AFK Arena Heroes List & Best Heroes in the Game

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At the moment of writing this guide, there are 45 Heroes in AFK Arena, each of them of different rarities, from Common (Green) to Mythic (Red). Today, we’re going to talk about the heroes in the game, list them all for you below so that you can have a clear overview of them all.

We’ll also share afterwards our list of the best 10 heroes in the game so that you can build an awesome team to rule them all.

IMPORTANT: This is a work in progress. The list is not 100% complete, but we’re working on it to have it ready ASAP.

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Now, back to today’s topic! There are a ton of heroes to check out on today’s list, so let’s get that started! Here are all the heroes that you can currently recruit in the game, listed based on their type:

AFK Arena Lightbearer Heroes

Estrilda – Knight of Valor

Type: Strength-based hero, tank. Damage dealing tank with little health, also offering buffs to teammates.

Belinda – Beam of Hope

Type: Intelligence-based damage dealer and buffer. Place at the back for maximum gains.

Raine – Death’s Denier

Type: Agility-based hero. Good support and damage dealing with debuffs for enemies.

Fawkes – Death’s Defeat

Type: Agility-based hero. Ranged hero to keep at the back, with buffs and debuffs and the ability to lock one random opponent out of the battle for up to 9 seconds (starting with 7 at Confine skill level 1).

Lucius – Lightbringer

Type: Strength-based hero. He’s a tank with support capabilities. Decent health and good skills to aid fellow heroes in battle.

Thane – The Exalted

Type: Agility-based hero. Focused on dealing a ton of damage, and dodging incoming attacks. His health is low though, so unless he’s paired up with some solid tanks, it’s difficult to keep him alive.

Hogan – Knight Of The Kingdom

Type: Strength-based hero. Damages and eventually stuns enemies, but has low health and attack ratings for the later stages of the game.

Angelo – Song Of Dawn

Type: Intelligence-based hero. Support with AoE damage and effects, he’s a good option for damage dealing and enemy control early on in the game.

Morvus – The Far Stalker

Type: Agility-based hero. He shoots from afar and deals damage that can’t be dodged with his active skill. An interesting hero early on in the game.

Mirael – The Burning Light

Type: Intelligence-based hero. High attack (AoE too) but very low health.


Type: Intelligence-based hero. Pretty much useless.


Type: Strength-based hero. Also useless.

AFK Arena Mauler Heroes

Brutus – The Blood Claw

Type: Strength-based hero. One of the best heroes in the game, dealing lots of damage, having life leech and immunity. He’s a beast!

Khasos – The Unruly

Type: Strength-based hero. Another really solid option, with massive-damage dealing attacks that are very fast, as well as life leech for allies.

Vurk – The Devious

Type: Agility-based hero. Damage dealing hero with a bit of randomness involved, making him weaker if luck is not on his side.

Numisu – The All Seer

Type: Intelligence-based hero. Totem based support with healing for teammates and damage dealing for opponents.

Skreg – The Cunning

Type: Strength-based hero. An interesting tank that uses his mount to deal damage and act as an additional shield from ranged damage.

Warek – The Untamed

Type: Strength-based hero. Unpredictable results due to his second skill, Bonebreaker which might put enemies closer to the backline. High damage, but too risky in my opinion.

Ankhira – Deceptive Beauty

Type: Intelligence-based hero. Support hero that debuffs enemies.

Golus – The Bladestorm

Type: Strength-based hero. Damage dealing and increased survival chances as his health gets lower.

Saveas – Strongheart

Types: Agility-based hero. A solid hero for his tier with interesting mechanics, as he sacrifices health to heal or cause more damage.


Type: Strength-based hero. Useless.


Type: Intelligence-based hero. Also useless.

AFK Arena Wilder Heroes

Coming soon

AFK Arena Graveborn Heroes

Comins soon

AFK Arena Celestial Heroes

Coming soon

As I said earlier on in this article, we’re still working on getting the list set up and formatted properly, but decided to go live with it until it’s ready, since two complete factions are still better than none.


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