Rise of Kingdoms: What’s the Best Way to Spend Gems in the Game?

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The great thing about Rise of Kingdoms is that you’re going to be rewarded with a ton of free Gems – which are the premium currency – for simply playing the game.

Of course, there are a ton of possibilities for you to spend your gems and some are better than others.

Therefore, today I decided to talk about this and share my thoughts on what’s the best way to spend your gems in Rise of Kingdoms.

Most people believe that they should focus spending gems on improving their VIP level. And that is correct… up to a point. That point is VIP level 6:

rise of kingdoms vio

As you can see, there is a massive advantage from reaching level 6 VIP status: you unlock the second builder and that gives you the chance to build or upgrade two structures at the same time, which is extremely useful.

But past this level, you shouldn’t focus on spending gems on your VIP level anymore, as there are other great places for that. Plus, if you log in daily, you will get a lot of points (more each day) and your VIP level will increase steadily.

Do invest every now and then, as the VIP level is somewhat a long term investment… but don’t spend all of your premium currency here, especially when you need a ton to reach a new level.

What you should switch focus on when it comes to spending gems in Rise of Kingdoms is the Mysterious Merchant:

rise of kingdoms mysterious merchant

She won’t always be available, but she is there relatively often. Most importantly, she usually has heaps of great items that you can spend your regular resources on, but also the Gems.

And that is what you should utilize your Gems for in Rise of Kingdoms: buying the boosts, mainly those that give you building time, training time or healing time reductions – the latter to a smaller degree since you won’t really need a ton of those for a long time.

I also recommend purchasing the Statues that might be available there in order to star up your Commanders – while any other premium items are considered a must buy.

I got a Teleport scroll from there at a massive discount, for example – and those are always good to have on hand. Keep an eye out for goodies and grab anything useful.

Don’t waste time on getting other boosts – like resource packs or production bonuses from the Mysterious Merchant in RoK because they’re not really worth a premium.

But those speed boosts – they are indeed usseful, just like the statues are!

Finally, you can also get some nice value if you are very active in your alliance through donations.

If you get past 10,000 donations each day, you will receive some random loot, usually including resources and various boosts.

Based on my own experience, you are guaranteed to get better rewards if you spend Gems on donations a few times. Or if you are in a less active alliance and you are always number 1.

This definitely depends on your alliance and how active you are – it might be a complete waste of gems to donate to your alliance’s research if you’re not getting past the 10,000 points, so spend a few days first making sure that you get there through regular donations.

So these are the things that you should focus spending your gems on, in my opinion. Don’t waste them on instant training or insta-builds or anything like that.

Not even VIP level increasing should be considered a priority after reaching level 6 in my opinion.

But what do you think? Do you agree that the Mysterious Merchant is the best place to spend your Gems after VIP level 6, or you have other suggestions?


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