Mmm Fingers Cheats: Tips & Strategy for Record Breaking Distances

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Mmm Fingers is an extremely fun and at the same time very challenging skill game that I am sure you enjoy playing. Guiding your finger through all those obstacles is pretty difficult, though, and it took me ages to get close to 500 points, but it’s extremely doable and you can indeed get a lot further. I am here to help you achieve that goal by sharing below a set of Mmm Fingers cheats and tips that will hopefully help get you on top of the leaderbords!

So let’s get this started and let’s check out below the Mmm Fingers cheats and tips!

Get past obstacles and retreat
It sounds strange, but in practice, it is extremely helpful: your goal is to avoid the obstacles as soon as they appear on the screen. As soon as you see an opening somewhere, quickly slide your finger upwards, then go backwards slowly, as the obstacle you have just passed goes down the screen, making room for the next one. Keep on doing this and use this strategy which is best than simply staying at the bottom or center of the screen, waiting (and hoping) to squeeze through!

Follow the dots
The trajectory of the monsters on screen is shown by the dots – check them out to know exactly where the weak point of the monster is and in order to anticipate their moves. But don’t go 100% for the dots only as the larger ones are spinning and turning too, making things more difficult.

Ignore notes on the screen
Things can get really distracting in Mmm Fingers with all the notes regarding scores, average scores and other information. Try to completely ignore all these notes and focus on what matters the most: the monsters and how to avoid them all.

Practice, practice, practice
The more you play, the better you get, so make sure to get several games under your belt before even thinking about quitting. The more you play, the better you will get as you will start learning the patters of the obstacles and how to approach and evade each of them. So practice a lot and soon you will be getting them gold medals like a pro.

If you have other Mmm Fingers cheats and tips to share with us, let us know by commenting below!


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