Stone Adventure – Idle RPG Guide: Tips & Tricks to Play Better

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This Stone Adventure guide will give you all the tips and tricks you should know for playing better and getting the most out of this new mobile game.

We’re going to learn everything about Stone Adventure – Idle RPG, with a special focus on the best skills to learn, best weapons and all the other in-game mechanics you should be aware of.

So without further ado, let’s check out the full guide to Stone Adventure on mobile!

1. Not so idle, after all?

Stone Adventure battle rewards

I was pretty surprised to see that I had no offline bonuses after spending some time away from the game. It appears that it’s not that kind of an “Idle game”.

You do have to keep it running if you want to get the rewards, and you will unlock Battle Rewards after getting to a specific stage in the game (around 20, can’t remember exactly).

This will indeed allow you to collect offline rewards as well, but I recommend you keeping the game running in order to get all the boosts and more goodies.

Fortunately, there’s a way to do so easily without draining your device’s battery. Here is what you should do:

Stone Adventure device settings
  1. Tap the Settings icon in the upper right corner of the screen
  2. Look for the “Sleep mode” button in the bottom right corner of the new window and tap it.
  3. The screen will turn black, and you can re-enable it by tapping it 3 times
  4. Also make sure to enable the “Auto Sleep mode” option in the same window, which brings up the dark screen after playing for 5 minutes.

It’s important to this in order to both keep the game running and your device’s battery from draining.

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2. Activate those buffs!

Stone Adventure Buffs

As one would expect, there are plenty of goodies you can get or activate in the game by watching ads. One of the most important are the 30 minute boosts you can get in Stone Adventure – Idle RPG.

Make sure to always activate them – or at least have one active at all times. I personally like the gold boost as the most useful, since you always need money for upgrades, but whenever I can, I have all three activated.

I recommend you do the same in order to speed up progress a little bit.

IMPORTANT! Make sure to actually be able to keep the game running for 30 minutes when activating these boosts in order to actually get the benefits!

If you log out though, the timer will not reset – but you still need to spend the actual game with the game launched to get those boosts.

3. Best skills to equip in Stone Adventure

Stone Adventure skills

There are plenty of skills that you can equip in the game, and you will unlock better ones as you summon more skills from the shop: your Summon Level increases based on the amount of summoned items, giving you better chances for rarer items.

This means that the early skills you unlock (the gray ones, and even the green ones) will eventually become obsolete. So don’t waste your runes upgrading gray skills – it’s a waste of runes!

As for the best skills to equip in Stone Adventure, they’re always the rarest ones that you have at the highest level.

If you can be picky, choose those that deal damage directly to specific targets, and not those that randomly spawn over the screen.

As an example, the best Green skills are Electric Shockwave (best one in early game by far) and the Laser Machine. Later on, we have Black Hole and Golem.

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4. Best equipment in the game

Stone Adventure items

The equipment in Stone Adventure – Idle RPG follows a similar pattern to that of the skills. In other words, the rarer the equipment, the better it is for your character and usually the item with the highest level will be the one that should be equipped.

For example, I looked at a level 5 T6 hammer vs a level 1 T5 one. The former gives a 65% ATK boost, while the latter gives a 152% ATK boost.

So here, things are easy: always equip the rarest items of the highest level.

5. Be careful with your stat point allocation!

Stone Adventure stat points

Stat points are a really important resource in Stone Adventure – Idle RPG. Not only they are extremely rare, but if you end up wishing to reset the stat points, you will have to pay Gems for them.

So, my best advice would be that of not repeating my mistakes. That is, wait a bit until you decide how to split your stat points.

I strongly recommend investing them only in the various Element ATK boost. The reasoning behind that is that you will get money and XP no matter what, even if at a slightly slower rate.

But those Element boosts greatly improve the amount of damage your skills deal, and these are extremely important in the Adventure stages and boss battles.

Even better, if you already have a plan on which skills you’ll likely use, focus on investing in those.

6. Complete all the special instances daily

Stone Adventure Idle RPG Adventure mode

There are plenty of minigames you can complete in the Adventure mode – focus on getting them done daily.

Some will require special items to unlock, some will require time to pass before you can challenge them again. It doesn’t really matter, just make sure you always max those out!

7. Watch ads for freebies

Stone Adventure ads

As I mentioned above, there are all sorts of opportunities available for watching ads in order to get some goodies in the game.

They’re all worth it, especially if you can “watch” the ads inactively, by letting them run while you focus on something else.

While it’s ideal if you can watch all the ads available to grab all the rewards you can, if your time is limited, I would recommend focusing on these instead:

  • Runes, Gems and various Rare materials

8. Don’t forget to activate boss battles!

Stone Adventure boss battles

Eventually, you will reach a stage where you won’t be able to defeat the final boss with your first try.

In that case, your character will keep grinding the previous level, but won’t challenge the boss automatically – you have to do it instead.

It’s pretty easy to do so – you will notice a blinking red monster icon on the top of the screen.

Simply tap it, and the boss battle will commence. If you win, your character will automatically challenge future bosses until it’s unable to defeat one and the cycle repeats.

9. Upgrade your skills based on the mission requirements

Stone Adventure skill missions

Upgrading the skills of your character should always be done based on the mission requirements, unless you really have a lot of money piled up and you can get ahead in most areas.

Otherwise, upgrade your character as the game tells you to in order to grab those valuable gems!

Final words

There you have it! These are my tips and tricks for fellow Stone Adventure players. Putting these to good use will help you progress faster through the game, unlock everything and build a perfect character.

If you have additional tips and tricks you’d like to share, don’t hesitate to do so by commenting below.

Also, if you still have questions about any of the in-game mechanics, let me know and I will answer ASAP.

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