Rise of Kingdoms: Promote Your Alliance Here and Find New Active Members

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One of the most important tips that I shared in our Rise of Kingdoms guide for beginners is being part of an active alliance.

However, it is difficult for both sides to find each other: alliances looking for members are having a hard time finding them, while people looking for truly active alliances are also having a tough time.

This is why I have decided to create this article and give everybody a chance to find what they are looking for. In other words, this is the ultimate place to be for promoting your Rise of Kingdoms alliance and finding new members that are perfect for driving it forward.

Players looking for a solid alliance to join in Rise of Kingdoms should simply browse the comment section below and choose the one that fits the description the best (making sure that they fit the requirements as well).

So… how to promote your RoK alliance here and let others know that you’re looking for an active member?

Simply publish a comment below, clearly stating the name of your alliance to make it easy for fellow players to find you.

Make sure to write all details that you think must be known by potential new members, such as requirements, type of alliance and even preferred time zone in order to keep things going as smoothly as possible.

IMPORTANT: Since there are multiple servers in the game, don’t forget to actually mention the server (Kingdom) you are playing in, otherwise, other players won’t be able to find you!

And this would be it – I will make sure to delete comments every now and then in order to make sure that old messages are removed and newer ones go to the top.

This way, everybody will get a fair chance, although players looking for a new alliance in Rise of Kingdoms are encouraged to read all the comments and read the descriptions until they find the right one for them.

This would be all – so let’s start building some really solid alliances now!


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91 thoughts on “Rise of Kingdoms: Promote Your Alliance Here and Find New Active Members”

  1. “`CBB
    Hello Would u like to join our chill fun soon to be alliance?
    We will be making a jumper account soon once we get more members.
    Whats in it for u?
    -An EXPERIENCED alliance to grow and rule the kingdom.
    -leadership positions in all family alliances.
    -A Farm alliance for all of our minis to work and thrive.
    -ACTIVE family here to help you with anything u need.
    -Help starting your jumpers right.
    -knowledge on early to end game strategy
    -A Final home for u and your mains
    -A Set up discord with up to date info on kingdom and ROK news
    -Win kvk 1 and bring our mains.
    -Help as many players achieve there best accounts.
    -A Safe kingdom were there less fights and more comfort for everyone.
    -Controlled/Set MG event for deserving active members of the kingdom.
    -A 24/7 Title team there to get you grow as fast as u can
    -A Final resting place for everyone mains to stay and grow to new heights.
    -And last but not least a fun environment where any style of players can thrive and have fun.
    -Our jump date has not be selected yet, due to low members
    -We have a running discord on info and dates to come.
    -When we have our jump date more info will be posted in our discord.
    Pm @~Wrath~#0007 for more info on this alliance.
    Hope to see you there “`

  2. Join my alliance J48 coast guard. When we have enough people we have my main account coming to be the leader.

  3. Join our alliance @ FRIDGE WATER GANG looking for new players or seasoned players. Only request is that you are active and contribute to the alliance
    Contact us for teleportation coordinates

  4. My alliance is (Bringers of an Era) on kingdom 2294. We dont have any active members yet(4 members but only I play regularly) and I need help to kickstart it. I just want to establish territory and get more resources. We don’t have any requirements for joining, just make daily donations to alliance technology.

  5. Join my Alliance in the Kingdom of Ixcan. GAZ1 Islamic Khaliphate is an alliance made up of a group of very active players that are friends in person and are committed to growing as an alliance. We have no minimum power requirements and will automatically give rank 2 to any new alliance member who starts with 250000 Power.
    We will not constantly jump kingdoms like other alliances as that is inconvenient for members that do not have the items and prefer to stay in their kingdom.

  6. Growing Alliance Recruiting Members!!
    The STAX Alliance is recruiting!

    Hello everyone! We have created the [STXZ] and are looking for new members!

    We have 10 so far and our power level grows every day (currently at 1.5M), looking to add more so we can put up our alliance fortress!!

    We are in The Kingdom of Ixcan (#2313)!

    There are no requirements, and everyone is welcome to join! Thanks!!

  7. Hey we’re looking for semi active players it active players

    Alliance name: HighCouncil

    Kingdom/server: Kingdom of Tequila in the region of timaa

  8. We’re TG , core alliance of kingdom 1174. We’re recruiting players who are willing to make active contribution to our community.

    General Requirements
    1. Power 50,000,000 or above
    2. Kills 100,000,000 or above
    3. Active, loyal, and rules-abiding
    * Exemptions can be applied from the leader. *

    Please contact leader for any questions

  9. C240/Wizemo #2337

    The Consortium Emporium wants you!

    Is now recruiting for active 200k plus members. Kingdom is young and thriving. We are focusing on KvK , experienced leadership. Must be able to Teleport to the hive and help with alliance donation building and research. Mostly English speaking alliance but we accept any and all types. Come Be a part of something great!! Apply Today and don’t miss out. Our discord server is live and running!

  10. Alliance: 41st Elite (41EC)
    Server #2325
    50K power
    Active players
    No BS

    We just want to grow and have fun, feel free to come along! We’re super laid back and we’re active! I’m working on getting a discord set up for communication as we speak!

    Rank 1: 50k – 150k
    Rank 2: 150k – 200k
    Rank 3: 200k – 500k
    Rank 4: 500k+

    Officers: Determined based on performance and strengths

    Donate, assist, and reinforce when possible.

  11. Heyy!!:D
    I’m looking for players to join my alliance, so that we can grow strong together. it’s fine even if you are at a very early stage, we can help you power up FAST.
    Alliance Name: Daddy’s empire
    Kingdom: #2356 Kingdom Of Cotorra
    Requirement: Anyone Can Join, but need to try and stay active.
    Benefits: Active Members to always help you out.
    The Alliance grows very fast.
    Coordinates: X:1154

    I would prefer the members to be active contributors. You don’t necessarily have to heavily focus on doing major for the alliance, you’ll just have to make sure your contribution stays consistent.
    And of course, you can expect that and more from the other members.
    Our goal is to just grow consistently as much as we can.

  12. My alliance in Rise Of Kingdoms is ,Gem Kingdoms. I’m in (#2044 Kingdom of saal). My coordinates are X:779, Y:240, I would like if you were near my city. Anyone can join without an application and the only requirements are you need to be near my city and you need to offer at least a little help.

  13. #2280 Kingdom of Tecero
    X:1116 Y:571
    The Vikings of Ivory
    First Time Alliance Leader. If you do join please move you city somewhat close to me or another member.

  14. My alliance is ((13-9) Hegemony)Join my alliance plz we are fast growing and hardworking as well as active. My alliance is in kingdom 2305 Mendoza. If join plz teleport to main area/ around top right corner of map I have a marker placed at my city if can plz teleport around there. Thank you for considering joining my alliance(plz).

  15. Looking for an Aussie alliance/kingdom

    I love it how so far not even one post has a timezone or country attached.
    I don’t know about you guys but my whole game experience is messed up mainly due to arks and events run at different times.
    Anyone here on the East coast of Australia experiencing that problem or have an Aussie alliance for me to join. Thanks.
    I’m in kingdom 2065, not many au people here.

  16. [WRlg] Warriors League
    Kingdom of Gujarat
    Est. August 8 2021
    English only(sorry non English speakers)
    Preferably be in any United States time zone but if you aren’t that’s ok to
    Look us up on ROK to find out everything if you are interested:))

  17. My alliance is BurningDoor in Kingdom 2393. We are a new alliance looking to grow and develop. We’re keen to help new players and create a hive in the Tenerife area of the kingdom, but we need more members to build. Almost always someone active and there’s only 6 of us so far. Anyone is welcome to join!

  18. Join the Kebabik Empire (name will soon change cuz of how much I hate it) we are in the kingdom of Saldus aka #2399

    We have no requirements to join. Also me and my brother have been leading + a friend so if anyone needs anything we can give word quickly. We also have two alliance deposits near us so if u guys could just simply join and spend 5m of your day helping a small growing alliance then please join.

    -no I am not actually bald Martin many people asked me that question

  19. If you are looking for an alliance that has fun, is serious at times, and laughs aling the way then come join Rolo Clique [940R]! Being friendly to each other and show no mercy to our enemies is our rule. Stick by it or get stuck by it. New and experienced players are welcome! Now lets get this bread!

  20. Come join my alliance! It’s a new alliance and my first time being an alliance leader. I have lots of experience with the game, as well. I need a mix of experienced and new players so that everyone can help each other. Everyone is welcome to join!

    Alliance Name: Ancient Godz

    Server: #2200 – Kingdom of Correns

    Leader: Nexus1122

    Coordinates of MY city: #2200 X:397 Y:202

    Message me in-game if you have any questions about anything! I’ll be happy to answer.

  21. Hello everyone!
    Death Dealers – Di3D (DD) of 2111 is looking for new blood to join us for fun in DD. We’re looking for a small groups of fighter.

    Desired Traits:
    Willingness to lose troops
    Team player
    Speak english

    High powered farmers collecting troops and not interested in contributing to KvK victories dont need to apply.

    Where you are wanted:
    Kingdom 2111

    Who we are:
    We are a family which is experience and have play this game for a year or morez we’re extremely active, social and talkative who love to fight and we are not afraid to lose our troops, resources or speedups for the sake of our kd. We have won KvK 2 and currently winning KvK 3.

    Please kindly reach out to the DD recruitment team or me if you are interested.

  22. Hi all

    Join our empire and let’s make great things happen.

    We are a new alliance taking any active members in Kingdom 2418 and the alliance is called YNWA Militia

    Come join us and have some fun

  23. Hello
    This is DrogoTargaeryan.

    We are open for recruitment to all kinds of active players.

    Join our alliance [(@RSE)TARGAERYAN].
    Lets make it the strongest kingdom ever.

  24. Chaos quotient.
    Just looking for active NA and EU players
    Anyone is welcome new or experienced players.
    No requirements except to be active and help anyone who needs it! Kingdom#2496

  25. Join 4VIC, a New upcoming alliance. Accepting anyone with 100k plus power and already at 1 mill power. We will grow and fight together 💪💪💪 Based in Kingdom of Sceptre

  26. Join E21E or The hands of god. We are a active and helping alliance that needs people to join and fight with us to gain power and riches. Also the 150k power = rank 4.
    I’m in kingdom luria #2549

  27. Hi, are you in need of a clan? We are very active and have projects going on so there’s always an opportunity to get involved

    We are located in #2508 Kingdom of Larion

    Please join us and expand your kingdom like never before

  28. Our Alliance is (IW) Into the Waylands in kingdome 66
    -We currently have about 6 members who are all around 1M power
    -We search for active members, no matter how strong you are as long as you are active
    Join us and have fun playing the game

  29. ✞-———❖———-✞



    > ✪ **Best and Most Organized Project of RoK**
    > ✪ **An ULTIMATE GUIDE on how to reach 1.5m power as a F2P**
    > ✪ No Bullsh!t, you get what you expect, no fake promises
    > ✪ Current Members: 65+
    > ✪ Goal: 80+ Active Warriors
    > ✪ We are looking for P2W and F2P players to join us on an unforgettable experience
    > • **__Join our Discord Server | Code__**: [ NS8dTgaqWg ]

  30. ———————–
    Shadowy Vale
    -Are you looking for an active alliance
    -Are you looking to join a team that matters

    -> Every member matters alot to our team, each and every member gets treated as apart of a family
    -> We accept everyone into our alliance and we wish you would want to grow with us.
    -> Server: Kingdom of Ismailia #2541
    -> Lets become the strong and courageous Alliance that you want to be apart of
    -> Become apart of the Shadowy Vale Family.

    -> Send a message to (King 0f Shadows) for more information how to join.

  31. Looking to build from the ground up w/ sum sweats!! 😆
    Alliance Name: the69ers
    100,000p min allows me know you actually play the game!

  32. Looking for active people to join and strengthen my alliance all my members have been inactive for over 14 days.

    Alliance tag uwnf alliance name BirdieBrownYeet.

    I was going to leave and create a new alliance but the leadership was transferred to me and my app is not giving me the option to transfer ownership or invite new members.

  33. our alliance name is [gmyb] fruit snack gang.
    -we are about having allot of fun in r.o.k. we have tips and guidance for new players
    -we have over 2,000,000 power with only 3 members
    -if we get enough members we can support rallies and get better rewards in events
    -lastly we will help out with resources and support whenever you need it!

    with us you will be able to have fun and not get set back by higher ranking kingdoms attacking you.
    we accept all applicants!

  34. Hey all. I’m the leader of the Victorian allience [VOAV] in kingdom #2615 and we’re looking for members. Our only requirements are that member are above 50k power, donate, and are active a decent amount of time. We are looking for experienced or new players to get out alliance off the ground.

  35. Consider Joining My alliance
    Kingdom number #2634 Jotunheim

    Alliance Name- Certified Kxller

    Alliance Power- 917k

    If you need any help type in the chat And pls stay active

  36. Alliance= [wpak] Wolfpack195
    Kingdom= #2601
    Hi I am the leader of the wpak.
    We are a new active alliance and are looking for experienced or new players. Only request is that you are active and contribute to the alliance

  37. Hello Guys Were Making New Alliance
    Please Join US Lets Raise Together
    We Dont Have Requirment For Now Just Be Active

    Alliance Name : ionia Runeterra
    Alliance Tag : [8UwU]
    Kingdom : #2641
    Power : 660K

  38. are you tired of being unswag?

    join me and build the swag squad. i will lead over you and help you grow. like a good swag lord, my flag is the monkey flag

  39. Hello this is the leader of kingdome 2466’s alliance Into the Wayland. We are an alliance with 100M power who are active and searching new members. If you are active, over 400k power and enjoy the game then we invite you to join our alliance. You can always write me for more information and I’m happy to help. My name is ᴵᵂManic ID:105671340. Looking forward to you 🙂

  40. Join our Alliance (Swagoats/Kingdom Bupash #2581)
    Support us in growing a strong community, in which we will always Support eachother und thrive to developing together!!!

  41. I have an alliance in the kingdom of Silla called Hogwarts’ secret. I got the alliance from everyone else being I active so I removed them to make room for active members. The tag is [HP_] we are located in the top right quarter. No requirements just try to be semi active. Contact governor GooberYT if you need coordinates

  42. [elmo] sesame street

    hello, we’re a growing alliance that wants to recruit new active and stronger members.
    our requirements as of right now are:

    50k+ power
    active at least once every day or for a total of 3.5 hours per week

    currently, we have 60 members and are looking to expand. since we are starting out, we are prioritizing activeness over power. our main language is english and we have about 15 million power overall.

    we hope to welcome you into our alliance, no applications needed.

  43. Join us we are looking for members to join we are always active and will help are members we are alway looking for promotion 💪💪 are alliance NAME IS Sh@rk my NAME Masynr

  44. In kingdom #2681 search homietrips
    We are a very friendly very new clan accepting all apps with no reqs other than regular activity I would love to have you fight and grow alongside my clan

  45. Hello everyone! Are you looking to start over, have a new adventure. Look no further. Kingdom 1240 WGoT looking for new members!

    looking to start fresh from the ground up.
    Alliance gift level 30

    We are in The Kingdom of Tlemcen (#1240)!

    There are no requirements, and everyone is welcome to join! Thanks!!

  46. New alliance looking for active members trying to become a powerful alliance with people trying to have fun kingdom #2666

  47. New Alliance Located in Kingdom of Melzer #2575. We’re brand new but looking to recruit active members to grow with and create something great. Power requirements are open. We want to grow and expand together with all members benefiting along the way.

    Location: #2575 Kingdom of Melzer
    Alliance name: Gods of the blade [~GOB]
    Power requirement: None, active players welcome

  48. We are Creeping Death. We are legion. We seek to conquer all of kingdom 2510. We need members to establish a fortress and begin slowly taking over. Join us

  49. Recruiting for Hydra Daggers in Holmfirth Kingdom #2772. We are looking for active players and as such we require as low as 75k power minimum to join. If anyone is interested, contact me (Crithinal) or our alliance leader DMTWraith9. We are in desperate need of active players who are wanting to grow and learn and just be part of friendly, family-like alliance that is looking to grow into a strong force to be reckoned with.

  50. Active’s Finest is recruiting!
    Min 20k power level, will accept pretty much anyone that speaks english!

    IGN- ProlongedRuler

  51. Come join [C20K] Collab and Cultivate
    in the kingdom of Lavu (region is Venustas).

    We focus on helping each other build and get stronger. We will take on barbarian forts, and camps. We also will explore, expand, and defend our territory as it grows.

    We are beginner friendly and only ask that you’re are active at least once every two weeks.

  52. DK Nation located in 2961, we are a new alliance looking to expand and need players who are active. Together we will grow stronger. Helping each other out is what we do.

  53. Hello! I just created venomfall on kingdom #3037 Cilicia, province of corral, an alliance I’m hoping will grow into a prosperous one.

    I am currently the only member and hoping to recruit new active members soon.

    This alliance will have no minimum power requirements and is beginner friendly.

  54. Join the cursed cobra alliance (CC24) we are a new alliance trying to grow our way to the top all powers are welcome all languages are welcome

  55. The Marvel’s (TMs)

    Rank 1 – 60,000+
    Rank 2 -120,000+
    Rank 3 500,000+
    Rank 4(officer) – 1,000,000+

    rules – there is no rules.

  56. [1BoW] In #3164 Is Recruiting For ALL Positions! Brand New Alliance But Extremely Active And Helpful! Everyone Is Welcomed We Will Help You Grow As We Conquer #3164!!!

  57. Looking For active players, Power levels of 50k or higher Im in a new server that has been open for 5 days now

    Join Now: PnDO
    Requirements: need active members to grow in strength together with alliance.

    50k- 500k plus is able to join

    even new players who are willing to be active.

    server 3173


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