Rise of Kingdoms: The Lost Kingdom Details and Everything We Know

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On April 15th, The Lost Kingdom update was expected to be launched in Rise of Kingdoms, but the developers decided to push back the update to an unannounced date.

The Lost Kingdom is a massive update in the game, and we’re here to share with you a complete guide to everything you should expect to see when it finally becomes available to all players.

There is a lot of storytelling involved in this update, which many consider (myself included) one of the biggest – if not THE biggest – RoK update ever. Here are all the details that we have right now regarding new content and features:

– The Lost Kingdom will deliver a bunch of new challenges, apparently related to the Lost Temples.

It seems that there will be new events related to barbarians and altars of darkness, as well as a Kingdom vs. Kingdom feature that will see players from different servers compete in two-months long battles against each other.

Notably the most important feature, the KvK (kingdom vs kingdom) feature will pit players from different servers against each others, seeing alliances fight a massive-scale war that is definitely going to change how this game is played.

How exactly everything will happen is not yet known, but this is definitely extremely important in terms of greatness.

– The Past Glory feature or event. This will allow us to exchange unused Commander sculptures. However, it’s not clear at the moment what the benefits will be from doing it.

– There will be a brand new “Immigration” system in place. This will allow players to switch kingdoms even if they are of a higher level. We have already written a guide on how to switch kingdoms or change servers, but apparently there will be even more options from now on.

This new feature will be under the control of the Kings on each server, so you might not be able to always hop servers, but it definitely opens up the door to added interaction and gives higher level players the opportunity to find more active kingdoms easily.

– There will also be a brand new Achievement system in place. This will reward players for being active and will make the game a lot more fun to play overall.

– An in-game commander will get a remodel. We’re talking about Baibars and you can check out his new looks below:

– The troop movement on the map will be optimized. It will closely resemble the way troops move in Ark of Osiris or the Regular Campaign, which should make things smoother and more natural.

– The upcoming Lost Kingdoms update in Rise of Kingdoms will also deliver two new commanders, both legendary: Salading (who is a sieging oriented hero) and Genghis Khan (solid attacker). No new civilizations will follow these commanders, though.

The developers of the game also launched a trailer to tease the upcoming update a little bit. You can check it out below:

All in all, I think that we can easily agree with the fact that the upcoming The Lost Kingdom update in Rise of Kingdoms will be really big.

It’s a huge update obviously and it will definitely make the game a lot more fun, even for kingdoms where things became a bit less exciting lately.


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