Sonic Dash Cheats: Tips & Tricks for an Endless Run

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Being a super-fast, super-cool runner like Sonic doesn’t guarantee that you’ll have an endless run, at least not in Sonic Dash which tends to get pretty difficult and hard to beat if you don’t pay attention to some basic rules. You will find most (or all, hopefully) of them here in this Sonic Dash cheats article, one filled with tips and tricks to help improve your strategy and keep you going as long as possible!

1. Learn to use the Sonic Dash move – I don’t know if it was just for me, but it was really difficult to pay attention to the meter on the right that fills when you collect rings. Once it’s full, you can tap the button and activate the Sonic Dash which makes our hedgehog invincible for a while. So learn to use that as soon as it’s filled!

2. Plan ahead – sometimes it’s easy to see in the distance (when up the hill, when jumping or when performing a mega-jump between tracks) so it’s good to plan ahead when you can.

3. Don’t be scared of the monsters – fortunately, even though extremely annoying, the enemies you meet along the way don’t mean game over. Hitting them just makes you lose the rings you have not banked, so it’s not really a deal breaker since you keep going. However, you can power dash through them or roll through them for extra points. But always when it’s time to choose between hitting and obstacle or a monster, go for the latter.

4. Don’t bank your rings early on – as you probably know by now, before performing the mega-jumps you will get to choose what to do, one of the options being to bank your rings and make sure that whatever happens, you won’t lose them. But it’s a good idea for the first couple of times or more if you are skilled enough not to bank the rings and go for the other options because they have you perform a really simple combo on-screen and they can reward you with a ton of rings. And since it’s extremely easy to complete the first couple of running tracks without losing the rings or your life, it’s good to stack up the extras since power-ups are so expensive.

5. Slide, don’t jump – in other endless runners it’s usually the other way around, but in Sonic Dash it’s better to slide under obstacles instead of jumping over them. This is because they usually come in pairs or rows of at least three, making jumping useless or an action that requires extreme levels of skill (jump then, while in air, slide). So it’s better just to slide under!

6. Control Sonic while in air – jumping does have its advantages, though: you can change the lane while in air, simply by swiping left or right. You can also power slide by swiping down, and this kills enemies below. Learn to master this as it will save your life and rings on multiple occasions!

7. Complete the missions – it’s not easy, but they reward you with red star rings, so it’s always good to have this as your goal.

8. Invest in Upgrades first and leave the power-ups for when you have a ton of rings or red star rings to spare. There are 4 upgrades that you can purchase:

– Magnet (makes the magnet stick with you for a longer time)
– Headstard (pretty useless, gives you some extra meters)
– Dash Boost (after activation, the Sonic Dash sticks with you longer)
– Dash Fill rate (pretty obvious, it helps the meter fill up faster)

I would recommend focusing on the Dash upgrades more since these are extremely useful, but you should also balance costs as they get extremely expensive at one point and try to look at the Magnet too.

9. Low on rings? You can tap the gift button in the shop and you can watch videos for free rings. You won’t get rich this way, but it will help!

10. Practice, practice, practice! At first, a score of 50,000 might seem completely impossible, but if you keep running and get used with the game, you will soon see that it’s actually easy to score a lot more. It’s all about the practice and investing in the upgrades and you’ll soon be a real Sonic Dash superstar!


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