Paper Bride 5 Two Lifetimes Walkthrough Chapter 2

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This is another walkthrough for Paper Bride 5 Two Lifetimes Chapter 2, with all the answers and solutions to the puzzles, just like I did for Paper Bride 5 Chapter 1.

Paper Bride 5 Two Lifetimes adds more Chinese stories and new people to its tale. You get to feel the happiness and sadness of their characters in a world filled with old stories, dreams, and make-believe.

Each new part of the game brings fresh challenges and cool new ways to solve puzzles using your phone. Follow the walkthrough for Paper Bride 5 Chapter 2 below, to solve the mysteries with ease.

Paper Bride 5 Chapter 2 – Puppets Walkthrough

Paper Bride 5 Two Lifetimes Chapter 2 Start
  • You can tap on the arrow next and watch the puppet show.
Paper Bride 5 Two Lifetimes Chapter 2 Stage
  • Take the spear and on the floor, there’s a puppet head.
  • Look inside the tree to the left and take the statuette.
  • Go back to Ziyi and give her the spear and she’ll give you her phone.
  • Take a look inside the hole to the left and throw the puppet head on the plank so you can reach the tack box.
  • Go to the tree on the stage and use the tack box to fix the cloth on the tree.
  • Hammer it with the phone and go inside.
Paper Bride 5 Two Lifetimes Chapter 2 Back Room
  • Look at the shelves in front and take the book to look at the clues.
  • There’s a game on the floor that you can throw to the side to look under it.
  • Pick up the locked box.
  • On the table to the right, there are some puppet heads.
  • The symbols on the floor in front of Ziyi will tell you how to move the symbols on the puppet heads.
    • Left rectangle up
    • Right circle up
    • Right diamond down
    • Left circle up
    • Left diamond down.
  • A clay doll will take the key you find.
  • Go to Ziyi and give her the locked box and you’ll find books inside.
  • Take the empty box as well and try to catch the clay doll in it.
  • You’ll be able to get the key and use it on the electric panel in the back.
  • To open it you need to pull in the right order, as shown on the bottom of the book you found on the bookshelf, next to the costume.
    • left – down – left – right – down – up
  • Go back to Ziyi and look at the flickering lights.
    • 1 – red
    • 2 – blue
    • 3 – white
    • 4 – nothing
    • 5 – red
  • Push the buttons on the electric panel like that and turn on the lights.
  • Take the poster from the wall and go back to Ziyi.
  • Replace the old poster with the new one and secure using the tack box.
  • Look at the stage and notice how it has changed.
  • Fight the puppet by dodging its punches, and tapping the punch on the screen at the right time.
  • Take the stool to the left and go into the back room.
  • Put the stool under the door in the ceiling, put the books underneath, and the phone as well.
  • Now open the door and go through.
Paper Bride 5 Two Lifetimes Chapter 2 Control Room
  • You can look at the door in the back to and read the paper.
  • Notice the puppet’s body shape in the picture and remember that.
Paper Bride 5 Two Lifetimes Chapter 2 Newspaper Puppet
  • Take another look at the book on the shelf, in the back room, and remember the strings to move a puppet.
Paper Bride 5 Two Lifetimes Chapter 2 Puppet Strings
  • Go to the control room and look at the first puppet that is holding the strings.
    • Right arm – left hand – left wrist – left stomach – left next
  • Go to the stage to check it out, you’ll find a statuette and a bow.
  • Go up to the control room and use the bow to play the jinghu.
  • In book there are some numbers as well: 3531762
  • Press those numbers as you play the jinghu to get a metal plate.
  • Before you go notice the shadows of the puppets’ hands.
  • Press each hand until the light sends the shadow on the drape behind.
Paper Bride 5 Two Lifetimes Chapter 2 Puppet Hands
  • Go to the electric panel behind and press the buttons in that order.
  • 1 to 5 from top to bottom: 3rd – 1st – 2nd – 3rd – 2nd – 4th
  • Take the metal plate and go back to the stage to put both of them to the suitcase there.
  • Now enter the number 711070 in the lock of the suitcase in reverse order 070117.
  • Take the poster inside and replace the old one where Ziyi is, securing it with the tacks.
  • Take a look at the stage and watch the new play.
  • Take the statuette and go put all three at the lock on the door to get out of here.

Wrapping up

I’m sure you’ll be playing some more, the story keeps you glued to the game, so I’ll be back with more articles with walkthroughs for the next chapter of Paper Bride 5 soon.

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