Rise of Kingdoms VIP Shop & Alliance Shop Guide

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The latest update released for Rise of Kingdoms introduced a host of new goodies to the game, including the VIP Shop. We also have the Alliance Shop launched (finally!) and we’re talking about it as well.

These are not insanely useful, in my opinion, and clearly aimed at premium players that don’t mind spending some real life money (the VIP Shop I mean), but either way, I am here to talk about these two new shops in today’s guide.

So, as the title suggests, we’re going to find out what is the VIP Shop in RoK, how to use it and if it’s any good.

And, just as a side note, I want to say that its best use is the fact that it reminded me that there’s a shop in the game from where you can buy Teleports. Now that’s pretty cool!

Apart from that win, you can access the VIP shop by tapping your Shop building in Rise of Kingdoms and then tapping the V-shaped icon.

IMPORTANT: Tap the Shop building in your kingdom, and not the in-game store!

When you do that, you are taken to the VIP Shop menu which looks like the one below:

rise of kingdoms vip shop

As you can see, items are unlocked based on your VIP level. The higher the level, the better the deals available and more options you have to spend your Gems on.

The only problem I have for it is that it doesn’t really offer many bonuses, since you still have to spend premium currency in order to buy anything from there.

It would’ve been nice to be able to spend resources or have a free gift or something – but maybe I’m just being greedy.

UPDATE: Fortunately, the developers listened to us and you can now purchase some of the things in the shop for regular resources as well, making the VIP shop much more useful in Rise of Kingdoms.

But even with the premium currency offers, there are some sweet deals to be had there, compared to the regular prices that you get in the game.

For example, you have a great deal for the Targeted Teleport which is 50% off, and eventually you will be able to get sculptures – Epic and Legendary at huge discounts.

Basically, it’s a shop where all the items available in the game are available for a massive discount and it’s worth checking it out every now and then.

The offers refresh every several day,s so it’s good to take advantage of a good deal if you see it, as it might change after the refresh or disappear completely.

Rise of Kingdoms – the Alliance Shop

rise of kingdoms alliance shop

The second shop that went live in the game – and this time with some extra usability, is the Alliance Shop that everybody was expecting.

As explained in our previous article, this shop functions like this: Officers or the Leader of the Alliance can purchase the various items available for the Alliance Shop from a special menu and then restock these items using Alliance Credits.

These are the credits gained from the donations to the Alliance research made by all members and strong alliances should have a ton of these normally.

Next, each individual member can spend their own alliance credits (rewarded based on the amount of donations they have made to the alliance so far) in order to purchase these said items.

In the alliance shop, you can buy anything from Speed-ups to Resource boosters, but also more useful items like Peace Shields, VIP points, XP Books and random teleports.

The only downside here is that each of these items uses up the Alliance Credits which are better put to good use building Alliance Flags, for example.

But for large, strong alliances, there should be enough credits to buy all sorts of goodies and if the alliance is active enough, you can simply chat with an officer or the leader to stock exactly the number of items you want to purchase.

And this would be everything you need to know about the two new types of shops that have just been introduced to the game. Use them well!


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