Scriptic Netflix Edition – Redman Episode 1 Walkthrough

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Scriptic Netflix Redman episode walkthrough is here to the rescue. This solving mystery game could become harder at times, but you don’t have to worry.

This walkthrough will help you pass any obstacle you meet and get you to solve the cases like a true detective.

Redman Episode 1 plot: A teenage boy falls from a London tower block. A murder investigation is launched.

Scriptic Netflix Redman Episode 1 Walkthrough

  • Tap the upper left arrows to exit your police chat.
  • Tap to enter the smartphone of the victim.
  • Tap the Chatsapp.
  • See the first chat with friends.
    • Note: Clues in the victim’s phone are highlighted in yellow | Scroll down to find clues and tap on them to unlock.
  • Your first clue is this picture.
Scriptic Netflix Redman Lucas suspect clue
  • Tap the arrow on the upper left corner twice to go talk with your team.
  • Click on Back to YardOS, then click on the Chat icons to enter the police chat.
  • Speak with Intelligence first.
  • Tap “Identify Lucas & Pull Records”, and click Send.
  • Answer Sutherland’s phone call.
  • Pick “What’s the crime scene status?”
  • Then “So how’s it looking?”
  • After this short conversation, you found out that there was an incident earlier.
  • You can now give yourself a Detective name and enter YardOS, the police platform.
    • Chat is for talking with your team.
    • Interrogate is where you interview the suspects.
    • Clues is where you check out your clues.
    • Victim’s Phone – exactly what it says.
  • You can chat with Sutherland through messages.
  • Ask him “What’s happening?”
    • Jerome Jacobs – 16 years old, lives in that tower block.
  • “So what’s the latest?”
    • PC Bronson and PC Maguire – paramedics
  • “Crime Scene Seep”
    • Mask found – Assumed it is gang-related.
    • Talk to Forensics for DNA and Intelligence for origin.
  • “Share crime scene footage”
    • Video received
  • “Any more footage?”
    • You get photos of the crime scene.
  • “Witness Statements Update”
    • The paramedics’ clues:
      • hearing multiple assailants
      • The victim shouted Redman (or maybe Dead Man)
  • Go talk to Forensics – I started with “How you doing Vikram?” and then “Swap mask for DNA.”
    • Jerome’s DNA + one more.
  • “Sweep the victim for DNA”
    • Marcus Albert Jones – one prior conviction
  • Go talk to Sophie at the Intelligence office – I started with “Update on Lucas Records”
    • Lucas has been in the Young Offenders’ Program.
  • “Please identify the mask”
    • It is commonly used in gangs but also in Drill music videos.
  • “Check Database for Crimes in Vicinity”
    • A 14-year-old victim of an acid attack
    • Hugo – Linguistic Expert – “acid” is code for “cocktail” and “spray paint”
  • “So how long you been with intelligence?” – 9 years, Fowler runs the show
  • “What should I do now?” – Check the boy’s phone for more clues.
  • Go to On the ground chat and “Bring in Lucas for questioning”

Game in progress…

This is all for today. I’ll be playing more of Scriptic Netflix Redman to give you a complete walkthrough in case you get stuck.

Keep an eye out as I’ll be updating this article as soon as I advance more in the game.

This game is similar to another one, that I also wrote a walkthrough for. You should check out Peek-a-Phone walkthroughs if you’re looking to play more games like this.


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