Rise of Kingdoms VIP Level: Is It Worth Investing Your Gems to Increase It?

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In Rise of Kingdoms, you get many Gem rewards especially early on in the game and you will end up with a pretty nice pile of gems on your hands. But should you spend those gems to increase your VIP level, or it’s best to use them otherwise?

This is a pretty difficult question to answer and every player seems to have a different opinion.

We have talked about how to spend gems in the game in a previous article and touched the subject, but I decided to talk exclusively about the Rise of Kingdoms VIP levels and their benefits.

And, most importantly, answer the burning question: is it worth spending your Gems on increasing the VIP level early on?

At the moment of writing this article, I am sitting at only VIP level 5, as you can see in the screenshot below, and not enjoying a ton of benefits:

rise of kingdoms vip level

I have decided to ignore investing my gems in the VIP level after reading various discussions on Reddit – everybody seemed to be 100% sure that VIP levels are useless and instead you should focus on buying the boosts and items from the Merchant whenever she visits.

However, although that might be the case later on in the game, early on it is not.

Because I have decided to ignore increasing my VIP level for the most part in the game, my progress was much slower than that of those who focused on getting it to a high level ASAP.

And the most important milestone that you should focus on getting to – and getting there as fast as possible, is VIP level 6 in RoK:

rise of kingdoms vip level 1

Reaching this level unlocks a very special feature in the game: the second builder!

Having two builders upgrade your buildings helps a lot and gives you the chance to put the resources you have to really good use and focus on upgrading your nation faster.

So in my opinion, it is vital to get to level 6 VIP in Rise of Kingdoms as fast as possible: not only that you will unlock the second builder, but you also get other advantages.

Afterwards, you can indeed focus on spending your Gems in other areas – mainly because increasing your VIP level from 6 to 7 and beyond becomes more and more expensive and you will need tons of gems to get there.

So instead, I think you can now start focusing on boosts (useful ones!) and items from the Merchant Store and just give your VIP level a boost every now and then, especially when you’re about to hit the next level.

Remember that the VIP level increases by itself with the daily login bonus, and the more consecutive days you log in to the game, the bigger your bonus will be!

With each new VIP level increase in the game, you will unlock some boosts and bonuses – some better than the others. You will also get a daily VIP chest that will hold better items the better your VIP level is.

After level 6, each new VIP level increases your boosts a bit, but the next major one is only at level 10, when you get a massive one:

rise of kingdoms vip level 2

After level 10, the boosts start getting better and better, influencing your army more and directly. The final VIP level at the moment is 15, with major bonuses – but difficult to get.

rise of kingdoms vip level 3

IMPORTANT – VIP Points Guide

Remember and important thing: you will receive FREE VIP points each day in Rise of Kingdoms! In order to do so, you must collect them daily from the VIP menu.

However, the number of VIP points you collect each day increases if you rack in consecutive log ins daily.

So your VIP bonus after 2 days will be much smaller than the one you’ll get after logging in daily for 14 days. So keep that in mind!

Also, the VIP level will not decrease: once you get to level 6, even if you don’t log in for a while, you won’t lose your VIP level.

But you will reset the counter and start receiving just a bit of extra points each day – so logging in daily is a must if you want to speed up your VIP level gains!


All in all, I can say that I consider the Rise of Kingdoms VIP level a form of passive investment, while buying boosts from the Merchant only gives you instant gratification.

Yes, you can use the boosts to speed up building times and have some buildings ready faster than waiting, even with the boosts from your VIP level, but long term, you are getting more from your Gems if you invest them wisely in increasing your level.


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