabutsu (5-star) – pilot: Lordgenome
  • Gember (5-star) – pilot: Guame

D Tier Gunmen

  • Gurren (3-star) – pilot: Kamina
  • Sawzorthn (3-star) – pilot: Zorthy
  • King Kittan (3-star) – pilot: Kittan
  • Soban Ryu (3-star) – pilot: Beastmen
  • Twinboekun (3-star) – pilot: Jorgun & Balinbow
  • Mo-Shogun (3-star) – pilot: Makken
  • Einzer (3-star) – pilot: Iraak

Wrapping up

Now that you know what to look for, just remember that you can level up their stars and upgrade your gunmen, and even add accessories that can help them in battles and make them stronger.

You can work on a set of gunmen so you build yourself the best team that you can use to advance faster in adventure mode.


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