Rise of Kingdoms: What Is Gold Used for?

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Today, we have a short guide for those who have just started playing the game and are wondering this: what is gold for in Rise of Kingdoms?

You are probably starting to see that there’s an option to collect Gold on the world map and you maybe have some resource items in your inventory that reward you with gold… but you can’t use it yet.

So you might be wondering: what is gold used for in Rise of Kingdoms? Will it be useful later on, so you should stockpile it? And when will you be able to use gold in the game?

To answer the first question, Gold is nothing but a regular resource in the game, just like wood or stone, for example. You will unlock it sooner rather than later, as soon as you unlock the building of your first gold mine.

rise of kingdoms gold

I don’t remember exactly what level should your City Hall be in order to be able to unlock the resource Gold in the game, but it happens relatively soon in the game, after just a few upgrades.

So if you have just started playing the game, just have a bit more patience.

Now, to actually answer the question in the title – what is gold used for?

Just like the other resources, Gold will be required in Rise of Kingdoms to do a bunch of things, from building new structures, to upgrading existing ones and for research purposes.

You will use it to upgrade your buildings to higher levels (this will be its main use), scout enemy cities for potential attacks, as well as train or heal more advanced troops you will recruit.

In other words, Gold is a rarer type of resource that you will unlock naturally as you progress through the game and which will usually be in excess throughout the game until you reach the higher City Hall levels which require a ton of gold to upgrade.

How to get gold in Rise of Kingdoms?

You will be able to get gold through the same methods as with other resources: by mining them with a gold mine built in your city:

rise of kingdoms gold mine

Also, you will be able to Gather Gold from the world map. Since it is a rarer resource, even a level 6 Gold Deposit will only have a limited amount of gold:

rise of kingdoms gold mine

Of course, if you are the warring type, you can start attacking other players and try to get any unprotected gold that they have.

But usually, you won’t have to get to such extreme measures: maybe ask for help from your alliance members if you need a lot?

The good news is that you won’t need huge amounts of gold early on, but attacking other lower level castles (starting at level 14, I would say) would give you nice amounts of Gold since this is usually what you have in excess at that level.

Of course, higher level castles might have even more, but they could also be a bit more difficult to deal with, especially if you anger them and their fellow alliance members.

All in all, if you play a good game, you will pile up on gold relatively fast and by the time you’ll need many millions of this resource, you should have them readily available.

If you’re just starting to play the game, now that you know what is gold used for in Rise of Kingdoms, you might want to also check out our general tips and tricks for beginners, a guide to the best civilization in the game or an overview of the best commanders.


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