Rise of Kingdoms: Osiris Invitational Update (+ Family Day Event, Ceroli Crisis & More)

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A brand new update is coming to Rise of Kingdoms soon, taking the game to version 1.0.33. This update is dubbed “Osiris Invitational” because the main event here will be the re-opening of the Osiris League, but there are even more goodies incoming.

In today’s article, we’re going to find out everything about the upcoming update – including all that you need to know about the new Osiris League, but also a ton of the other things that we’ll be receiving.

But let’s start with the beginning and the main thing that names this update… the RoK Osiris Invitational!

A New Osiris League in Rise of Kingdoms

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With the previous Osiris League now over, it’s time to think about a new challenge for the top players and alliances out there. Here is how things will go – there’s a lot of preparing left to do and you must be really active:

1. The top 4 alliances from each realm at the end of the Osiris League will be invited to participate in the Osiris Invitational (so good reasons for you to join a solid alliance).

2. To make things fair and really allow the best of the best win, all players will use the same set of units, commanders and tech.

3. Things will start with practice matches so that all alliances are familiarized with how things work, during the Osiris Invitational.

RoK: Family Day Event

If you’re not one of the game’s top players and/or part of a top alliance in the game, you shouldn’t worry too much as the latest game update will still deliver a ton of goodies for you.

For starters, we have the Family Day event which will deliver the following goodies:

  • Family Week (7 days of questing for various rewards)
  • RoK Family Portrait (a mysterious new feature where you compete together with fellow alliance members to build up the Family Portrait)
  • Fireside Story (Collect Timber for various additional rewards)
  • Race against time (Defeat Barbarians on the map for even more goodies)
  • Protect the Supplies (Deliver the supplies safely to the village. Protect the property of your citizens) – most likely a brand new game mode of sorts.

RoK Ceroli Crisis Event Optimizations

  • A new Taunt skill can be used to force Chieftans attack
  • The event store will hold various potions to help during the Ceroli Assault, Ceroli Crisis and Ian’s Ballads events.
  • New Chieftan introduced – Ak & Hoc. Twin brothers that will really challenge players to defeat them.

Lost Kingdom event optimizations

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While this is still on-going, there will be some changes and improvements to the LK event in RoK:

  • the Bloodthirst mechanic will be replaced with Hot Blooded to prevent governors from abusing this in-game feature to prevent passes from being captured.
  • new events will be added, rewarding Honor Points, replacing the Almighty Overlord.
  • Adjusted the Light and Darkness immigration rules to prevent immigration for kingdoms during the mathcmaking phase.

Apart from these important and more than welcome events and changes, there are other things that this latest Rise of Kingdoms update will deliver:

– a city theme manager

– Improved commander skill sound effects

– The Lucerne Scrolls – Volume 4 will launch

– the rewards from the Ceroli Assault, as well as from Barbarian Camps and Keeps have been updated

– a new in-game feature that will allow players to choose any talent and tap it to instantly activate it and all the prerequisite ones.

And these would be the things that the developers have in store for us for the upcoming update in Rise of Kingdoms.

Don’t forget that you can also preload this update and get some goodies as a reward – just tap the Event icon in the upper right corner and choose from there the option to download the assets early.


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